7 Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers 2022

7 tips for youtube subscribers

Companies increasingly recognize the value of their own YouTube channels for promoting their brand and increasing customer retention.  The top 7 Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2022 are explained here.

YouTube offers multiple opportunities, from product videos to tutorials to influencer reviews, to promote their brands and increase customer retention. Even small and medium businesses can do YouTube video marketing without a large advertising budget. For the effort to pay off, it’s important to get as many YouTube subscribers as possible as quickly as possible.


The competition for viewers’ attention on YouTube, however, is huge: every minute, more than 400 hours of video material are uploaded to the platform. You need to give visitors a good reason to come back to your channel and keep your followers excited with fresh and relevant video material.

An active YouTube channel also allows you to replenish your coffers by inserting advertisements into your videos. To be able to use this source of income, you must first obtain at least 1000 YouTube subscribers. The question is therefore worth asking: how to successfully convert random visitors into subscribers?


In this article, we give you 7 practical tips to create quality YouTube videos, promote your YouTube channel, and thus create a loyal YouTube community.

Earn your audience’s trust with helpful content


Content that provides added value to your audience is more likely to be viewed and shared. They keep your audience coming back to your channel regularly and increase trust in your expertise.


You need to put yourself in the shoes of your target groups: what issues concern them? Create video content that provides clear solutions to these problems while familiarizing your audience with your offer.


YouTube videos are most popular in the following formats:

  • Video tutorials/learning videos.
  • Product reviews
  • Vlogs
  • Educational Videos
  • Q&A Videos


Whatever type of video you choose, it’s important to create a relationship with your viewers. Your goal is to position your company as a competent solution provider without doing a sales scam.


Use exclusive offers in a targeted way


Of course, you want your video content to be seen by as many people as possible. But it doesn’t hurt to give your videos some exclusivity first. This increases their appeal and satisfies your viewers’ subconscious desire to be a part of it.


Before publishing your video on YouTube, you can, for example, broadcast it as a Facebook Live video or link it to your newsletter. Engage your audience with announcements such as: “Don’t miss our Facebook Live interview with the financial expert next Friday!” Or: “For subscribers to our newsletter, our video interview with the financial expert is already available exclusively”. At last, ask your viewers to continue sharing the video to increase your reach.


Pay attention to context


Did you ever watch a commercial and wondered what it really was about? This is usually due to a lack of context. Video presupposes knowledge in the viewer that may not be available. Avoid this mistake by giving your viewers the necessary background information, so they understand all the ins and outs. Explain at the start what your video is about – and why someone should watch it. For this, you must learn about these Tips for YouTube Subscribers.


The best thing is to put yourself in the shoes of a spectator without prior knowledge. What information would you need to follow the rest of the video smoothly? For example, you record a tutorial in which you explain a particular function of a camera. But does the viewer even know how to find this function? Likewise, if you are making a product video about a particular piece of software, you should remember to tell the viewer which version it is.


Context is important to avoid confusion and frustration – and the inevitable viewer disconnection that follows. Provide context in both the title and description as well as the video itself. 


Aim for continuity


The type of content you post, when you post it, and where you post it are important factors that influence the perception of your brand. One of YouTube’s most important tips: Publish your videos at regular intervals, such as once a week on Wednesday mornings. So your YouTube subscribers always know when they can expect new content. This strengthens the relationship with your followers. On the other hand, if you only publish content sporadically, you risk falling into oblivion.


Consistency is also important in choosing your themes. Find your niche – a narrow topic in which you are the expert. Adapt all your videos to this theme. This tells the algorithm where you should be ranked. If you’re talking about skateboards today and trees tomorrow, it’s not only confusing for YouTube, but also for your audience. That’s not to say you can’t experiment with different content to find what appeals to your target group the most, just that you should do it gradually.


Don’t forget to respond to comments regularly. This signals that you value your audience, respect other opinions and aren’t just interested in how you portray yourself.


Create tailored content


For content to be liked by your audience, you need to know exactly what interests your target groups. The video content created must meet the expectations of your viewers. So do some research in advance:

  • How is your target audience using your chosen platform?
  • What problems does your target group face?
  • What added value can your videos bring to solving these problems?


Your search results form the basis of your video content. Presenting such content effectively usually takes a bit of practice. Play around with different aspects to see which type of content will generate the most clicks on YouTube:

  • Headline – What type of headline most appeals to your target group?
  • Thumbnail – Are there any specific titles that seem more effective here?
  • Video length – What is the attention span of your target group?
  • Background – How much background information does your audience need?
  • Beginning and Ending – How do you engage your viewers at the start of a video and entice them to join your YouTube community at the end?
  • Video style – What type of video is most likely to appeal to your target audience?
  • Music, reminders, and other elements – Can these elements increase the appeal of your videos?
  • Publication time and channel – When and where can you best reach your target group?


Don’t you know how to start in your montages or others? Create and edit your first professional videos with FlexClip video editor, which is a semi-professional video editor with advanced features but an intuitive UI.


Increase the visibility of your videos


It’s not enough to post videos online regularly and wait for your YouTube community to grow on its own. Even after publishing, you still have work to do to make your video successful. The chances of your target audience finding your videos on YouTube on their own are pretty low. As already mentioned, you can initially share your new video exclusively with your newsletter subscribers or as a live stream. You may have contacts with influencers in your field – if so, use them! Look for collaborations with other videographers where you mutually promote your YouTube videos.


When you’re ready to make your video available to the public, find out what social media channels your target group frequents and promote your video there. Don’t forget to add an engaging description that makes you want to click. Upload all videos as public contributions and invite users to share them more widely. 


Apart from actively streaming your videos, you can also increase the chances that your videos will be found more easily in searches. The keyword here is SEO. Use relevant keywords in titles, tags, and descriptions. Good keywords not only have high search volume, but they also provide content insight that tells users if a video can answer their questions. After all, you don’t just want to pique your visitors’ interest but keep them engaged until the end of your video and through these Tips for YouTube Subscribers, you will be on your way.


Publish on a fixed schedule


It’s only when you start posting one video a week that your subscriber count will really start to grow.


The requirement for a weekly posting schedule meant you could produce more content. More content means more views. More views mean more people subscribe to your channel, which in turn leads to an increase in our subscribers through these tips.


So, if you desire more YouTube subscribers, find a posting schedule you feel comfortable with and stick to it. This will prevent you from making the usual newbie mistake of posting once and then disappearing for a few months. The good news is that you don’t have to do a weekly video either. The important thing is that you consistently stick to your schedule.


If you follow these YouTube tips, you’re well on your way to creating a lucrative marketing channel and getting more subscribers and getting more Tips for YouTube Subscribers. We hope you got a lot of inspiration from this article, and please share if you find it useful.


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