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5 Tips to Protect your Heart with Ageing.


Ageing is a universal phenomenon and is quite unavoidable. The effects of ageing aren’t only limited to your skin or bones, but your organs also get affected by this. A part of ageing comes with evident changes in the functioning of your body ORGANS. 

Yes, you heard it right. Your body organs also age and this tends to compromise the overall functioning of these organs. 

Ageing and Organ Health:

The human heart is one such organ. Known to play the most important functions in our body. The heart is responsible for pumping oxygen and food to every cell in our body. A functioning heart is important for everything, from working out to breathing, it does it all. 

Ageing can affect your heart function and can be one fine reason that you can suffer from heart health problems at later ages. An ageing heart can be quite troubling to live with. I accompanied my uncle during his visit to the best cardiologist in Karachi where his physician revealed that heart problems can be reduced by several folds only if we try to prevent our heart from ageing. 

Tips to Protect your Heart with Ageing:

This made me search for ways that can help to keep your heart young forever. After searching for this for weeks, I came across a few tips that are quite helpful in preventing heart problems that come with ageing. Here I’m adding these for your convenience. protect heart from aging

1- Work on your diet:

Your dietary patterns can create a big difference when it comes to keeping your heart young at an older age. The importance of heart-healthy food can’t be denied because it affects your heart health directly. So, the very first thing you can do is to make wise diet choices. 

Consume the foods that support your heart and avoid foods rich in fats. Moreover, you can add more fibre to your diet and consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

2- Stay physically active:

Another thing that can help to protect your heart with ageing is regular physical activity. Just like all your body muscles, your heart muscles also get strengthened by physical activity. No matter what kind of physical activity you prefer, make sure you don’t skip it. 

Start with walking, running, swimming, cycling, or whatever you feel comfortable at. When you challenge your muscles gradually, it strengthens them and helps you to have a healthy heart when you get old.

3- Keep an eye on numbers:

No matter how much you try, there are many risk factors you can’t control. For this, you need to keep monitoring your heart health in number and keep an eye on numbers. Some of the parameters that measure your heart health include blood pressure, blood cholesterol, etc. When you monitor these parameters, these give you a realistic idea of how your heart is doing. So, keep monitoring your heart health and react accordingly. 

4- Control your stress:

Stress isn’t bad for your mental and emotional well being but it also affects your heart health. When you stay stressed for longer periods, it adds a negative consequence to your heart health. This makes your heart age faster. So, if you want to protect your heart from ageing, a good way to do this is by stress management. When you manage stress well, it can keep your heart healthy with ageing. 

5- Follow good lifestyle practices:

The kind of lifestyle you follow has a great impact on your heart health. If you smoke, drink or stay physically inactive you can’t expect your heart to function well. This is surely exhausting for your heart and can affect its health in the long run. So, make sure you are following a heart-healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke, drink or sleep at the proper time to help your heart function well. heart aging

Bottom Line!

Heart health is important and many things can take a toll on your heart health. One such thing is ageing that can affect the normal functioning of your heart. The damage to your heart health with ageing can significantly affect its function. So, you need to protect your heart function with ageing. You can follow all these tips alongside visiting your physician regularly to keep your heart working well even if you are ageing. 

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