App Development Cost: How much Does an Application Cost?

The price of an app is the first thing someone wants to know when considering creating their application. But is the development cost of an app very high? In this post, we solve some doubts.
This estimated cost in the development of an app is at the end of any budget and, when reading it, it is usual for the person interested in creating an application to ask this question:

Is it worth hiring a professional to develop an app for my business instead of creating it myself?

Definitely yes. We start from the basis that developing an application is not turkey mucus. It is a long process that involves many factors and influences the final cost. Despite this, it is not as expensive as you think; there is a wide range of possibilities when creating an app, you will not have to invest in your life – much less – to get one.
The part that involves more time and cost when creating an app is the development itself, but it is impossible to state the exact amount. We can explain the parts that contribute to making the process more expensive and help determine the final price of developing a mobile application. The app improvement manner includes many awesome phases. Each segment will take a chunk of your app improvement budget.

Factors that influence the cost of development:

Functionality and purpose of the application:

What will an app be able to do for its users? Depending on the sector of the application, the development time will be longer or shorter
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For example, it will be easier to configure an app to inform news users or a calendar of activities, such as a sports club app. But, if you need more complex technology such as a precise geographic tracking system, database integration, electronic payments. You will need more coding hours.

Download platforms:

The cheapest development option in the current market is a PWA, a progressive web application. But, if you want to be present in the application markets and have that way to reach a larger audience, the application will become more expensive.
The two main platforms are Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. Later we reveal the approximate costs of development on both platforms. Integration points, use of hardware functions…
This is very linked to the first factor that we named. The application’s role will determine the integration points, these being the source of the content.
About hardware functions, the use of GPS navigation, NFC technology, the movement coprocessor, and other more complex services that you can find on smartphones and tablets should be considered.

Use of visual objects:

This corresponds to the app’s customization, ranging from a simple and clean design to a more elaborate interface with an advanced design. If you want your application to stand out, must introduce visual objects that attract attention and improve the user experience. This, but, will lead to further development and will make the application more expensive.
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Maintenance plan:

Once the project for the development of an app is finished, it requires technical support to keep the application updated and adapted to the demands of the users.

Approximate figures?

In the world of applications, the price range is extensive, there is significant variability, and that is that apps can have many features like the ones we have named.
The cost will depend above all on the complexity of the project and the available development time.
Some benchmarks for application development project costs that we can apply for different types of apps. A simple application can cost between € 700 and € 3,000. Instead, an app that integrates databases can cost from € 5,000 to € 30,000. The most expensive applications are the games, they can cost more than € 200,000.
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If we want to introduce our apps to the application market on our own, the cost of creating a developer account and including the app on the different platforms is as follows:
  • App on Android (Google Play) $ 25 single payment.
  • App on iOS (App Store) $ 99 / year.
  • As you can see, the market is very broad, which will allow you to create an app that fits your budget more easily.

App price calculator:

To give you a chance for your app price estimation, you’ll notice the associate app development cost calculator tool. There you’ll state the specifications of your project or associate degree app you’ve got in mind and send knowledge to our app development consultants. Our team can contact you shortly with a definite value quote associate tips about building an application in the best way.
In app-estimator, we have the advantage of working with agile technologies and automated systems that simplify our work, so our development cost is lower. As our motto says, we develop applications at factory prices.

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