Becoming a Data Scientist – What’s the Career Outlook?

Data Scientist

Data scientists are in high demand as the global company has become more data-driven than ever before. The Jobs in this field currently pay well and provide excellent career options. It is no surprise that you need a degree in data science or some specialized technical education to get hired as a data scientist. Data science is a broad field that spans a variety of disciplines and industries. It’s no surprise that this subject of study is becoming one of the most in-demand in the market. Large organizations and small enterprises all over the world are looking for their own data scientists. Even better, it’s a well-paying job with plenty of room for advancement.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

A data scientist works in a variety of industries, combining with other professions to develop algorithms that organize and retrieve large amounts of data. This data is used for examining the company’s historical activities, formulate strategies, and make future plans. Their role is involved in almost everything tech-related that requires data, even creating a mobile app where you can find cox cable plans. The possibilities are endless. To better understand their business and consumers and make smarter decisions, they construct machine learning pipelines and customized data solutions. Part of data science is also concerned with infrastructure, testing, using ML for decision-making, and data products in the field of technology.

The Demand for Data Science 

Data scientists are in high demand because they can help firms plan better now that everyone interacts with technology. Have a quick look at the role of data science in our daily life:

  • Data science refines the answers we obtain for every internet search based on our prior searches on the internet. It also improves the relevancy of the adverts we see while navigating through social media.
  • Data science helps create a personalized gaming experience. When a game levels up, enemies often become difficult to defeat. Data science makes everything seems so realistic. 
  • The airline industry uses data science for predicting flight delays, scheduling planes, and managing other things.

Sign Up for M.Tech. Data Science & Engineering Course by BITS Pilani

BITS Pilani is offering a course in Data Science. BITS Pilani is an Indian university located in Pilani, Rajasthan. The university focuses on courses in technology, engineering, and science. The university opened a campus in Dubai in 2000, which made it the first worldwide acknowledged university to offer engineering and science courses. 

 BITS Pilani is currently offering a course in M.Tech. Data Science & Engineering. It’s a 4-semester curriculum that teaches working professionals how to improve their mathematical and technical skills to advance their careers as Data Scientists or Data Engineers. 

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll in this course, you must be an Employed professional with a B.E., B.Tech., MCA / M.Sc., or equivalent degree. It is mandatory to have at least a year of relevant work experience and scored at least 60% aggregate marks in their qualifying test.

Applicants must have a basic understanding of programming and a good background in mathematics.

Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientists 

Apart from the technical, obviously, you must have a mandatory list of skills to become a data scientist:

Exceptional Communication Skills

Whether you work for a large organization or a startup, it’s critical to know how to communicate your message to your coworkers so that they can make the most of the data gathered. You’ll be in a lot of situations where you will have to work with different people as part of a team.

Mathematical Abilities 

As a data scientist, you learn how to build formulas to represent how a system functions in mathematical modeling. Models are a terrific method to simplify your work because they allow you to swiftly examine many scenarios and outcomes. To calculate and predict information on the data, you’ll have to be able to cross-reference the info you have with the mathematical models.

Basic Programming 

Building algorithms or generating models that can assist organizations to automate information management is one part of data science. To complete a successful data science assignment, you will need to be comfortable with some basic programming. Consider typical programming languages like Python or Java, which are popular because they are in demand and (relatively) simple to learn.

Understanding of databases 

You’ll need to know how data is saved, organized, and handled because you’ll be working with it. When it comes to accessing and understanding data, having a solid foundation in database management systems (DBMS) will help you.


A critical part of a data scientist’s job is to improve the robots’ ability to interpret information and learn from it. You’ll be using artificial intelligence to assist systems in identifying patterns and making decisions with minimal human intervention.

The Career Outlook

This career is not only profitable, but it’s also on the rise! This employment growth rate is significantly higher than the national average of 4 percent for all occupations. It’s an exciting time to work as a data scientist!

The Financial Outlook

The typical annual compensation for data scientists is around $88,240, which is significantly more than the median salary for other computing careers. When compared to the median wage for all other occupations, the future of data science seems even brighter for the next generation of talented professionals.


Experts in data science are required in practically every industry, from government security to even dating apps. Big data is used by millions of businesses and govt. agencies to succeed and better serve their customers. Careers in data science are in high demand, and this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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