Avoid the Crowds This summer with These Underrated Beaches

best beaches in dubai
On a hot summer day, something is unique about discovering a perfect hidden beach. With social isolation at the forefront of everyone’s attention, avoiding crowds is more vital than ever. Dubai may have kilometers of fine-sand beaches with pure white sand. But, as Dubai has become a mini-Ibiza for visitors from all over the world in recent years, this location continues to grow in popularity. Despite the fact that not everyone enjoys crowds, many individuals still prefer the beaches as a place to unwind. According to the professionals at the BMW Workshop in Dubai, Dubai has a few underappreciated beaches. Beaches that once were appreciated for the delicate white never-ending lines of snowy sands, but the importance seem to have faded away as the beaches only provided comfort and Self-musing vibes.

The Empty Beach:

The Empty beach is the top on the list of Dubai’s most underestimated beaches. You might be asking why this small bay is so beautiful but so underappreciated. Because it’s in the heart of the city, but it’s rarely crowded. In actuality, it is located in Umm Suqeim, very next to a boat port. Homes back the sand, and to the right of the beach are rocks, ensuring that the water is always completely still and pure. The location is excellent if you want to spend a Saturday afternoon relaxing alone, as there will be no one else there. To get to the beach, exit Jumeirah Beach Road, turn right after the Umm Suqeim Library, and you’ll be there!

Al Ghantoot:

A few years ago, Al Ghantoot, which is located on the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, was routinely alive with parties, with celebrators camping out all night. But, the beach authority quickly shut down due to loud noises, and complaints just kept coming from the expensive villas. The area is now deserted except for water sports enthusiasts, long-term beach bar regulars, and the occasional private event. Dubai, Uae, Day And NightThe medium-sized beach is accessible with a Dhs100 day pass. To get to the beach, use Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi and exit at Ghantoot, exit 399. Follow the ‘Bungalows’ signage. There are gates leading to Ghantoot beach after five minutes, just off a roundabout.

The Secret Spot at Jumeriah Open Beach:

Anyone who has visited Dubai knows that the Jumeriah open beach is one of the most popular beaches in the UAE. The beach is large and usually busy with bathers, picnickers, runners, and speed walkers at all hours of the day. But, if you walk up the coast for about 15 minutes, past the first large jetty and onto the next beach, you’ll find a much peaceful place with less rubbish and the occasional surfer. It may be completely different beach tranquility. To access the beach, go to Dubai Marine Beach Resort and look for the Open Beach signs. Turn left after passing the first jetty and proceed to the beach.Beach, Sea, Coast, Sand, Waters, Heaven

The Secret Spot at JBR Open Beach:

Yes, we understand that this is usually the most congested beach location, as all of JBR’s residents want to relax on the same length of sand. But, if you want to sit alone or have a small party where no one from the crowd would bother you, head to a particular place between the skydiving center and the Ritz-Carlton. To go to the beach, Beach Road will lead you to JBR. Pass Grosvenor House on your left and watch The Walk, which is the first bend on the right. Follow the road straight, but as it swings to the left at the corner, take the right-hand slip road that leads straight to the beach.

Desert Island Resort and Spa, Sir Bani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi:

Another hilariously understated beach is unlike any of the others described. Despite the fact that you must be staying at the hotel to access it, this beach is impossibly calm, and there are rarely any other people around, thanks to the hotel’s very modest number of rooms. The beach at Anantara’s Desert Islands resort is possibly its most underappreciated asset. There is waiter service and lifeguards on call because it is a hotel. Atlantis, The Palm, Resort, Dubai, UaeTo get there, take the E11 highway past Abu Dhabi. Take the Jabel Dhanna turn-off about 10 kilometers south of Ruwais and follow the instructions to the Sir Bani Yas jetty. Before boarding the boat that will take you to the island, leave your car in the parking lot and check in at reception.


Now that you know all the underrated beaches that surely won’t crowd when you intend to visit the place. Since there are beaches that you will be visiting, make sure to keep the tire pressure of your BMW lesser than the average because, with less tire pressure, your car will have a firm grip as compared to a car with normal tire pressure.

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