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Body care TipsBody care Tips

When it comes to self-reflection and self-care in our everyday lives. Our busy routines often take over the much needed time that helps us connect better with our mind and body. If you like me are in your later 20’s or older (and wiser). You will agree how much a good routine can transform everything. If you want to know about 7 body care tips for healthy skin, stay connected with the article.

Let’s talk friendly I were to be completely honest, from the time I consciously moved to slow and more responsible habits,keeping both my mental and physical health on priority, my body has gone through so many changes and only for the better.

body care tips
body care tips

To aid this further, new additions to my diet along with a natural and soothing body and skin care ritual have transformed my skin to be so much healthier especially since I have always had multiple body skin concerns.

Just like your face, our body too needs good care to maintain a healthy skin texture. And in case you’re being biased, body care is not only for women.

In fact, men need the rich nourishment of a good body care routine too. Imagine, coming home after a tiring week, prepping your hot bath, lighting up your favorite scented candles, your go-to playlist. This will give your body a nourishing and healthy skin. Perfect, perfect, just perfect, isn’t it?

Well, if you’ve been planning on giving yourself the much-needed ‘me time’ and focusing on improving your body skin with natural and potent ingredients, I have listed down my top 7 body care tips for men and women that will help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. So get ready as it’s time to rejuvenate your body skin with a therapeutic and transformative body care ritual.


7 Body Care Tips for Healthy Skin


  • Incorporate Healthy Habits

Everything starts with healing from the inside and you just have to agree. Body care does not work with external nourishment alone and hence my first and most crucial natural body care tip for you is to bring a positive shift in our daily lifestyle habits. For me, that started with meditation and yoga and it has by far been the most satisfying.

Meditation, yoga and walks can be deeply therapeutic in giving you a good body care routine. For healthy body skin, Paschimottanasana is a great yoga asana that purifies the blood, improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles along with improving your skin complexion. Additionally, you must get a good night’s sleep, drink 7 to 8 litres of water a day and follow a healthy diet that gives your body all the essential.

  • Understand your skin type

Everyone is different and unique and so is our skin. I personally always had dry skin, so be it winter, summer or monsoons, my skin would always feel dry and patchy. Also, because I would barely finish 2 glasses of water a day, but again that’s where we need the balance, right! So search up a little and find the right natural skin concern-specific products that help your body get all the nourishment it needs.

However, no matter what you choose, always, I repeat always opt for an organic, natural skin product. So, my second body care tip for you is to customize your body care ritual with natural and preferably Ayurvedic products that enhance your body skin naturally.


  • Cleanse away the toxins

Cleansing is an essential step to your body care and hence requires solutions best suited for your skin type. Commercial soap bars are chemical heavy and can strip the natural moisture from your skin. In order to cleanse while keeping the skin’s natural moisture intact, I personally use the Forest Essentials Hydrating Silk Soap Gulab Jal which is infused with butter, herbs, and oils along with deeply scented Desi Rose petals.

This silk soap is layered with cane sugar and has improved my skin drastically with its deep hydration and increased elasticity. Alternatively, if you are someone who enjoys a shower wash over soap bars, their Silkening Shower Wash Oudh and Green Tea is perfectly infused with Oudh Essential Oil & fresh sparkling Green Tea Leaves sourced from all the way from Darjeeling.

  • Repair & Exfoliate

With the constant exposure to a polluted environment, dust and other toxins, our body absorbs a  lot of impurities that lay deep into the skin. To eliminate this, a thorough exfoliation is an absolutely essential beauty bath tip that you cannot miss out on. Natural body polishers help exfoliate the skin gently with the help of ingredients like Sea Salt and Raw Cane Sugar, lightly removing dead skin cells and unveiling a plump, energised skin.

Here, again, it’s important to take your skin type into consideration to give your body care ritual the best results. To keep your skin soft, supple, luxuriously buffed and glowing, I recommend the Forest Essentials Body Polisher Hydrating Sea Salt & Crystal Rose as the go-to body polisher/exfoliator you will ever need. Their Body Polisher Sandalwood and Turmeric is also a great body polisher that moisturises the skin while also improving its elasticity.

  • Nourish the right way

Once your body is clean of all the pollutants and impurities, it is time to nourish it with the best natural products. In Ayurveda, there is an ancient philosophy known as Abhyanga. He highlights the importance and regenerative effects of a hot body massage with essential oils.

Taking inspiration from this very healing concept, I tried the After Bath Oil Oudh & Green Tea by Forest Essentials – and I have to tell you there is no going back! This is why my next body care tip for you is to experience applying the warm after-bath essential oil infused with a fragrant blend of fresh Green Tea with smoky Oudh oil, was therapeutic and transformative on so many levels, leaving my skin lightly scented with sensual notes.

If you are someone with dry body skin like me, their nourishing Velvet Silk Body Cream Vitamin E makes for a great body care tip for deep moisturisation.


  • Protect your skin from harsh environments

Body care requires consistent attention and it is only with careful additions that one can achieve healthy glowing skin which is why incorporating a great sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight.

The Forest Essentials Sun Fluid Tender Coconut Water with Turmeric and Basil Leaf SPF 50 | PA + +  is the best natural sunscreen made with tender Coconut Water, fresh Basil leaves and cooling Aloe Vera thereby shielding the skin from early signs of ageing and further environmental damage.


  • Maintain & Enhance

The final natural body care tip has to be consistency. Skincare and Body Care is a journey that slowly and holistically transforms your body to give you healthy-looking skin. End your self-care ritual with natural fragrances that make you feel and smell good at all times. The Forest Essentials range of Ayurvedic Body Mist and Natural Sprays is the perfect concluding step to your enriching and elevating body self-care practice.



  1. What is a good body skincare routine?

A good body skincare routine must include all the essential steps right from cleansing, and exfoliating to moisturising and after-bath care. This includes your weekly body oil massage and everyday sunscreens. Remember, it is only when you incorporate all of these that you will be able to achieve a healthy and even skin tone.


2    How can I get glowing skin ?

Natural body oils along with regular exercises and incorporating nutritious meals into your diet are the best ways to achieve glowing body skin. Additionally, ensuring that you consume 7-8 litres of water every day is a must for healthy, glowing skin.

3   How do I attain healthy-looking skin?

For healthy-looking skin, you must go a step above regular cleansing and moisturising. Our body tends to attract a lot of impurities hence a body polisher is essential to holistically address this concern and remove dead skin cells and other toxins from the body skin.

Further, you can enhance your body care with a warm massage of essential oils designed to cater to specific skin concerns. This will improve skin elasticity and provide it with deep nourishment and a natural glow.


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