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Diesel fuels have become an integral part of almost all business foundations. Electricity is everywhere and can affect productivity. Therefore, every small company relies heavily on diesel (DG) producers as the backbone to sustain the business.

Setting up a commercial generator in a factory that produces expensive kW power and leads to major repairs. In other words, the organization will allocate a large budget to carry out its DG plan. These diesel generators are essential for almost every industry, so it is important that these power suppliers are inspected to prevent power outages and interruptions.

DG device inspection helps to schedule timely repairs and maintenance. It helps detect and prevent fuel theft and fire hazards. For various other purposes, a generator monitoring system (GMS) must be provided for the diesel engine.

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Intelligent monitoring generator solution: What is it?

Diesel fuels have become an integral part of almost all commercial equipment. For the smooth running of the business, DG devices play an important role by providing support during power failures that can lead to losses of productivity.

To overcome the challenge of providing uninterrupted electricity, many companies, factories, restaurants, hospitals, and other areas need diesel producers as a source of energy. Therefore, it is very important to provide power if there is a grid or no power. In addition, battery and diesel fuel levels and car fuel tanks as well as many other safety features are good to ensure that the installed electricity is running normally.

Manage the generator from anywhere

The IoT diesel generator monitoring solution we have includes eye control functionality, enabling you to ‘turn on or ‘off’ your generator anywhere, and then set a specific time to do it. We install sensors to collect common generator data, such as fuel level, battery voltage, fuel pressure, engine temperature, power output, engine running time, head and voltage and generator frequency, engine speed, etc., and send it. IoT platform, through the gateway. The machine learning algorithm scans this information, and the report generated in the user dashboard will be displayed for quick review and response. This process will notify you by sending you an email/text message about failure detection, oil theft, profit changes, and low status.

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Does this symbol indicate the need to implement DG smart monitoring?


If you notice an increase in fuel consumption suddenly, you may feel that the fuel tank is leaking or someone has stolen your fuel. Theft and theft are the main barriers to the industry. Sometimes people will also bring in fake diesel bills, which will increase wages. An oil pump inspection solution can give you a complete overview of oil intake, oil replacement, and oil extraction. It can help you detect oil theft and monitor fuel consumption.

A central inspection system is required

If you have a lot of equipment, manually inspecting and managing all the DG assemblies can be very powerful. The combination of diesel generator monitors allows you to manage multiple power generators that are available in many places with the help of a single dashboard. You can also use this dashboard to track the performance of any DG setup and get instant notifications.

Time list

DG Optical Solutions can help you monitor the overall volume of a diesel generator at the same time. When it detects an incorrect pattern, it will send you a message via SMS / email so you can take action immediately. It monitors ignition status, GPS location, fuel level, fuel market, and more.

The cost of maintenance is high

If the maintenance cost of your generator is too high, and you find it difficult to configure the same maintenance, then you will need to install a generator monitoring system for your equipment. This system gives you instant information like a generator running time, battery voltage, and temperature. This way, you can schedule a quick review. It will reduce streams in time and prevent downtime, thus helping you save money.


In some cases, diesel generators can heat up for long-term use. This may be due to a little cold water. The generator monitoring system will check the temperature and pressure levels and send you a notification to manage these parameters in a timely manner.

Vibration analysis

Vibration tests are necessary to determine working conditions and weather conditions. When looking at components for proper vibration, it is easy to see problems before they develop and result in unplanned deer.

Unrest is inappropriate

Disruption is important for diesel-producing industries. Maintaining the proper level is important because low turbulence levels can make oil producers perform poorly, while high levels of turbulence can damage fuel lines.

A Remote-Based Monitoring Solution based on the Internet of Things can help you diagnose a disorder and take the necessary steps to its doorstep.

In the end

The integration of the diesel fuel monitoring system enables you to track and access important information anytime and anywhere. It allows you to access the generator management function and service data and helps manage your generator efficiently. This system can also help you distribute the equipment more efficiently to turn on the oil and keep the generators on fire. This can reduce costs and prevent network downtime. A monitoring system you set up can reduce operating costs as well as increase your return on investment. For more information on the diesel generator monitoring system, read more about the system.

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