What are the Major Benefits of Business setup in UAE free Zone?

business setup in UAE Freezonebusiness setup in UAE Freezone
Do you wish to start a business setup in UAE Freezone? Then it is a high chance that you explore, experience, and set up a free zone business in Dubai. Businessmen around the world are attracted towards the business things that help company operations and also attract firms willing to invest in entrepreneurial ventures.
Free zones are the best ones to start a business because of top-notch quality business infrastructure, hundred percent duty and tax exemptions, fully-fledged business facilities and environment, useful government policies, and so on.

List of major free zone operating in Dubai:

We have more than thirty free zones operating in and around Dubai and the major ones are gives below for your information. These are helpful for your Dubai-free zone business setup.
business setup in UAE Freezone
business setup in UAE Freezone
  • we have Dubai Airport Free Zone

  • Next, we have Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ), also known as Dubai Auto Zone

  • Then comes the Dubai Design District
  • You will have Dubai Healthcare City
  • The next one is the Dubai International Academic City
  • You can enjoy the Dubai Internet City
  • Also, have Dubai International Financial Centre as an option
  • Then we have Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Next, you have Dubai Media City
  • Yet another one is Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
  • After that, we have Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • Also,  note that the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is also one of the best options
  • Next, we have International Media Production Zone
  • Then you get to explore Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Or else you can move on with Dubai Production City
  • The next one is the Dubai World Central (Dubai South)
  • Last but not least you will have Dubai Studio City

Some advantages of business setup in UAE free zone:

UAE Free zones are not a joke when it comes to the benefits that they are imparting for businessmen all around the world. It states with the hundred percent tax exemption all the personal gains or corporate income You will enjoy the boon like exemption from corporate tax for fifteen years that too a more renewal of fifteen years as an option. You don’t need a capital deposit to start or flourish the business and it’s effortless to access air, rail, and road transports.
business setup in UAE Freezone
Apart from all the benefits from starting a business in the UAE free zone, you will enjoy startup costs and operational costs. You will also get to read the consumer market across MENA and Asia regions. Last but not least you will get to enjoy and use the world-class infrastructure with an adequate communication system. We will discuss some more of the benefits for a better understanding of why should set up a business in the UAE free zone.

Hundred percentage foreign ownership:

Do you know what is the best benefit we can reap from a free zone business in UAE? It is to have complete foreign ownership. This makes it easy and welcoming towards foreign investors as they don’t have to go after the trouble of finding a UAE national sponsor to start up the business. This sums up that foreign ownership is completely possible regardless of the nationality of the investor.
business setup in UAE Freezone

Currency benefits:

There are currency regulations on transactions of foreign currencies that you should be aware of before doing business. These regulations are imposed and supervised by the government but the case here is that you are free from such currency restrictions. UAE free zones are open to no currency regulation which makes it quick and straightforward for businessmen. Financial transactions are made quick and easy with the lifting of such restrictions.
Benefits of Import/Export Exemption:
Another advantage that helps and attracts businessmen around the world to free zone areas is the lifting of import and export duties. Such benefits the businessmen helping them with international trade and they can gain hug about of profits from that.
Capital and Profits Repatriation: 
The next advantage we are talking about is the capital and profits repartition you get in full. This brings the company owners to have an enormous amount of profit and financial assets.
business setup in UAE Freezone
business setup in UAE Freezone
Availability of labor:
If you are running a business in the Free zone area then it is easy for you to find some qualified staff. You can crack the formalities of recruitment in a budget and start hiring skilled people for your business. You are also allowed to connect with foreign nationals to work for their company.
Quick and easy company incorporation:
The next benefit you are going to explore and experience is how quick and straightforward is the company incorporation procedures. You can get the license and complete the procedure within few days compared to other free zone areas.
Immigritaion procedure:
The Immigration Process is simple and easy in UAE-free zones. They are efficient and so save our time a great deal.  This benefit itself is a great boon and people who are interested in business all around the world are attracted to this deal.

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