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Bringing Innovative, Healthy & Vegan Cakes To Melbourne, Australia!


IF you had been hard-pressed to find genuinely delicious while still beautifully presented vegan

cakes in Melbourne, your woes are over. Cakes To Melbourne I recently had the pleasure to be invited to Isher Eggless Bakers on Carinish Road, Clayton, VIC and was simply blown away.

There are many of the  Cakes To Melbourne  myths surrounding vegan baking, including that the creations could be dense and it does not compare the same to non-vegan creations, but Isher Eggless Bakers, are passionate about proving the haters wrong. I was personally happy to see that they are doing amazing so far.

Isher Bakery


Isher Bakery had humble beginnings and just started out with a mother’s effort to bake.

Her daughter an eggless cake in times.

When it was unheard of, and eggs were essential in baking.

She took a shot at it and managed to master the recipe. The domestic experiment did not stop there! With the right motivation and more daring creations, the dream soon blossomed into a successful bakery business.

At its heart, vegan means no usage of animal-derived products and relying on the freshest and choicest of ingredients.

Isher Bakery, presents an incredible range of egg-free food products that will come as a delight to vegetarians, vegans,

And even people who have no qualms with eggs but cannot resist perfectly baked treats.

They have carefully developed techniques that ensure that you do not have to compromise on taste.

Just because you are taking home a vegan cake.

Light, fluffy, and providing the best bang for your dollars, you will find excuses to come to this little establishment again and again.



After spending a considerable part of the day interacting with the team of Isher Eggless Bakery, Cakes To Melbourne it is not hard to see the hard work and skill the bakers put in to ensure each creation that comes out of their kitchen is perfect and is compliant with their sky-high standards.



I am glad that Melbourne residents will finally have one of the best outlets to get their vegan cakes. As more and more people are gravitating towards a sustainable method of living, the opening of the bakery could not have come at a better time. 

With that high note, I highly suggest that before typing in ‘cakes near me,’ you check out Isher Eggless Bakers, in Clayton & Berwick, and you will not be disappointed! Our recommendation would be to try their celebration cakes, drip cakes, and kids’ cakes (dinosaur cakes and a lot of other kids’ favorite characters cakes). 



Their shops are based in Clayton & Berwick while serving the whole of Dandelion, Chad stone, Oakleigh, Berwick, Narre Warren, Clyde North, Cranbourne North, Cranberry, Springvale and deliver up to 10 KMs from their locations when ordered from their website. Try it out! Isher Bakers is bringing the goodness of fresh and Cakes To Melbourne  pure vegetarian cakes for all your celebrations!


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