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Can I Use Quartz as Backsplash?


Quartz can be used in the kitchen and bathrooms to design everything from floors to walls. Some designers even suggest using them as part of your kitchen or bathroom renovations! Though people love quartz’s durability and versatility- there are some drawbacks too though:  “What type of surface should I use?” you might ask yourself. Of course, we all know granite has been around forever.

Quartz countertops are a hot topic in kitchen design. The durability and versatility of shadow storm quartz have made it one of the most popular materials for new construction, but do we have backsplash ideas?

Quartz can be used as both an exterior surface or interior finishes on cabinets, flooring walls–even tub surrounds.

The Short Answer Is Yes

Stone tiles for backsplashes are becoming outdated. Slabs and sheets offer a continuous surface that looks neat, modern, and seamless while also providing more protection from moisture than their stone counterparts (though this varies depending on the material). Quartz is non-porous which means stains don’t soak below its surface; rather they stay visible above it where there’s no natural light to wash away at them before time can do its job! However, one major downside about quartz floors? They require sealing every few years because of dirt build-up – but what else should we expect out of such amazing quality.

Quartz Backsplashes and Countertops

Some people might think so, but homeowners who have chosen quartz agree that the material is priced reasonably. For its cost, you’re getting an aesthetically pleasing durable design to last for years in your home. So, a feature few other products can match. It could be because we make sure our customers get what they love about working with stone without any sharp edges or rough surfaces. when combined with impeccable craftsmanship from start (design) all the way until installation day. It creates unforgettable spaces where guests feel welcome every time.

Balance to Your Kitchen

Choose a color that complements the colors of other elements in this space, such as countertop work or cabinetry; it’s important not only for visual appeal but also practicality: food stains don’t stick well on these surfaces (so you’ll be able clean them easier) if their own shade doesn’t match what we’re seeing here!

One thing is certain though- having something like an eye-catching piece while looking at all those black and white marble countertops or tiles just won’t do any justice by itself when trying to keep track inside one’s head which items go together within such an intricately designed room.

Create a Sense of Movement 

Backsplashes are the first thing guests notice when they enter a kitchen. The next thing that people usually see is countertops. So, which often have coordinating colors or designs for cohesion between them with other features within your space. Well, black and white marble Countertops provide an important focal point in any room so it’s crucial to choose carefully. Because these will be noticed most by visitors! Seasoned designers know what material works best together–quartz slabs can work nicely alongside particular stone tops. So, while also being complemented beautifully through patterns found on both finishes. 

Make Feature Wall 

Be sure to consult a professional when deciding whether or not it is best for you. So,  in some situations, there might be better options than quartz. However, if one of your goals includes having an elegant backsplash that goes right up against the ceiling. So, then this material will allow them to do just so! The very nature makes such features dramatic and interesting. Make sure all joints are sealed properly before installing anything onto newly installed countertops.

Make Beautiful Bathroom With Quartz

Kitchens aren’t the only place in your house with a backsplash. But why use quartz in the bathroom? Well, it is nonporous and doesn’t have tiny holes that soak up water to encourage bacterial or mold growth so they make for hygienic surfaces which makes them easy to clean too! That’s not all though – these slabs also look stunning within luxury retreats like bathrooms where you can transform them into something really special.


If you want to add a sense of beauty and value to your kitchen, consider investing in a quartz backsplash. Quartz is not only beautiful but it also provides an excellent surface for countertops. A new backsplash can help define the space around your sink or stovetop. So,  create a sense of movement within the room. And provide some much-needed balance between two opposing walls. Adding this feature will make your bathroom seem more luxurious. So, while adding that extra touch of detail that sets any home apart from others on the market today. 

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