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Carry-on luggage Size
When you want to from one destination to another, you usually need to take some items with you. These items are either – clothes and toiletries which will be needed for the duration of your travel or carry-on luggage that need for a particular airline and differing per airline and destination. Carry-on luggage is lightweight and easy to carry which makes it very convenient when traveling between destinations.
Some carry-on luggage may allow certain adjustments but most airlines do not allow carry-on baggage exceeding certain dimensions. Thus, if your carry-on bags exceed those largest permissible limits as given by an airline, then those bags would have to check in which means you would have to pay the extra carry-on baggage fees. Thus, it is important to carry carry-on luggage within the airline’s carry-on size limitations.

carry-on luggage size allowed by most popular airlines around the world:

carry-on luggage limit to 55 x 35 x 20 cm (21.5in x 13.5in x 7.9in). Please check your airline’s website for carry-on luggage size guides and restrictions, the carry-on sizes may vary slightly from one airline to another since they don’t have a common standard when it comes to carry-ons.

What you carry in your carry on luggage is also important:

Keep only essential items in your carry-on luggage such as electronics, medication, snacks, etc… If I pack my clothes too tightly then that results in having less space for other things I may need while flying such as carrying on liquids, carrying on snacks, carrying on books, etc. And digging for things in your carry-on can be very annoying.
It is best to pack your carry-on luggage within the carry-on size limits allowed by airlines. The following are carry-on luggage guides created by several popular airlines around the world to help you find out what are the carry-on luggage sizes allowed for each airline:
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To avoid unexpected carry-on charges, bear in mind the carry-on size restrictions for a particular destination and airline before flying. Also, note that carry-on sizes differ for domestic departures and international departures as well as depending on whether you are flying within a specific continent or between different continents.

Airline Carry On Size Restrictions:

Different airlines have different carry-on sizing rules which is why it is important to be familiar with the carry-on size restrictions of an airline before making travel arrangements. Besides these guidelines, what was also found out through research was that there are three types of carry-on luggage which are standard carry-on bags, personal items carry-on bags, and overweight carry-on baggage.
Standard carry-on luggage is any carry-on bag that fits the height (15 inches), width (22 inches), and depth (9 inches) restrictions of an airline. Personal items carry-on luggage, but, must fit under the airline seat in front of you if there is enough space available for it to be stored underneath.
If there isn’t any room, then this carry-on item must check into the plane’s cargo hold. This type of carry-on luggage may range between 9 -18 inches long, 7 – 14 inches wide, and 4 – 8 inches deep. Overweight carry-on baggage refers to any baggage that is heavier than the carry-on weight limit.
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Note that carry-on luggage size restrictions vary depending on several factors such as destination and airline specifications. This carry-on luggage size guide aims to provide a quick reference for carry-on baggage guidelines to make it easier for you when packing your carry-on bags for flights.

Did you know that carry-on luggage size is determined by the airlines you are going to travel with?

Luckily, all Airlines have created a carry-on luggage size chart detailing what carry-on luggage they allow and what they don’t. Here is a carry-on luggage size chart of guidelines for major Airline carriers around the world:
Airline Luggage Size Guide Carry On Only

Air Do:

Seat up to 23in/59cm and 10in/25cm depth, length not specified but has a weight limit of 15lb/6kg

Air Tahiti Nui:

Seat width 17in/43cm, depth 11in/28cm, length 22in/55cm, no weight limits

AirAsia Berhad:

Seat width 17in/43cm, depth 9in/23cm, length 22in/56cm, carry on weight 7lb/3kg

British Airways:

Seat width 18.5-20.5in/47-52cm depending on aircraft type and seat pitch, depth 10.8-12.1in/27-31cm depending on aircraft type and seat pitch, length 21.7-24.8in/55-63cm depending on aircraft type and seat pitch, carry on weight 8lb or 3kg

Brussels Airlines:

Seat 19in/48cm wide with a size of 12in /30 cm in depth, carry on weight 7lb/3kg.Luggage, Suitcases, Baggage, Bags

China Airlines:

Seat 19in/49cm with a size of 11.4in /29 cm in depth, carry on weight 7lb or 3kg


Delta carry-on luggage size is based upon the seat pitch of the aircraft which varies depending upon the plane type. In general carry-on luggage must fit within space of 17in x 10in x 8.75in or 43cm x 25cm x 22cm, carry-on weight limit of 40lb/18kg

Egypt Air:

Seat width 18.5in/47cm, carry-on luggage depth 10in /25 cm, carry-on luggage length 21in/53cm, carry on weight 9lb or 4kg

El Al Airlines:

The carry-on luggage size for El Al is based upon the plane seat pitch which varies depending upon the plane type. In general carry-on luggage must fit within a space of 16.7in x 11.8 in x 7.87 in or 42 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm, no weight limits given.


Emirates carry-on luggage size is based upon the plane seat pitch which varies depending upon the plane type. In general carry-on luggage must fit within space of 16in x 14in x 8.75in or 40cm x 36cm x 22 cm, carry on weight limit of 23lb/10kg

Etihad Airways:

Seat width 18in/46cm with a depth 9in/23cm and carry-on baggage length 20.4 in /52 cm, carry on weight 7lb/3kg. For More Articles:

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