Construction Management Software, Enhance Resource Utilization.

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The smarter management of resources within construction projects is a key benefit of adopting construction management software. From materials to manpower, there are many moving parts within projects that need to manage at the same time for optimal delivery. With around 1% productivity gains each year, construction needs the inherent advantages of technology to ensure timely completion through digitization. Better resource use in construction impacts projects in three major ways.
  • It improves the scheduling, deployment, and effectiveness of each resource. Construction platforms help manage the labor force, workers, teams, and third-party professionals easily.
  • Project managers gain integral monitoring capabilities for end-to-end visibility of resources. This can directly benefit the near 20% of timeline overruns experienced for larger projects.
  • Access to data analytics helps uncover new insights into the performance and capabilities of resources. Equipment utility, material quality, manpower productivity, and other key parameters can test deeply via analytics.

The positive impact of scheduling optimization:

A major reason behind the growing adoption of construction management software, such as Zepth, is the impact on the schedule. A good scheduling management solution can streamline the use of resources and assets. It can help organize resources while reducing the risk of double-booking, resource lock-out, and equipment unavailability.
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The resolution of main construction challenges, through the adoption of construction management software, can lower the cost of execution and resource use. Managers also have greater access to monitoring tools to ensure that all resources are being used in adherence to schedules. Data visualization and reporting tools also provide real-time insights for better decision-making.
Construction technology platforms also make it easy to review all resource use schedules. Stakeholders, such as owners, managers, site teams, and store managers, can review these schedules to optimize the next processes better. This helps make an open and collaborative environment within the construction lifecycle, which is good for introducing innovation in execution.

Comprehensive digital mapping of resource network:

Resource management tools empower project managers to create a complete digital map across categories. From material inventory to manpower skill sets, all information is made available to stakeholders transparently. This streamlines execution, enabling site teams to complete construction work without bottlenecks.
The comprehensive digital mapping of all resources also helps drive better strategic initiatives. Managers can audit resources available and forecast upcoming demand for new projects. With unexpected labor shortages being a key area of concern for close to 85% of developers worldwide, the digitization of resource use is a critical solution.
It can also understand use effectiveness, productivity, uptime, output, and other key decision parameters to make performance better. The last-minute reordering of materials, engaging of new contractors and leasing extra equipment avoid when managers have access to the best digital resource map.

Targeting underutilization through digital collaboration:

Digitizing use management involves the integration of resources within a unified platform. This reduces the risk of underutilization as all resources track and optimized within one platform. It also enables seamless video conferencing, data sharing, and chatting to boost collaboration when using resources across the project lifecycle.
Through integrated management workflows, the tracking of materials, labor, and equipment, is simplified as well. The result of this improves outcomes for better project execution, as well as ensuring lower underutilization of all resources. It is also essential for project managers to use a single platform for communication of asset status and updates.
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Optimizing underutilized assets is also important to maximizing profitability for all projects. The intelligent management of resources can help projects complete faster across sites and improve their ROI long-term. Additionally, construction firms aiming to enhance the utility of all resources should leverage construction management solutions to target underutilized assets.

Lowering costs associated with the resource use:

For many construction firms, indirect costs continue to be a critical area of concern. They can accumulate over time based on the scale of the project. Depending on the type of timeline overrun experienced, they can account for 35-50% of total execution costs. Construction firms need to get the right technology solution to lower costs associated with resource use.
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Firms can enhance resource use and lower associated costs through more digitization. They can completely improve the use of resources, and allocate the right resources based on dynamic site requirements. They can also centralize the management of resources, which can lower the time to deployment for better fulfillment.

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