Cracking NEET With Confidence


Do you aim to crack NEET in the first attempt? Repeating or resitting for competitive exams for multiple years in order to achieve desired results is both demotivating and tiring. If you are passionate enough, you will want to ace it to make yourself and others around you proud. 

But, how do we go about it? What is the sure-shot way of cracking it? You can do so by having a perfect study plan with specified NEET study material along with the right guidance. This article will give information, with different tips that you can follow to crack the NEET. Read on to find out what they are.

Ace NEET With These Tips

It is not a secret but a well-known fact that competitive exams are hard to crack. Preparing for them can be extremely taxing, especially if you are taking it up for the first time. You are mostly experimenting with different methods to see what works best for you. Most get bogged down thinking they cannot make it at their first attempt, but remember “nothing is impossible”. It could be fairly easy if you have things in place, are ready to work hard and give it your all. 

Listed below are some points to follow to ace NEET.

Self belief 

One must have the right attitude and be confident. It is important to achieve success. One must be confident in following the study plan to ace it in the very first attempt. Do not fall for myths such as “Clearing NEET in the first attempt is tough”. All you have to do is prepare and stick to a robust study plan. Stay optimistic and be determined. 

Draw up a plan

Formulate a study plan by yourself. Do not copy-paste from online sources or what others have tried doing. You can definitely take cues from others, but you know your schedule and loopholes the best. Adjust time accordingly.

Effective Time management 

Managing time is key while preparing for a NEET. Design a study plan such that you strictly adhere to it and align with the timeline at all times. Take proper study breaks to refresh and revert within the stipulated time.

Dedicated routine

Early mornings are the best time to study. Wake up early after having a sound sleep. That being said, the best hours to study varies for every individual.

Put together your study material

Find all the course material you are recommended to study from, skim through it to make notes as per your comprehension. Compare your notes with notes you trust the most to check if they are good to go. Take a mock test to self assess this.

Note-making is the best way to understand the syllabus well. Get creative with it and make learning interesting.

Preparing With Question Papers

Figure out the time when you are the most productive, and schedule slots to solve from NEET previous year question paper. Solve it with all seriousness under the exact exam scenario. It would be challenging at the beginning, in the first few days; however, do not break the routine. Soon, you will get habituated and it will no longer seem difficult.

All in all, it is a myth that cracking competitive exams such as NEET is a far-fetched dream. Do not go by hearsay and let it ruin your preparation. Prepare and give your best. Stay focussed and work hard, smart. Good luck!

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