7 Creative Custom Cookie Boxes Design for your next Packaging

custom cookie boxescustom cookie boxes

Cookies are the favorite snacks of all time. People can enjoy it at any time with tea or eat it on their ow Cookies are your best partner in hunger. Many companies are giving services of baking and selling cookies for engagement and attracting new customers companies added different flavors in it. Baked cookies needed to be fresh and appetizing, so custom cookie boxes help keep them fresh and tasty. Yummy and delicious cookies enhance the beauty of shelves in the bakery. Packaging has a great value in bakery items. Bakery items are fresh and proper packaging need for the protection of the bakery products. Attractiveness is everything if your cookies and boxes have attractive looks, then you make a boom in the market. Following are some interesting design ideas that can help you in choosing the best custom cookie boxes. n.

Custom Cookie Boxes with Handle:

It’s an amazing and attractive design for custom cookie boxes. These boxes have a unique design, customers who buy your cookies can easily handle the cookie box and buy cookies satisfyingly. Customization gives the option to design your boxes according to your desire. These boxes make up of suitable quality materials that can protect your cookies in a good way. Design your custom cookie boxes that can attract the customer.

hot box cookies
hotbox cookies

Hexagonal Cookie Boxes:

As you can understand by their name, these custom cookie boxes have a hexagonal shape. This is a unique shape, and usually, these boxes cannot use commonly because of their unique shape. Another reason for the uncommon use of hexagonal boxes is, it is difficult to manufacture. But it also has an advantage of using these boxes because it shows your company’s uniqueness to your customers. Using hexagonal cookie boxes is also a benefit; it can give a spare space for your soft cookies.

cake box cookies
cake box cookies

Cookie Boxes with Window:

Cookie boxes with windows are the best for cookie packaging. As you know, cookies are the beauty of the shelves in the bakery, so your packaging also acts as an attention seeker of the customer. If you have managed both facts simultaneously, it will give you a great benefit. Now the chance is double to attract the customer: the creative packaging and the delicious cookies themselves. You can order any design of cookie from the website online.  These boxes also help the customer look inside the boxes and choose cookies according to their taste. 

Cylindrical Cookie Boxes:

Cylindrical cookie boxes have vertical-shaped boxes. The cookies keep in these boxes in one over one manner. These custom cookie boxes are soo useful in the cookie packaging industry because this packaging can reduce the risk of breaking cookies. These boxes also have the advantage that they can cover less space as compared to the flat boxes. There are also different materials for the cylindrical cookie boxes: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic material
  • Cardboard material etc. 

The bottom of the cylindrical box should have been adequately packed because the burden of all cookies bears by the bottom of the box.

cake box cookie recipe
cake box cookie recipe

Cookie Boxes with Divider:

Cookie manufacturing bakeries are introducing new yummy flavors to deal with the big traffic of the customers.  In this way, custom cookie boxes with dividers are needed to manufacture. These cookie boxes can find in many shapes, a divider inside the box helps to separate the different flavors of the cookies from each other. 

Gable Cookie Boxes:

Gable boxes are typically used as a family pack because the style of these boxes can store many cookies. The other benefit of using gable boxes are they are fully protected. For example, it has a cardboard paper-locked design, it will not open itself. So the gable custom cookie boxes can protect your cookies as well as give a spare space to keep cookies inside the box.

Drawer Cookie Boxes:

These are luxuries and unique boxes for the cookies. High-quality cardboard paper is used in the manufacturing of cookie boxes. Drawer cookie boxes perfectly keep the cookies with a good presentation. These boxes consist of a drawer, you can keep your cookies inside the drawer. These types of custom cookie boxes are used for gift purposes at events and celebrations. 

Crucks of the Discussion:

In all the custom cookie boxes, you can design your own cookie boxes with any design and in any style. Customization can give you a full exemption to print anything according to your desire and need. High-quality custom cookie boxes become the reason for attraction for the customers.

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