Cyberpunk 2077 “Welcome to Night City”


Despite the lack of a real “messing around,” it is difficult, net of free time, to resist. The temptation to enter the game to take a ride, earn some money to modify. The character’s performance, or discover some secondary signaled by a point of the yellow question. 

I can’t think of it as the non plus ultra of open-world RPG. That “looks at something like this had never been seen before” because. I have that very strong impression that had already judged the game 5 years ago. Cyberpunk is by no means without flaws: it’s a stratospheric title, really, stratospheric, but rewriting a genre?

Heavy words that do not agree with me. Cyberpunk 2077 remains a drug.

Let’s forget all the technical talk about bugs, expectations, bad marketing choices regarding the old gen versions, and about the bike that arrives in front of me de-texturized, texturized, and explodes in my face, and let’s talk about what is there inside the game. 

Enemies, growth, and gunplay in Cyberpunk 2077.

The gunplay is great, and the various weapons have various types of feeling at the click of the mouse. However, this detail has plagued the fps in recent years: the feedback of the damage received. More than once, I have found myself dead because I did not realize how much life I was losing, and it is precisely something that I have noticed in many titles in the last period. Fixable, not so annoying, be careful.

Having built a shooter/crafter/hacker character, I cannot express much about the stealth part (go to the bottom of the article, to the opinion of Carisma20 to know how stealth works) since I am more inclined to keep weapons updated with which are more comfortable and “mess” by taking advantage of quick hacking. 

The numerous perks to put in each skill tree allow for slow and steady growth, but sometimes they have quite frustrating level walls: not everything in engineering, to say. You will need in the build you have in mind, but the fact that to have that what you need you will have to wait to raise the character to level 20 will force you to perk a useless skill or insert the token in another skill. 

On the one hand, conceptual pushes the player to differentiate and think about a non-univocal construction. On the other hand, I would perhaps have preferred a tree with fewer branches but more qualitative. 

Whatever “class” you intend to build, know that the enemies’ artificial intelligence is not a Nobel prize.

More than on aim and tactics, the possible difficulty encountered by non-stealth combats is given by the opponent’s HP and some annoying elements, such as the netrunners who hack you from behind the walls or the enemies that warp very fast before being hit. 

Nothing that a wonderful, properly powered Nekomata cannot solve.

The fact remains that artificial intelligence also undermines the world outside of missions: people who come upon you while you are motionless and become randomly wanted, enemies who mistake you for the camera, NPCs who bend their hands over their heads at 1 kilometer from the action, companions screaming running around while you are approaching stealth, but are not calculated, etc. 

The setting and quests in Cyberpunk 2077


I can try to be as critical as I want on a game, but on the narrative of the side quests and the mood of the  Cyberpunk 2077 Nudity setting, I bow, without being there to make you the usual ultra philosophical bumblebee about how much the sprawling city has enveloped me. 

Here you learned from The Witcher 3. Sadly, you learned all too well from The Witcher 3.


While the side quests are varied, inspired, and perfectly narrated, the main questline has puzzled me more than once, apart from the fact that, in the name of sadistic realism, because the world turns like this, it seems that everyone wants to screw you. Sometimes I got the idea that there is an unbridled obsession around trying to screw you for the fun of it.

Aside from that, from the moment you enter the central part of the game when Silverhand arrives, it all takes on a sense of urgency (for plot reasons which, of course, I’m not telling you)that completely clashes with everything around you. 

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It is the ultimate expression of the fantasy hero meme who has 20 minutes to save the world from the demon lord but goes around exploring dungeons. The fact is even more accentuated by what is going on there. Directly. 

Other than that, the way Silverhand is implemented, which is almost reminiscent of Arkham Knight’s Joker, is truly spectacular. It is truly immersive how he intrudes on the choices and seems to converse with the player to try to insinuate the seed of doubt, demonstrating excellent writing. 

In short, Cyberpunk 2077 will not be perfect, it will not fully respond to the exaggerated expectations of the public, but it is an excellent RPG that cannot be missing in the collections of lovers of the genre … if you have a good PC. 

To revisit the open world part, but CD Projekt promises patches and DLC at full blast, and we are sure that (this time) it will keep its promises.

Let’s say that he should keep them a bit.

The hard truth is Cyberpunk wasn’t ready to go out, but he had to go out now. So don’t just think of gamers with drool at the mouth who “eh if they hadn’t let him out, a mess would have erupted after 2 postponements”.

cyberpunk 2077 “Welcome to Night City,” the most overused phrase

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