Desk booking for a future-proof workplace.

Desk booking
The office environment has changed a lot in recent years, and terms like “open space” and “activity-based working” are frequently used. Despite this, this way of working isn’t universally applicable. It is a mix of working, collaborating, meeting, and inspiring that can fulfills differently by every industry, every organization, and even by every individual. The basic tenet of this working method is that employees must always have access to relevant information and that they can work wherever, whenever, and but they like. This requires a flexible understanding of your office environment.
Additionally, floor space in offices is expensive. Meeting rooms and desks that aren’t used are unnecessary expenses. Finding a suitable workspace can negatively impact productivity. So, it is the facility manager’s responsibility to use the space as smartly and efficiently as possible. To make them available to all employees as simply as possible while saving costs.

Is Hot Desking a real thing?

Desk booking software is one way of implementing the principles of agile or flexible working. Employees can find and work at an open seat (desk or workstation) every day when they arrive at the office. Dynamic work environments, including sit-stand desks, huddle rooms, and flexible workspaces, are hallmarks of agile corporate cultures. Most people do not need the same desk every day. The result is that some desks are often left vacant during the day.
Using hot desking, you only use a desk when you actually need it. The reality is that you can reduce the number of workstations in an office and introduce more diversity in the types of workstations (quiet areas, relaxation areas, creative areas, larger and smaller meeting rooms, etc.). Additionally, hot-desking promotes collaboration and creativity because you are constantly in contact with different people. Your creativity stimulates by a changing environment.

Work smart:

Using Smart Technology to gain insight into the use of all areas in the office is unavoidable in agile work environments. Utilizing technology in the workplace allows employees to work faster, better, and smarter. Increasing their productivity and giving them more time to focus on what really matters. The GoBright platform is an excellent example of smart technology. Laptop, Mac, Computer, Browser, ResearchWith the software for room booking, desk booking, and visitor registration you can book meeting rooms or desks and invite visitors from anywhere, at any time; all from one cloud-based system. It integrates with almost all existing (office) IT systems and links with your company’s Active Directory. Facility managers have direct insight into office space occupancy and can use the space as efficiently as possible.

Measuring leads to knowing:

Through an app, you can easily book a workspace. Taking into account social distancing rules, the employer has already determined which desks are “open” or “closed”. When employees reserve their workplace in advance, employers know exactly how many employees are in the office and which departments they work in. Ideal for finding out which days of the week are busiest, or what time of day is busiest. In this way, you can ask your teams to work at a different time or scale up cleaning services on specific days. An employee guarantees a workplace and is confident that his colleague with whom he works on a project will also be present on the same day.

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