Disney Plus: How to Use, Price, Movies, & Subscriptions – Everything you need to know

Disney plus Hotstar moviesDisney plus Hotstar movies
With technological advancements in the internet and communication channels, Cable tv service has become old fashioned, where we restrict to watch the content of the channel’s choice but now we have moved to the era where we can watch the content of our choice on mobile, tablets, computer and tv using the internet.
There are various OTT platforms that provide these services, some of them are Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Apple tv plus, Hotstar, Voot, zee5, and TVF, etc.
Recently, Disney has also jumped into the competition and came up with disney+ which is a streaming service like others in the market.
Disney plus service entered India by collaborating with Hotstar which is a streaming service provided by star network. Hotstar is a mostly subscribed streaming service in India. Merging with it, the platform allows the user to get both Disney and non-Disney content.

How to Use Disney Plus:

It is very easy to use Disney plus. First, download and install the application on your device or open their website on the computer.
Moreover, to use this service you would need an account. So sign up by filling in the required details and take membership of your choice whether it is monthly or annual.

In India you have 2 options, either take VIP membership or subscribe for the premium membership. Once you got the membership, you are ready to access the house of content.

Disney plus Hotstar movies
Disney plus Hotstar movies
The whole interface divides into many categories such as Marvel, Pixar, Disney, StarWars, and national geographic. In India, as it merges with Hotstar so there is a special tab named disney+. Clicking on that opens up all of Disney’s content.
Now You can select and play the content of your choice anytime and anywhere.

Disney Plus Review:

Disney Plus is capable to stream 4k ultra HD content in HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos immersive audio.
One account can use on four devices simultaneously and comes with profile creation up to 7 different profiles for different members of the household.
Moreover, it also supports offline download so the user can watch the content even if the device is not connected to the internet. At the launch, it was available in 4 languages including English and Spanish for the user interface.
Meanwhile content is available in all the languages in which it produces or is originally dubbed for audio and subtitle support.


This service allows watching all the movies produced by all of Disney’s families. You get a library of entertainment from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic, etc.
Moreover, it has specifically put aside some funds to produce exclusive content for the service. With the acquisition of fox entertainment, it got the house of the content included in its library. Disney plus makes to provides family-friendly content.
On the other side, the company already owns a streaming service platform named Hulu which specifically provides mature and adult-oriented material
In comparison to other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, it is entirely restricted to Disney content. Families with children are the most suitable subscribers for the service.

However, in India, disney+hotstar gives you access to other movies and shows along with Disney’s content. Which makes it a more value-for-money streaming service among other competitors.

Disney plus Hotstar movies
Disney plus Hotstar movies


Over 54 million users around the globe have subscribed to the service so far. The subscription cost for one month is $6.99 and $69.99 annually in the US.
Other country’s users have to pay Fairly the same cost. But in India, the subscription cost is comparatively low than all over the world because India is a more price-sensitive market.
As already said Disney plus collaborated with Hotstar, therefore the subscription charge is the cost for both services. Its VIP membership is available for 399 per year.
On the other side, for the premium membership, the user has to pay 1399 for one year. Hotstar has the highest subscribers among all the streaming services available in India. By 2019, Hotstar had more than 150miillion active users in one month. As the service merges with Hotstar, it will gain a large user base in India.

Price ( how is the price high or not? Compare ):

Above mentioned subscription cost is comparatively low against its other competitors. Netflix’s one-month subscription cost is $8.99.
whereas amazon prime subscription cost is available at $12.99 per month. In India, service combined with Hotstar costs almost equal to the other competitors except for Netflix.

Amazon Prime membership price at ₹129 per month and ₹999 annually. But Amazon offers much more than just a video streaming service, it includes prime membership of its online store which gives users the facility of same-day delivery and prime exclusive deals restricted up to members only, along with these it gives you membership of prime music also.

Disney plus Hotstar movies
Disney plus Hotstar movies
On the other side, Netflix charges ₹199 for one month for a mobile plan limited to 1 screen, whereas the basic plan for other devices costs ₹499 for a month limited to one screen.
It can conclude that the disney+hotstar service is available at an aggressive price in the Indian market. Hotstar offers you access to live cricket and other sports.
Hence, the service may not offers as much as Amazon prime, but sports and Disney’s exclusivity to the service stands it out from other competitors. Moreover, if you are a fan of Disney then Netflix doesn’t seem in the competition due to its high pricing.

What device is Disney Plus available on?

Disney plus is available on almost all devices. Being available on google play store and Apple’s app store, it can be easily accessed by any phone and tablet running on android and IOS. Furthermore, it can also access by a computer browser.
Nowadays, TVs have become smarter than ever. We can watch almost everything available on the internet through the tv connected to the internet.
Recently Disney’s spokesperson reported that they are working with various tv manufacturers and other streaming device manufacturers to provide this service on their TVs and other streaming devices.
Now it is available on all streaming devices like Amazon firesticks, smart TV running on android and smart streaming boxes, etc.

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