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Easiest Tips for Preventing Eye Strain

Easiest Tips for Preventing Eye Strain


Our eyes are one of the vital organs of our body. The colors of life we can see are just due to courtesy of the eyes. Life without eyes is not imaginable for us. But, in addition to vitality, eyes are also very delicate organs. Therefore, there are many complexities associated with them.

Today, we have been surrounded by electronic devices and gadgets. Which on the one hand provide us with entertainment and easiness, but also have some adverse effects. Some of these negative effects associated with eyes are “eyes strains.”

What are “Eye Strains?”:

We probably use screens for our daily tasks like work, to relax or to get entertained. But using those screens more than usual may cause tiredness and dryness of the eyes.

In addition, our vision may also be blurry, and other complications may also be seen, such as shoulder, head, or neck aches. For all these, the devices and screens might be blamed.

Usually, you blink your eyes about 15-20 times in a minute. This blinking of eyes spreads the tears on the eyes and prevents them from drying. This may irritate your eyes due to a lack of moisture.

But research reveals that the number of blinks in a minute may reduce effectively when we look at screens of digital devices, read books, or watch something.

Eye strains are sometimes also called “eye fatigue.” It is tiredness of the eyes. Doing daily tasks and routine work in dim light can also intensify eye strains.


Symptoms of eye strains may vary from person to person. But most common signs, as may be seen in person, are listed below:

  • Watery eyes.
  • Blurriness in vision.
  • Neck and shoulder ache.
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Hard to keep your eyes open.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Headache.
  • Difficulty in concentration.

These are the general symptoms and are associated with the eye strains mainly caused by using screens.

Why do screens cause eye strain?

Eye strains are mainly caused by intensely focusing your eyes on something (i.e., screens) during a task. Other causes may include driving, reading something, using a mobile phone or a laptop, extended periods of detailed work, including sewing.

People with prior eye conditions such as uncontrolled vision, myopia, hypermetropia, muscle imbalance, etc., are generally more exposed to eye strains.

The less blinking of eyes while using screens may cause dryness of our eyes. The contrast of text against the background, the flickering of the digital screen, and the glare may also be hard for the eyes.

5 ways to prevent eye strains:

While talking about eye strains, we may also find possible ways to prevent such conditions to glorify our lifestyle. Following are some ways that are proven effective against eye strains.

Improving the lifestyle:

We can prevent any disease or cure everything just by improving our lifestyle. Human life demands a healthy attitude, which can only be possible by adopting healthy precautions and using appropriate conditions. The lifestyle-related to eye strains can be improved in several ways, such as

Follow the famous “20-20-20 rule,” which says that after at least every 20 minutes, look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Take breaks of about 15 minutes while using the screens after every 2 hours.

Make sure your device is about 25 inches or an arm away from your face. The center of the screen should be at least 10-15 degrees below the level of your eyes.

Excessive air movement may cause the dryness of your eyes. Therefore try to reduce the speed of your ceiling or oscillating fan.

Using artificial tears and eye ointment:

The eyes get irritated when they get dry. Therefore, using artificial tears can provide refreshment to the eyes. Artificial tears are typically used about four times a day but can be adjustable by a person itself.

There are many eye drops and ointments available that can also o serve this purpose. Eye ointments are generally more advisable for this purpose since they are thick and usually last much longer than eye gels and drops.

Adjusting your devices:

  • To improve eye health, it is good to adjust the position of your device screens.
  • Make the text more prominent so that it is readily apparent to your eyes.
  • Using blue light filters on the screen can also be proven effective since blue light is most dangerous to our eyes due to its high frequency. There are built-in eye protection modes in devices and screens, which ensures good safety to the eyes.
  • Decreasing the flickering of the screen by raising the refresh rate.

Contact lenses:

If you are using contact lenses, wearing glasses may be good to provide a break to your eyes. This might relax the muscles of your eyes which ultimately prevent eye strains.

Getting regular eye exams:

Getting your regular eyes exam by wearing different glasses is also good when working on a computer screen.


Eye strains are common but can irritate your lifestyle. Therefore, consulting a professional eye expert or Ophthalmologist is good in such a case. At we have the best Ophthalmologist available to provide you with the best guidance to ensure the health of your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the questions typically come to a human mind may be as follows:

1-Are eye strains common?

Yes, these are common, and everyone encounters this condition almost every day.

2-Are eye strains alarming?

Eye strain is uncomfortable but not a severe condition at all. As elaborated earlier, eye strains are common and are significantly not a symptom of any other disease or infection.

3-How Long Can Digital Eye Strain Last?

Eye strains do not take much time to develop. Mainly it is observed that eye strains disappear within 1 hour. But fortunately, it also does not require much time to vanish.

4-What type of screen is better to use for our eyes?

Using high-resolution screens with a refresh rate of about 75 hertz or more is generally good for the eyes as it lowers the flickering rate and ultimately damages and strains the eyes.

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