Face Recognition Technology in Military enhancing the Territorial Security

Face Recognition

To combat the increased risks of territorial terrorism and the breaches of confidential information, the military sectors have always been looking for ways to enhance the preservation of their intelligence and regional security. Artificial Intelligence has debuted as the long-lost answer to the calls of security reinforcements that have become the ultimate need of the hour. With AI automation like face verification, we can add an extra layer of security in our military databases, enhancing territorial security.

Terrorism; the worry of the time

In this age, terrorism is not a word that is unfamiliar to the general public. Everyone knows what devastation and calamity it brings with it. Whether it is the 2001 September attack at the world trade center or it is 2013 Iraq’s attacks, terrorism always ends up in the bloodbath of innocent victims. To battle with this bloodshed, counter-terrorism departments have always been trying their best to work through a method that ensures the safety and security of the general public and territories.

Why is Security so Important in the military?

The confidential information and the preservation of the arms are always at risk because these inhuman terrorist leagues work on their ideologies and would stop at nothing except destruction and the meltdown of the general order. Security is the most crucial thing in the military to block any attempts that would harm the safety of the country, its philosophy, and the general public.

The introduction to Face recognition Technology

Face recognition technology matches the face of an individual with the government-provided ID documents by incorporating various trained data models and algorithmic computations. Face recognition is one of the vast advancements brought by artificial intelligence. It captures facial images of the individual and analyses the facial features with 3D mapping; evaluating the depth analysis, skin texture, and liveness detection. Online Face verification can provide user identification based on images captured from the camera and the identity card picture.

The deployment of Face Verification Solution in security departments

Face verification solution is a convenient and applicable approach for providing security. It can scan and detect the lawbreakers in the crowd by detecting their facial features. This can become a breakthrough advancement in the traditional cat and mouse chase between inquiry departments and the offenders.

The case of Osama Bin Laden

The name Osama Bin Laden is not unknown to anyone. Whenever the talk of World bank attacks in 2001 is brought up, the name of Osama Bin Laden comes with it. U.S special operation forces used face recognition technology to capture Osama Bin Laden. The adviser of counterterrorism, John Brennan, while addressing the briefing  Know Your Business in White House exclaimed that he was 99% sure that Osama Bin Laden was killed and had used “facial recognition, height, and DNA analysis” of him to confirm the statement. Facial Verification has been used for a long time before in the military field and has proved successful in many critical operations.

Maximizing territorial security in military sector with Face recognition Technology

With a Face verification solution, we can maximize territorial security in the military sector. This is not a new concept and has been implicated for many years in the army. The more advancements and improvements we can innovate in the field, the better it is for the enhancement in the security of the public, private and military sectors.

Military access points at drive-thru checkpoints

By installing face recognition at military base checkpoints, unauthorized access and terrorist attacks can be limited. The biometric recognition of the individual entering will be screened and checked with the help of AI. This can be another step towards providing concrete security as military bases are considered to be top secret areas that, in case of a security breach, can cause huge damage.  The U.S army has been looking forward to adding face recognition technology in the drive-thru checkpoints to further automate security.

Detection of criminals at metro stations

Dubai is introducing face recognition technology at metro stations to detect wanted criminals. In an interview, Brig Al Hathboor told the Gulf News, “Using artificial intelligence (AI) such as facial recognition has proven its effectiveness to identify suspicious and wanted people. We aspire to raise our performance by building on our current capabilities, to ensure a high level of security in public transport”.

The portable Face verification device

Commenced in 2016 and given the prototype demonstration in 2019, the US military is currently trying to build a facial verification device that is portable and can identify individuals a kilometer away.


Adding face recognition verifying businesses technology in the security departments will help them chase the criminals away, provide internet security against cyberattacks and reduce terrorism attacks. The inclusion of this technology in the military sector will aid them in increasing territorial security.

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