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6 Things to Avoid if You Are a First Time Home Buyer

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Buying a home is a process that is equal parts nerve-wracking and exciting. From finding the right place to invest your money to finding the right package, these things can take a toll on your mental peace and financial budget. But with the recent market prices, the rate of inflation, and low inventory in the local real estate market, finding a place that you can call your own home is a tough task.

But before you go out on a hunt for the best houses in a secure place like dream gardens Lahore, we strongly advise you to make sure that your finances are in order. For this, makes sure the following things are in order such as:

  • Credit history
  • Debt-to-home income
  • Credit score

This will give you an overall picture of your financial picture. And will gradually provide the lender a sense of trustworthiness that you are worthy of it!

Now that we have established some basics, let us dive into the details of the common mistakes that you should avoid if you are a first-time buyer.

Do Not Change Your Job During the Loan Process

Never underestimate the power of job stability. Your lender craves a person who ensures stability in income sources as well as who is reliable in future goals. That is, changing jobs during the whole process can prove to be a fatal blow for yourself. Lenders are the people who are biased towards those who ensure 2 years of tax returns.

Thus, if you are a person who likes to switch jobs frequently, refrain from doing it during the loan process so that the buyer has a smooth sailing process.

Refrain From Buying a Car

This is what many people do not give credit for. Make sure to refrain from putting your investments in for buying a car. Your lender is going to pay special attention to several categories, such as

  • Credits
  • Assets
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio

So if you decide to purchase a vehicle at that time, you should not make such a hasty decision because it is going to affect your overall credit.

Credit Card Application Is a No

It confuses your lenders when you decide to apply for a new credit card. It may throw your lenders off and might make them rethink certain things. They will pay special attention to check whether the credit score is the same or not.

We often advise our people to make sure that they are not applying for new credit cards while they are asking for a mortgage loan. Because it gives a bad impression.

Do Not Close On Existing Credit Accounts

If you are part of the same group that used to think that closing early on credit score is a good idea and gives a great impression, you cannot be more wrong. Make sure you are not repeating this mistake, especially if you are trying to get a mortgage.

Because if you prefer a close credit account, this is something that can impact your overall credit. Thus refrain from making any such mistake.

Avoid Signing Co-loan

People who do this are advised to not do it for anyone anymore. Even though this is something that you are doing out of respect for someone. But we will advise otherwise. People often debate that it is safe to co-sign a loan because you are not paying for it. Yet, it is a risky move that can easily jeopardize your financial stability. Moreover, you might get rejected for credit when you want it.

This gives your lender a false sense that you have more debt-to-income ratio, and that is risky from a healthy financial point of view.

Do Not Get Emotional

The sole thought of buying a new home can make you high on adrenaline. But this process is a risky one because people do get emotional a lot of time. Even if you like the way the whole home is constructed, several new things can come to light if you pay close attention to the house inspection.

You should not expect that every little issue will get resolved; you also should not settle for anything less than having the major issues fixed. Thus make sure that you remain stable during the whole process of house buying.

Make sure to pay attention to the aforementioned mistakes and avoid them at all costs.


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