Five Important Mindsets Every Modern Changemaker Should Adopt

The Five Important Mindsets Every Modern Changemaker Should Adopt

They say that change is the only constant; however, change is often difficult to come up with. It is initiated by visionaries who look at the world and see it as a better place, a place full of possibilities. These visionaries combine their dreams for a better future with a robust action plan and become changemakers in the real sense. The five important mindsets that every modern changemaker has to adopt.

They could be social changemakers bringing about a sweeping change in the way we live or could be successful business strategists working to transform industry norms. No matter which area they work in, changemakers leave a lasting impression.
A changemaker is more than just a dreamer. A changemaker brings with them a specific mindset that makes way for evolution. Thought leaders like Sanjiv Bajaj the Chairman & Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv are modern-day examples of such changemakers who show us the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Let us take a look at some of the ideas that such a person believes in.

The Bigger Picture of Mindsets

Think about the bigger picture. This is one piece of advice every social and best financial leader gives. This is because they have learned to rise above the micro dynamics and look at the macro. Any sustainable change must essentially involve the ecosystem. A true visionary will always have a larger dream than yourself or your organization. Only when we strive to turn such a vision into a reality can we bring about systemic changes.

What thought the leaders and changemakers apart?

Empathy Above All

The one distinct quality that sets thought leaders and changemakers apart is their sense of empathy. It is empathy that helps social leaders walk in the shoes of those less privileged and fight for equality of rights and justice. It is empathy with the unmet needs of the masses that help a business leader look for better solutions and revolutionize processes to meet these needs. Empathy with the customer helps gain business insights, with employees helping design people-centric work culture. Empathy is the key that sets them apart.

The Perfect Illusion

While perfection is a worthy goal to strive for, it is important to remember that perfection is often unreal. Being a perfectionist is a moving target. It assumes that you are, as an individual, capable of steering the course of events. Several external factors may, however, affect the course of your plan. A true changemaker will stay flexible and adapt to changing circumstances while still affecting a favorable outcome for the vast majority. This is real and sustainable, and such a mindset leads to progress.

Proactive, Not Reactive

We began with the adage that change is inevitable, but changemakers are proactive and help move things in the right direction. The five historic mindsets that every modern changemaker has to take up. This is operating from a mindset of active involvement rather than embracing fear. A reactive person would wait for external circumstances to change before they do. Changemakers are happy to be the first to envision the change, even before it happens.

Be The Change for Modern Changemaker

Leading by example is something that the changemaker believes in. This also means that they are willing to course-correct when needed. Change comes when we listen to those around us. A business leader may initiate large changes simply by inviting suggestions and feedback from all levels of the organization.

Here are more details about how can changemakers adopt modernism.

Finding The Right Balance and Mentality

One of the key pursuits of the change maker is to find the right balance. This could balance social responsibility and business goals, equality, encouragement, success, and humility. Balance is vital both on a personal and professional level, and this also means reducing friction, stress, and tension in the environment. It is this sense of harmony that the changemaker ultimately strives to achieve.

Understanding these mindsets is essential to every one of us. This helps us identify great employees, capable managers, and leaders we can look up to. We can also strive to cultivate these in ourselves. Unlike hard skills, a mindset is both learned and practiced. Some of the most innovative leaders in modern India, such as Sanjiv Bajaj, have walked their talk and helped us understand the value of a positive mindset amidst unprecedented change.

What are the People’s Visions Today In 2022?

People with a vision for a future that is remarkably different from today often take action and become changemakers. Real changemakers are fuelled by empathy, proactiveness, and realism. They strive to find balance and look at the larger picture rather than short-term goals. Changemakers strive to transform the system and maintain balance in whichever field they work. They are amiable to change and work from a space of passion rather than fear. This is what makes them great leaders.

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