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Goku blackGoku black

Goku Black dragon ball super:

Let’s start the article with who is Goku black. Goku black is a fictional character. This character belongs to the dragon ball series. Shin-ichiro Miki played this character. In the Japanese series voice of Goku black was of Masako Nozawa and the voice of Zamasu was of Shin-ichiro Miki. In the English series, the voice of Goku black was of Sean Schemmel. And the voice of Zamasu was of David gray. This special character was created by Akira Toriyama. This character is the inspiration for shinjin. This dashing character has a 62 kg weight and its height is 5’9’’. Goku black has a psychopathic personality. Even he’s malevolent.
The reason for these two situations is because he has the soul of some else in his body. The soul is none other than Zamasu’s. Due to this soul, Goku black always remains sad. And he use to taunt his opponent. The Goku appeared in the 47th episode of Dragon Ball Super in 2016.

Goku vs Goku Black:

Goku is also a character of Dragon Ball super. But Goku is a positive character. And Goku is the enemy of this animation. Goku remains very cheerful. And his behavior towards others is very energetic. Both have the same body and appearance. Both have the same energy. But Goku is stronger in this animation. Let me tell you how. This is because the fighting style of Goku is different. He uses outstanding techniques. He won against SSJ2 Goku when fought for the first time.

Goku black time ring:

Black Goku has a time ring. This ring is very powerful and magical. Whenever he wants to find any trunks from the future he uses this ring. The time duration is very less than he has to come back in present. So being in present he can also move in his future.

Goku Black and scythe:

Scythe is a Sickle of sorrow. It’s a technique of Energy Blade of anime. Goku uses this technique in form of super Saiyan form. It’s a powerful variant. And Goku black made this new blade using his anger. This blade is very powerful.
black goku

Goku Black and Zamasu:

Most of the people ask whether Goku and Zamasu are the same people or not. To hear the answer read further. They both are the same. The main enemy of the ‘Future’ trunk saga of series called Dragon Ball Super is Goku Black. And he is called black in this anime. It is said that Zamasu is the real one. Its soul is inside Goku. Zamasu is from universe 10. He’s a former kai of North. He’s also a supreme kai. He serves former master Govasu.

Goku black manga:

First of all, let’s get to know what’s manga. Japanese graphic novels and comic books are called Manga. Manga is considered a genre in the West. In reality, manga tells us how the content is produced. So Goku and dragon ball super can be seen in manga. You can read novels about them and comic books if you want. Novels and comic books are very popular in Japan. Especially, comic books of Goku are very favorite amount people.

Goku black quotes:

Quotes of a character have a very intense role for people. They copy the sayings. Some are so unique that they get popular all over the world. Some quotes of Guko black are written below which he said in generic situations:
rose goku black
  • “I will show you the power of God!”
  • “Known your place”
  • “Taste divine fury”
  • “This pain will make me stronger”
  • “You will now bear the full brunt of a gods anger”
  • “It is unwise to make me wait”
  • “Then how about this?”

The dialogue which he said vs vegetal SSGSS are discussed below:

  • “Take a good look at this”
  • “As a reward allow me to show you something”
  •  “You are no more than an appetizer” By turning my anger into power I have gained yet another power”.

Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose:

Super Saiyan Rose is a form which only is accessed by Goku. Only Goku can transform into this form. The strength of this form is equal to super Saiyan blue. The colors of super Saiyan rose to differ from super Saiyan blue. The hair of the super Saiyan rose changed into pastel pink and has highlights of faint white. The color of the eyebrow is also pastel pink. Same as hair color. Super Saiyan rose has light grey eyes. Black’s clothes are brighter as compared to Goku’s. The aura is darker red from the outside while it’s pink from the inside.

Goku Black ultra instinct:

You guys can get pictures of the ultra instinct of Guko Black from any website easily. For example, you can go to wallpapers. dog. You can get the images for no-money from some websites. And from some websites, you have to pay to get the pictures.
who is goku blackYou can use the images for any purpose. For example, you can use them as background pictures for your phones, tablets, and computers.

Goku Black funko:

You can now order your favorite Goku which is styled pop vinyl from funko. You can visit the most famous site Amazon to buy these amazing varieties. Surely, your kids will like these toys and you also if you a die heart fan of Goku Black.

Goku Black time breaker:

Goku has many powers and one of those power is a time breaker. He got this special power by using his special abilities. When Goku wears the mask he can break the time.


We came to know about Black Goku, his appearance, and his powers in the article. He’s the villain of the anime. Mostly heroes have more power as compare to enemies but here the case is different he has more powers as compared to heroes. Because of his fighting techniques.
More than his powers he also has some magical gadgets. Which includes his time ring and sickle of sorrow. The appearance of hero and enemy is the same there is just a difference of colors.

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