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How to Mix Multiple Rugs in the Same Room?

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What can be better than placing a beautiful rug in the living space? Well, it can be having multiple rugs in one room. Multiple rugs in the same room add cohesiveness to the room while giving ideas for further decoration. The concept of two rugs in one room should not be confined to just living areas, but also be tried in bedrooms and dining rooms.  

Mixing multiple rugs in one room is an art, and not everyone can create it beautifully. Laying random rugs in a space can create chaos in that place. Hence, before experimenting with two or more rugs in one room. One needs to know the best possible ways for decorating Multiple Rugs in the Same Room is here.

If laid smartly, multiple rugs in one room can be some of the simplest forms of adding to a room’s aesthetics.

Tips for mixing multiple rugs in the same room

Multiple rugs in a room are perfect decor for spaces with a larger area, and they help define spaces on open floors and create harmony. Here we have discussed some of the best ways of placing two rugs in one room. I hope it makes your multiple rug placement fun.

Let’s dive in!

  • Place similar shades in different materials

  • 2.Place similar shades in different materials - mat Living

You can place multiple rugs in one room of the same shades, but those are made from different materials. Many of you might have little idea about it ,that other materials can do wonders. Even if similar shades of a single color are used in a rug.

No matter what weaving technique has been used, a material change can come out as an entirely independent rug. Every material has its luster and texture, and hence placing two rugs in one room with different materials can create a classy atmosphere.

  • Combine similar patterns in varied shades

  • 3.Combine similar patterns in varied shades - Mat Living

Another fantastic idea for placing multiple rugs in a room is using rugs with identical patterns but in different colors. If you are using some stripes in your living room under the couch, go for lines in another shade beneath the dining table in a living cum dining room set.

The rugs with stripes in different shades will define spaces while offering different vibes for leisure time and eating due to color changes. 

  • Play with textures

  • 4.Play with textures - Mat Living

Playing with textures is another exciting option for laying multiple rugs in one space. The noticeable textures that add to a room’s ambiance are created using different pile heights, and you can also use cut piles and loop piles for some intensity in a rug.

You can go for a rug that has cut piles while another one has loop piles. Then you can also place a rug with a combination of cut piles and loop piles both. One of the rugs with this fusion is Boston Dark Gray from the MAT Living collection.

  • Layering with Rugs

  • 5.Layering with Rugs - Mat Living

Layering is another aspect of using multiple rugs in same space, and it adds a casually elegant appeal to the interiors. The most happening layering combination is a hair-on-hide rug over a flat woven rug. If you have vibrant interiors, use minimalistics tones for the rugs to balance the vibes in the room.

When layering, use one of the rugs as patterned and another as a solid area rug. But avoid using both as patterned rugs, and that would become a messy floor covering as both the patterns might contradict each other and appear too loud.

One can go for layering using different shapes of rugs, irrespective of the color combinations.

  • Different shapes and sizes

  • 6.Different shapes and sizes - Mat Living

While you plan to use multiple rugs in same space, try different shapes in either similar or varied color combinations. For added luxury, use a round rug beneath the couch and other living room furniture while a rectangular area rug is at a bit distance. It will prevent monotony in the room without overpowering other elements in the decor.

Laying rugs in different sizes can also add to the aesthetics of any interior. Place a smaller rug and fuse it with a larger rug around.

The Bottom Line

Mixing multiple rugs in the same room can be a great idea, whether it is about defining spaces or renovating interiors. Explore among MAT Living’s collection of luxurious area rugs that help create sacred spaces within homes.

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