15 Top-Rated Indian Travel Destinations You won’t Find Anywhere in World

Must visit Indian travel destinations

India is a country, which is full of various cultures, casts, and religions. The beautiful co-existence of so many different religions; is bliss itself. Which also attracts a lot of people throughout the world. You will not be satisfied with the beauty of our lands by just visiting a place or two. As the diversity of our rich heritage is divided well across the country. Every hundred meters, you will find a new cultural difference, a new festival, a new staple dish, and whatnot. There are a lot of Indian travel destinations Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, Kerela, Goa, Mumbai, Himachal, etc.

Thus, LIH gets you the most exclusive India tour packages, which you will not find out anywhere apart from LIH. The company gets you thrilling adventures of Ranthambore and Sariska. The south Indian tour packages get you the perfect blend of temples, beaches, towns, and amazing architecture. All the packages are curated keeping in mind the utmost safety of the travelers, with all the facilities that you may require during the trip. Also here is a list of 15 top destinations of India which you should definitely visit; while you visit India.

15 Top-Rated Indian Travel Destinations-

After a lot of research, we have found out 15 top Indian travel destinations which one should definitely pay a visit to while they travel to India.

1. Taj Mahal- Agra-

The Global identity of

The Taj Mahal is the symbol of the infinite love of King Shah Jaha, in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. This symbol of love is famous all over the world. To complete the beautiful monument it took more than 20000 workmen. You can see the beautiful architecture of the city which includes Minarets, Doms, and gives a glance to the Mughal architecture. Immerse in love with your partner, while you explore the beautiful monument and click some memorable pictures, to cherish them lifelong.

2. Varanasi-

The holy city of India | Varanasi

The city which is built along the river Ganga will give you immense satisfaction and peace. The city incorporates a lot of temples and religious places. You can just sit along the Ganges or can take a dip into the holy waters of the river Ganga. And make sure that you do not miss the famous Ganga aarti, which is done every day during the evening. The city is also famous for the Banaras Hindu University and its various museums and historical places.

3. Amritsar-

The city is mainly famous for its golden temple; which was built in 1577, a lot of people go there to find peace and serenity. The atmosphere of the temple is quite uplifting and recharging. Apart from the temple the city also has a lot of other tourist places such as the Jalia Wala Bagh, the famous Bagha border to explore. And do not forget to try the scrumptious Chole batture and kulcha while you visit Amritsar.

4. Jaisalmer-

The golden city of Rajasthan is famous for its amazing architecture and the sand dunes of the Thar desert. The city is also full of famous forts and museums. The most famous one among the others is the Jaisalmer fort. Also do not forget to check out the famous 7 stored buildings of Maharajas Palace. You can also enjoy the cultural and music festivals, along camp sides while you visit Jaisalmer.

Thar Desert Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

5. Delhi-

The city has everything you can ask for. From historical places, museums, temples to fancy restaurants, cafes, and whatnot. There is also a lot of fun and amazing activities which you can do while being in Delhi. Also explore the famous red fort, India gate, Delhi gate, and the museums to see the historical importance the city holds. You can buy some of the most beautiful and cheap gifts for yourself while you are in Delhi.

India Gate, Delhi

6. Mumbai-

Do not forget to check out the city of dreams. The name is given to the city as it is the home to Bollywood stars. You can enjoy the nightlife and the vibes of the city. Or can explore some of the famous beaches like the Juhu beach, Marina beach, etc. Whatever you choose to do in Mumbai; you will be entertained to core. Also, will fascinate you in different ways. So make sure you give a visit to Mumbai surely while you explore India.

Mumbai city in India best travel destination

7. Hyderabad-

A famous city of South India in Hyderabad. You can see great architecture and temples while being in the city. Also, do not forget to visit the sets of Bahubali while you go to Hyderabad. Enjoy the delicious and famous Hyderabadi Biryani, and check out the museums and other historical places. Also make sure to pay your visit to Mecca Masjid, which is one of the oldest masjids of Hyderabad.

The chaar minar of hyderabad must visit indian travel destination

8. Jaipur-

A city that is immersed in pink color and also is the capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. Enjoy the heartwarming culture and the beautiful historical places of the city. You can see why the city is called the lands of royals or Maharajas. Also, the yummy food such as Dal, Bati, and churma will leave you spellbound. You can shop beautiful souvenirs and gifts for friends and family.

9. Goa-

If you want to spend your time enjoying sunbaths and exploring the wild side of the country. Then surely pay a visit to Goa, the funky and throbbing atmosphere of the city will pump you up to have a dip in the sea. Also, you enjoy a lot of water sports such as Parceling, Scuba diving, and other water sports while being in Goa.

Goa beach indian tourist destinations

10. Jodhpur-

The blue city is full of museums and forts. You can enjoy and see the spectacular architecture of the city; by paying a visit to some of the famous forts and museums of the city. Also, explore the old city which is full of local markets, and is all blue. Enjoy the royalty of the place and click some picturesque pictures while visiting Jodhpur.

11. Kashmir-

Indulge in the captivating natural beauty in Kashmir. Surely it seems like heaven on Earth, and you would have never seen these spectacular sights in your life. Explore the lush green orchids, pine and deodar forests, etc. It is truly a blissful sight for nature lovers. Apart from sightseeing, you can also enjoy some adventures like trekking, rafting, skiing, etc. So, you should for sure pay a heavenly visit to the lands of Kashmir on your next trip to India.

The valley of flowers Kashmir

12. Ladhak-

Explore the mountains of the country. By paying a visit to the lands of some most spectacular views. Enjoy the meadow passes, the Buddhist monasteries, and the famous Ladhak lake. You can also add the perfect thrill to your trip by taking a bike ride to the top of the mountain, or by trekking, skiing, and climbing adventures.

Ladhak india

13. Kerela-

If you want to explore the pristine backwaters, coconut forests, and rejuvenating beaches. Then Kerela is the right place for you. The place is a famous tourist spot for people all around the world. Apart from the beautiful and picturesque views; there is a lot of relaxing and world-famous spas which you can go through. Or take an overnight stay in the houseboat, and try the traditional dishes of the lands.

14. Rishikesh-

One of the most famous tourist spot; for its water sports especially rafting in Rishikesh. The land holds tourist as well as religious importance. People from all over the world visit the pious lands to visit holy temples and Ganga. And also to enjoy some frolic adventurous activities. You can also attend the various yoga and meditation retreats which happen in the city every now and then. Also do not forget to witness the famous Ganga Arti in the evening.

15. Sikkim-

Explore northeastern India, by paying a visit to the beautiful Lands of Sikkim. The place is also very famous for the world’s second-highest peak Kanchenjunga. You can also witness the rich green tea and coffee plantations here. You can also do some enthralling activities like yak riding, rock climbing, and mountaineering while you visit Sikkim.

Take Away-

You can explore variety of cultures and diversity while you explore Indian travel destinations. You will be spellbound to see some of the most picturesque views at famous Indian places for bike riding trips. So, if you want to explore the best of Indian travel destinations, on a budget with best facilities; make sure you book your next vacation with LIH.



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