Influencer management: How to manage influencers for influencer marketing

Influencers are some of the most important third-party vendors companies work with. They are the ones who help you rake in the moolah. It is partly due to their efforts that you have a certain standing in the market. In many ways, the influencer’s performance affects your company’s bottom line. It is, thus, extremely important to have a positive relationship with your influencer.

Importance of Influencer management:

Influencers are implied, brand endorsers. They put in a lot of effort to help the brand increase sales. With that being said, brands need to ensure they do not do anything that may spoil their relationship with the influencer.

Protect your brand:

Building a brand reputation takes a lot of time, tarnishing it can be done in seconds. Though most influencers usually help the brand increase its reputation, there can be instances where their online acts can harm the brand’s reputation. Recently, football star Cristiano Ronaldo caused a $4 billion loss to Coca-Cola as he chucked cola bottles for water during a live press conference. In another example, reality TV star Kim Kardashian had to delete a social media post where the promotion of an anti-morning sickness drug did not comply with the FDA’s regulations.

Their efforts should bear fruit:

During difficult times influencer marketing budgets get slashed, sales drop but expectations don’t. This is the time when your influencer will help you increase sales. If you have an influencer for a long-term contract, this is the time he will be a precious asset. But, if his efforts aren’t up to the mark, either you encourage him to work harder or cut him off the team. To ensure better sales numbers, many brands now have a variable pay for the influencers based on their performance.

Influencers are crucial for your marketing efforts:

Who do you go to when your in-store and online sales efforts aren’t matching expectations? Your influencers are your best bet when you want to shore up sales. Nowadays, brands tend to hire influencers for the long term for best results. An influencer can help increase sales both online and offline. If performance is as per expectations, it makes sense to keep renewing the long-term contracts for best results.

How to build and manage long-lasting relationships with your current influencers:

Your relationship with your influencer should not just stop at compensation. You have to have an engaging relationship with them for best results. But, it can be tricky when you have to end a relationship due to any reason. That is why you need to have a good rapport with your influencers.

Choose your influencer carefully:

Your influencer’s followers should fit with your target audience. If you are selling colorful sneakers to teenagers, you wouldn’t hire an unknown middle-aged man giving grooming tips to his peers to help you sell them, would you? Instead, this grooming influencer can be ideal to sell formal wear that is apt for his influencer niche. But, if you get a teenage grooming influencer to promote your colorful sneakers, you could get him to promote formal wear, but this would only be more collaboration with no guarantee of an increase in sales. For this reason, it is best to make buyer personas to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and choose your influencer accordingly.
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Aim for a long-term relationship:

Your influencer grows while you increase sales. Your influencer is always trying to increase his following, while simultaneously promoting your products. This mutually beneficial relationship should go on for the long term. But, finding and maintaining a long-term relationship with an influencer can be challenging. Besides, a long-term relationship can benefit both parties, with each one working their way upwards to success.

Listen to their ideas:

An influencer is what he is because of his hard work and creativity. He is as much concerned about his image as you are about your brand’s reputation. It is best to listen to his ideas to see how he can get the most engagement of a post to benefit the brand.
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Explain your content ideas:

Sometimes, you may want to have your content ideas implemented in the post for consistency or other reasons. You can explain the need for such ideas and how you want him to put in place them. You could give your influencer some creative freedom for this though.

Appreciate them for their efforts:

As a lot of hard work is put into the influencer marketing campaign, anyone in the influencer’s place would like to hear some appreciation for his work. This helps to create a positive impression that can be used to renew contracts for the long term.

Pay them well:

One great motivating factor for influencers to work well is the money they are paid for it. You got to pay your influencer as per the ongoing market rate and above that if his performance is great. Also, make sure the terms of payment are clearly mentioned in the influencer marketing contract to avoid any objections. You also need to ensure your payments are made on time.
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Keep all lines of communication open for them:

Before, during, and after the influencer marketing campaign, you must understand what the influencer aims to do and ask the relevant questions to ensure things are going on track. Some influencers complain that the clients say that the posts didn’t meet expectations while they did not say anything before the campaign. If there is any problem on either side, keeping the lines of communication open is crucial.

Finding the right influencer through an influencer management tool:

Finding an influencer with the right engaged audience is like finding the right candidate for a job. If done conventionally, it can take a lot of time and effort but produce no tangible results. If any brand wants to hire an influencer, a simple, fast, efficient, and measurable way of finding one is through an influencer marketplace.
Here, you would find a list of influencers across various niches who have been vetted and verified for their work. You can pick and contact influencers relating to your niche and hire them as and when needed. Some websites, like Quikplace.io, also help novice marketers walk through the entire influencer marketing process. Getting hold of an influencer was never so easy.

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