K-Pop Comeback: What Is It and What Happens in It?

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The K-pop industry is no doubt one of the most influential to people today in terms of music and dance. Not to mention, the culture in itself is also well-admired by countries from all across the globe. Nonetheless, only the fans of K-pop know what it is and why they are in love with it. There are loads of things about the K-pop industry that are unknown to nonfans but are totally, completely, inevitably familiar to fans. One of these is what we call a “K-pop comeback”, and it is the main subject of this article.

Before directly talking in detail about K-pop comebacks, know that every K-pop group or solo artist has these. From the first generation of idols to the most recent ones, they all had and have comebacks. The soon-to-debut and the newly debuted artists will have theirs as well. Furthermore, their supporters want and need to see their favorite superstars’ coming back. 

So what does K-pop come back and what happens in it? If you’re not a K-pop fan, then this would be interesting information to know. If you already are an avid K-pop buff, you surely know these already. On the other hand, if you’re still a rookie in the world of K-pop, you probably don’t know all these yet. Regardless of who you are among these 3 kinds of people, the list below will give you fresh chunks of scoops about K-pop comebacks. Keep reading, and enjoy! 

Release a New Album

We did not define ‘K-pop comeback’ earlier because it’s really supposed to be number 1 on this list. This is what comebacks are all about, and this is what happens every season it arrives. Every K-pop comeback, artists release a new album containing the songs they have worked hard to compose, practice, sing, dance to, and, for some, produce.

Remember that K-pop is first and foremost about music and dance before it has become some sort of a globally acclaimed culture and lifestyle. Some K-pop idols are excelling in guesting in variety shows, emceeing radio programs, doing visual arts, vlogging, cooking, acting, and many more talents, but at the end of the day, they are still singers, dancers, and musicians.

They have individual hobbies and other pursuits in their career, but still, they are K-pop artists because of their dreams, passion, and love for music.

Some groups or soloists come back with a new album after just a few months since their last comeback. Meanwhile, there are some idols that come back after at least a year. It’s different per artist, and it also depends on their celebrity management company’s strategies. 

Perform in Music Shows

Yes, new songs that fans will love and that will attract new fans — that’s what K-pop artists release in every comeback. Alongside these songs are the choreographies that give life to the dances matched to them. 

It is also a time when artists perform their new masterpieces live in music shows, however, not all songs in the album are performed with chores. Most of the time, the maximum is two, including their title track which is necessarily showcased.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the live audience cheered for the idols with their lightsticks and fan chants. That’s what makes the artists enjoy their live performances even more. Sadly, because of the pandemic, crowds are not permitted, so the audience can only Livestream stage performances online. Although it’s very limited and different, still, music shows are successfully being held these days. 

Also, one of the things that fans love when their faves perform live on stage is seeing them wear beautiful comeback stage outfits. Stylists from the artists’ celebrity management company put super extra effort into costume designs whenever it’s time for a K-pop comeback, so fans are really looking forward to getting mesmerized by them. 

Fans Vote for Them

Speaking of music shows, K-pop fans vote for their dearest idols to win first place in these events. Yes, you’ve read that right; every comeback is also a chance for artists to garner awards, which are mostly fruits of supporters’ votes and streams. SBS Inkigayo, MNET Countdown, Music Bank, and The Show are these music shows. 

Voting happens through specific mobile applications created by and for each music show. Different voting methods are required in different apps. Fans collect tickets and other digital tools in order to vote for their artists. These voting passes can be obtained for free by watching ads or can be bought using real money. Fanbases even launch fundraising activities for their favorite artist’s K-pop comeback.

Although winning in these K-pop show competitions today has obviously become more about popularity, fans still do their very best to give the best comeback records and results for their idols. No matter how smaller some fandoms may be compared to others, they definitely work hard to vote, stream and promote their faves. First place is always the goal, but even if they don’t get it, they aim to at least get their artists to rank higher than they have ever been before. 

K-pop artists under the same entertainment agency come back in months different from each other basically because they cannot “compete” with each other.  

Promote Album on Radio & TV Shows

You will often see K-pop idols becoming guests in radio programs and TV shows whenever it’s their comeback. This is one of the ways to promote their albums, especially in South Korea. 

When they do their best in these show guests, the viewers who watch them are impressed, and eventually, they will try to look them up from the web. Soon, they will become casual listeners or even actual fans.

It is a big time for exposure on TV, radio, social media, and other media platforms. The artists’ celebrity management company ensures their comebacks get promoted too, so they let their artists accept and join shows outside the agency. 

Fan Signing Events

Of course, K-pop idols want to see their fans, and fans want to see their idols live! A comeback is also the chance for them to meet through fan signing events. 

Before the pandemic, fan signing events were done live in South Korea, but since the Coronavirus spread, they all have been held online. 

Basically, as its name implies, in a fan signing event, fans can get autographs from their idols. Both get to talk face-to-face live or personally online. For sure, this is a great opportunity for artists to thank their fans who are always rooting for them. At the same time, it’s a dream come true for the lucky fans whose names get picked out of innumerable fans out there!

Comeback Time

There you have it! Now, you see how K-pop comebacks are a really, really, really busy time for idols and for fans as well. Promotions here. Guests there. Rehearsals here.  Performances there. 

Comebacks are a special time when new music is released and new fans are made. It’s that tear-jerking moment for fans and especially for the artists because it’s finally another time to show the world the music and chores they have been working on day and night. Every K-pop comeback is exhausting yet fulfilling too because it’s the beginning of a new era!

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