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kedarkantha trekkedarkantha trek

When it comes to trekking in the winter season in India, the Kedarkantha trek is the best choice. Kedarkantha makes for a terrific trek in the virgin snow from December to April. The pretty campsites and the wide clearings in the forests make the trail worth it. You will have an amazing time as you go along the trail of the Kedarkantha Trek especially during the winter.

Highlights Of The Trek:

  • It is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing treks in Uttarakhand.
  • You will get to conquer a summit around 4000 Mts above sea level.
  • Majestic views from the Kedarkantha summit are breathtaking and are worth all the struggle along the trail.
  • You will trek across some of the most beautiful sights with snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys, and frozen lakes.
  • Witnessing the vivid flora and fauna of the trail as you trek.
  • Exploring Juda ka Talab which is frozen during winters and is a popular haven for bird watching during summers.
  • Trekking through the lush green meadows, cascading streams, dense pine forests, and gorgeous maple trees are breathtaking.
  • Visit the charming minion villages as you go along the trail.

Here are the top 5 reasons to do the Kedarkantha trek in the winter


The Kedarkantha trail is a perfect choice for all snow lovers. Not many know but on the Kedarkantha trail, the snow sets in by the middle of December. This will usually last until the third week of April. As you go along the trail, you will come across snow just as you cross the 10,000 feet mark. It is a breathtaking view of the snow lying everywhere on the forest floor among the pine trees. The snow sliding along the leaves of the pine trees is simply mesmerizing. The snow is likely to be a huge blanket of white around you in every direction when you reach the meadows.

kedarkantha vs brahmatal trek
kedarkantha vs brahmatal trek


If you are wondering what a reentrant is, it is a channel formed between two hill spurs. Rainwater is usually seen flowing through this. You will be awestruck by the breathtaking view as you go along the trail and cross it. You will also have the pleasure of walking on a carpet of brown leaves. The trail is always covered by a carpet of brown leaves and walking on this is a crunchy delight.


The Kedarkantha trail has the prettiest campsites in the Himalayas. Not all the trekking trails in the Himalayan region boast about the beauty of its camping sites like the Kedarkantha trail. Each campsite as you go along the trail is unique in its own way. The Kedarkantha base campsite is located on an open meadow with a splendid view of the snow peaks all around. The Juda ka Talab campsite is in a clearing surrounded by giant pine trees. The Hargaon camp is again on a clearing of pines and oaks all around. It is almost like each of the campsites competes with the other in their beautiful setting.


The best part of the Kedarkantha Trek is that you get to walk in the snow at dawn. This is usually done to ensure that you get to walk on harder snow. They will love the experience of walking along the trail in the darkness with the head torches. You will start early in the dark so that you will reach the summit by the sunrise. You will get to see a wonderful panoramic view from the top of the Kedarkantha summit. This will get your adrenaline rushing and you will have a memorable trekking experience.

kedarkantha trek height
Kedar Kantha trek height

You will love to camp near Juda ka Tal. There is no more wonderful and incredible thing than camping by the side of a lake. A lake as mystical as Juda ka Tal enhances the experience and makes it unforgettable. The lake froze blue in the winters and aids in a beautiful view as you camp along the frozen river. There is also a belief that Lord Shiva opened his locks and the water dripped from his hair formed this lake. Have lots of fun as you go on the trek!!!

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