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Top 8 Kitchen Trends that are going to Rule 2022.

Kitchen Trends
Ever since the pandemic has struck the world, more and more people are spending time indoors and this is the reason why people are following lifestyle blogs. From making sure that your backyard is groomed enough so that your children can play during weekends to decking up your kitchens, the importance of home is evident than ever before. People are even spending time in their kitchen and enjoying meals together.
From natural tones to luxury appliances, beautiful kitchen cabinets to stone walls, there are so many things to try out in your kitchen. If you are thinking of remodeling it sometime soon, then you have landed on the right blog as here, we are going to talk about the top kitchen trends of 2022.
2022 will be the year for textures and patterns and much more. To know more, kindly keep reading.

Modern walnut cabinets:

One of the most important is rustic walnut kitchen cabinets. They look amazing and can add so much warmth to your kitchen. If you are thinking of decorating your kitchen in the best possible ways, then this is a good idea. They look beautiful and can stand daily wear and tear. Robust enough if you have kids in the house.
Trends come and go but walnut cabinets are a classic. In 2022, you can go for structural elements and bring in changes to your kitchen. Modern walnut kitchen cabinets are a stunning option and are available in the RTA version too.

Pops of color:

Bright pops of color here and there will also enhance the look of your kitchen. Colors are going to make a comeback in the upcoming year because colors undoubtedly make a space look and feel more personal. Think vibrant hues like reds, greens, and yellows!
With people working from home, neutral palettes can become boring after a point in time. You will be seeing a variety of finishes and bold usage of colors.

Cottage style kitchens:

Cottage-style kitchens are making a comeback. If you are thinking of the right cabinets for these kinds of kitchens, then I would suggest you go for cherry shaker kitchen cabinets. Cherry kitchen cabinets change color with time and they have a very rich and luxurious feel to them. Slab backsplashes: Another thing that is going to rule in 2022 is slab back backsplashes. If you have a busy kitchen, you should definitely go for it. Trust me, the visitors would praise you for such a choice.

Statement hoods:

Statement hoods are in and this is the reason why you should go for it to add some drama in your kitchen. If it is an all-white or white and brown kitchen, then you should definitely go for statement hoods.
Oversized pendants will also rule the coming year.

Natural materials:

Mixing natural materials in your kitchen area will also become a thing. Adding metals and stones and wooden structures to your kitchen will give it some personality and drama.

Practical storage space:

Since people are staying at home, they are realizing the value of practical storage space. You need space to store your cutlery, utensils, food, etc. This is the reason why weaker baskets are great because they are practical as well as decorative. Wooden racks and cabinets are also helpful.

Shades of green:

Green is also making a comeback in the upcoming year. If you are thinking of revamping your kitchen, try to add green elements to the kitchen.

Smart faucets:

Washing our hands has now become a thing. It is so important to have smart faucets. You can get voice-activated ones if you really want to splurge on the same.
So these are a few kitchen trends that are going to rule the upcoming year. To know more about cherry kitchen cabinets, kindly read my other blogs and articles.

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