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kraft boxeskraft boxes
We’ve all seen it. The brown or white paperboard rolls use for many DIY projects, from crafting to home improvement. But did you know that kraft paperboard is also the perfect material for making your packaging and shipping products? You can get any used natural kraft box from products with custom CBD packaging. So if you’re looking to decrease your carbon footprint or save money, then read on!
  • What is Kraft Paperboard?
  • How Can You Use Kraft Shipping Boxes?
  • Why is Kraft Shipping Boxes Better Than Cardboard?
  • Where Can You Get Your Own Rolls of Kraft Paperboard?
  • What Are Some Other Uses for Kraft Paperboard Packaging?

What is Kraft Paperboard?

Kraft paper is one of the most widely used substrates for packaging. It makes up of wood fibers that give it its brown color. Besides, Kraft paperboard has high mechanical strength and is often used as a protective packaging material. Benefits of Kraft Paperboard.

1. Reduced Impact:

Kraft paperboard is a superior alternative to butcher paper and newspaper, two of the most popular weight ranges. Compared to those materials, Kraft paperboard has less fiber-based, more deforming impact, resulting in minor wear and tears on products.

2. Less Expensive:

If you’re on a budget, you can buy the number of rolls necessary to make the sheet you need for your next project for as little as $0.54 per roll. Compare that to $3.99 per roll for the same amount of butcher paper or $2.29 per roll for the same amount of newspaper. So Kraft paper is about 34% less expensive than just about any other clean alternative.

kraft jewelry boxes
kraft jewelry boxes

3. Reusable:

Kraft paper is easy to work with and replace. It can glue directly to the wall or cuts to fit wherever you’d like. It’s also easy to roll wrapping paper wild-ways and cut for different sizes. When planning your projects, you want to think about the items that could glue directly to the wall and create quickly. Also, avoid wrapping paper that adds bulk since it makes repairs challenging.

4. Eco-Friendly:

Kraft paper has a low carbon footprint. To offset the carbon footprint of its creation, Kraft recycles the kraft paper and recycles paperboard into more paper.

5. Looks Better:

Because it is more easily cleaned and reused, Kraft paper is just what its name says: better looking. When to Use Kraft Paper There are many reasons to use kraft paperboard. Here are three examples of how to use it for different household and project-related tasks.

How Can You Use Kraft Shipping Boxes?

There are many different uses for kraft shipping boxes. Whether you want to store items in your garage or use them to pack up your items for moving, you can use the boxes for both. You can also use them to organize your kitchen pantry and to store your items in your basement.

Why is Kraft Shipping Boxes Better Than Cardboard?

When it comes to shipping boxes, you have two main choices:

Kraft Shipping Boxes and Cardboard:

Kraft Shipping Boxes are more durable and cost-efficient. This way is because cardboard boxes are flimsy and can easily get crushed. Unfortunately, they also cost more than Kraft Shipping Boxes because they have to replace more often. When I first learned about the two special shipping boxes, I immediately began shopping for “Kraft” boxes to replace my “crushable” cardboard boxes.

(Have you tried buying plastic bubble wrap and discovering 250 pieces that are just as (or even more) much than your original box? It’s not pretty!) After a lot of research, I decided on Cardboard Shipping Bags, which come in all varieties and are inexpensive.

kraft gift boxes
kraft gift boxes

Start making one:

With all these options, it is possible to ship many items in a single trip. There’s also the option to create your bags by cutting an existing piece of box and gluing it together. You can also add corner pops (i.e., little dollar bills) to the bottom of the bag to maximize your savings on shipping costs. Let’s get started! SUPPLIES LEFTOVERS Boxes and bags are both inexpensive to sell, and you’re going to need a few paper towels as well as cardboard boxes. I like to use office supply stores because they have low prices and are usually pre-cut to fit into a large cardboard box.


Now, let’s get started. First, determine your goal. Is the plan to reduce carbon emissions and save money? Creating your cardboard boxes can make it easier to meet your goals. Kraft boxes and cardboards come in various topics, which will allow you to customize your boxes to suit your needs. WHAT TO SKIP I know you want to use good paper towels for the first wash, but look out for high-quality towels with a good thread count. Cotton towels are easy to use for each wash, but they don’t hold up well to re-flow after the first wash.

Where Can You Get Your Own Rolls of Kraft Paperboard?

Where can you get your rolls of Kraft paperboard? I got mine from a local packaging supplier mentioned in the link below. They have many different types of paperboard and also many other packaging materials. I write a lot about cutting down on “stuff” (toys, plastic bottles, etc.) or how your “stuff” can take a lot of your precious time to produce (cleaning your home, folding used clothing, etc.).
Kraft paperboard cuts down on all of these things, making your life a lot simpler. To make things even more straightforward, Kraft also produces pre-cut kraft paperboard here. (But, it doesn’t cost the consumer more than the flat-rate kraft, and if your local cardboard supplier wouldn’t sell you kraft, then you may be able to find this cheaper cut just by searching the website.
Why we love this product so much:
  • Kraft Paperboard: Cost: £3.50 (flat-rate).
  • Quality: Virtually unbreakable (contactless).

    kraft paper boxes
    kraft paper boxes

Spray-able: Many types:

Saves on paper Can cut into thick sheets for placing within reports or presentations, etc. A Printable Preset This KWP preset is ideal for presenting your PDF reports, invoices, design development library, JPGs, etc., which you’d like to print out for internal use. You will need Kraft Paperboard (size A4); Laminated Card/Lid (size 120); Ruler (to check paper size and margins, to help mark out a white border 1cm away from the edge of the card); Scissor (to cut off the excess paper).
  • You’ll need A stationary or desk; Printer (if you want to print larger volumes);
  • A Form or Studio Floor Lamp (so that paper can be equally visible);
Printing supplies (ink, toner):
Notes: Make sure the lighting is neat and gleaming. Tips to make your Cutting and assembly a bit easier: If you’d like to save more money on the materials costs than separating your mailers by contact points, etc., then this could save you money.
Find the best kraft packaging for you to expand your business around. We pack 30ml bottle boxes in natural kraft packaging. But, you can find the best DIY packaging for you.

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