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A Complete Ultiate Guide About Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a technique in which unwanted hair from the body removes through highly analyzed light beams. These beams enter follicles of hair roots and consume by their pigment. When beams absorb, the hair will damage completely. In my opinion, this is the best option if you don’t want to shave or tweeze for a lifetime.
You can use this technique to remove hair from any part of the body like face, neck, arms, chest, stomach, legs, feet, underarms, bikini line, pubic hairs, botox, and back. In short, you can do full-body laser treatment. This technique came in commercial in 1995 and 1996 after 20 years of experiments.
Nowadays, the trend of laser treatment is increasing among women and men. It will be not wrong to say that it is the best cosmetic procedure in the modern era.

Does Laser Treatment Remove Hair Permanently?

If you choose laser treatment to remove your unwanted hair then it will not do at once. This process does in sessions. The number of sessions will determine based on, the amount of area and hairs of the body. This technique doesn’t work on light hair color and dark skin. Because light color hair doesn’t have pigments that absorb light beams so it may damage your skin.

So if you have dark hair color this technique can be successful. Although this treatment doesn’t remove the hair permanently but can delay its growth for a very long period. Now if you want to remove your hair then you should see a doctor, dermatologist, or cosmetic surgeon for the treatment. Avoid nonmedical professionals, salons, spay, etc. They don’t know the full knowledge and can damage your skin.

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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt:

This is the most asked question of whether this treatment hurts or not. So the answer is yes but very minimal. It’s doesn’t hurt like waxing. This is up to you how much you can bear the pain. Some customers say that it’s hurts like a rubber band snaps. You guys may feel swelling or redness after the treatment but it’s just for one or two days. Avoid going in the sun after the treatment.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal:

If you are tired of the bikini line hair and don’t want to shave it every day then remove it permanently. This part of the body hurts more as compared to other parts of the body. Because this is a sensitive area. If you are Canadian, it can cost you $99 to $150 per session. And for two sessions it can cost $198 to $300. Au, it cost $40-$49 per session and for two sessions it cost $60-$90. In Uk, it cost $55-$90 per session and $220-$380 for two sessions. In Ireland, it cost £58 per session and £294-£330 for two sessions.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal:

Brazilian laser hair removal removes the bikini hair and the hair between botox. It removes the hair permanently. This takes almost six sessions. And after that, there will be no hair for almost 2 years. For most women, this removal treatment is a little offensive because they have to undress in front of strangers. This treatment is done slowly as it’s a sensitive part. It takes about 2 hours for the procedure to be done.
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How Much Full Body Laser Removal Cost:

Many of us don’t know that we can remove our hair from every part of the body by laser treatment.  Which includes face arms, armpit, neck, back, shoulders, legs, feet, stomach hands, chest, botox, and bikini line. This treatment is not cheap it can cost you thousands of dollars. It takes three to four hours for full-body laser treatment.
There are different prices in different countries. In Pakistan, you have to pay 40,000 to 50,000 per session for full body. Both for females and males. In Ireland, it can cost $$2500 to $3000 per session. You can get this treatment in almost every country.

Milan Laser Hair Removal:

Milan laser hair removal is the largest company in more than 130 locations. This company was founded by certified doctors in 2012. It’s present in New York, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Missouri. This company provides unlimited packages in these locations. This company performs more than thirty thousand cases in a month.
It offers a low monthly payment with zero interest. This company gives you a guarantee that if you get treatment from this company there will be no need to shoring again in life. Its prices are a little costly but its results are 100%.

Laser Hair Removal Near Me:

If you are searching for an expert who can do your laser treatment then search on google. Many of the locations are described in the article for your ease.

Laser Hair Removal Price:

The price of the treatment varies in every country. And the cost of treatment depends upon the following things:
  • The size of the area to be treated
  • Time required to treat
  • Number of sessions
  • Which country do you belong

Laser Hair Removal Price in Pakistan:

If you are Pakistani and want to do cheek laser treatment, it can cost you Rs4000 to Rs5000, full face (Rs 8000 to Rs10,000), and full-body (Rs40,000 to Rs50,000).

Laser Hair Removal in Canada:

The prices of laser treatment in Canada give below:
  • Full face. $150-$350
  • Neck. $70-$200
  • Underarm. $71-$100
  • Back and shoulder. $372-$385
  • Full arm. $$200-$260
  • Arms and hands. $342-$380
  • Chest. $109-$165
  • Full legs. $263-$500
  • Stomach. $120-$160
  • Bikini. $99-$150
These prices are for one session only. For the next session, you have to pay more. These prices are not fixed. These are on an average basis.

Laser hair removal in Au:

Have a look at laser hair removal in Australia:
  • Full face $59-120
  • Underarms. $22-159
  • Arms and hands. $140-183
  • Stomach. $75-160
  • Chest. $70-120
  • Bikini. $40-45
  • Full arm. $110-165
  • Back and shoulder. $205-295
  • Botox. $100-140
  • Full legs $199-300
Again these prices are for only a session. Hope you like the article so then get ready for the treatment.

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