League Of Legends: 10 Things You May Not Know About Lillia.

League Of Legends LilliaLeague Of Legends Lillia

The answer is millions. This game is loved a lot by the gamer. They introduce new characters to keep the game interesting.

When Lillia was released, there was no excitement among the league players. She was thought of as a weak late game champion and was believed to be effortlessly outplayed, but her effectiveness shocked everyone as how many people play league of legends.

In contrast to other releases, Lillia is a pretty straightforward champion and easy to use and learn. Lillia is handy if you want to rely on movement and timing to win rather than concentrating on shields and many other abilities. Lillia went on to become one of the popular choices by gamers to use in the game.

The following list will reveal ten things you may not know about Lillia.

1) There are two damage ranges for blooming blows:

Blooming blows is the principal attack of Lillia. Two different damage outputs can be seen when this attack is performed. The inner ring, in comparison to the outer ring, can receive only half the damage. For effective use of this attack, enemies need to be hit in the outer ring. This is the reason why it takes some skills and time to master success using Lillia. But missed blows will be added up, which will decrease her dominance in the match.

 2) Passive attacks by Lillia are not stacked up.

If we compare Lillia’s passive with other champions, her passive has a significant impact on her viability. Enemies subjected to Lilia’s attack will experience a reduction in some percentage of their health. But with each attack, there isn’t an increase in the amount of damage seen. For the ultimate Lifting Lullaby, the importance of the passive is more.

League Of Legends Lillia
League Of Legends Lillia

3) Stacking of prance

In the league of legends, the speed of movement, also called champion’s prance, can be stacked up to five times. With Lillia’s every attack, there will be stacking of prance. Gamers will need to engage in careful fights during the entire match. The movement speed of Lillia is her greatest strength but also a liability. Without her movement speed, she will be a burden in the long game.

4) Lillia can’t jump over the walls:

Even though Lillia is a fawn, she can’t jump over walls. Deer are known for their great leaps, but with Lillia’s this disability, gamers have to deal with it. This annoyed a lot of league players, but because it will make Lillia more stoppable. Keeping this aside, Lillia does possess other benefits that make her a desirable champion.

5) Three damages can be dealt with. Watch Out! Eep!

Talking about another ability of Lillia is concentrating strikes. To utilize this ability fully, a user needs to be accurate in their attacks. Watch Out! Eep! comprises three different damage ranges. In comparison to the outer ring, the center of the attack radius takes three times more damage. To use this attack, aiming with accuracy is crucial. With the proper management of Lillia, this ability of hers can be devastating later in the game.

6) Infinite range of Swirlseed:

Swirled is also one of Lillia’s abilities. She launches a seed at enemies with this ability, which keeps on traveling until the designated target or barrier is hit. This not only causes damage on impact and also slows down the enemies. With the presence of Lillia on the map, all champions should be attentive and aware of any seeds so that they aren’t taken by surprise and get stunned or flaked. Swirled is a very interesting attack that comes with using Lillia as a champion in the game.

League Of Legends Lillia
League Of Legends Lillia

7) Win rate of Lillia is low:

Even though experienced players acknowledge themselves as Lillia’s mains, the win rate of Lillia among other champions is still low. The main reason behind this is a lack of skill and experience. She can be a viable late-game champion, but she has to be played correctly. On the other hand, she is an influential champion for an early game. A boost to her abilities and speed can be assured by keeping the prance stacked to 5x.

8) All champions are affected by Lifting Lullaby

When Lillia’s dream dust strikes a player, he is slowed and eventually falls asleep. If the enemy is awoken with an attack, more damage will be received due to it, but no additional damage is there if they wake without an attack.

League Of Legends Lillia
League Of Legends Lillia

9) Ultimate plus W:

You can use Lifting Lullaby in combination with other abilities. Gamers aspire to use the damage multiplier for waking up a target with an attack.

In this scenario, Watch Out! Eep! is your best choice of attack. After Lifting Lullaby, attacking the perfect spot, W will grant another 3x multiplier. 

10) Speed juggling capability of Lillia

Lillia, as a champion, thrives in the jungle area. When Lillia acts as a one-hit pony, she will be most successful. When used accurately and properly, she is a phenomenal champion.

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