Lost Ark Game Guide: Players Need Know Some Tips About Raids in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Game Guide

When it comes to Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark, they are considered the normal raids of the game. Due to the new update of Lost Ark, there is more Raid-like content added to the game. Here is the Lost Ark Game Guide due to some more raids.

Players have more chances to encounter the Abyss and Legion Raids. Abyss Dungeons are four to eight-player content that consists of a series of hard boss fights and sections of mob clearing.

To complete more abyss dungeons, players should know some tips about raids in Lost Ark. Moreover, if players lack some rare materials for crafting some essential potions in Lost Ark, you can buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold to purchase them in time to make more important items for characters in the game. 


Players Should Know More Information About Dungeons In Advance

If you want to deal with the hard situation of Lost Ark, you need to look up each section of Abyss Dungeon in advance and learn the Boss Mechanics before entering. Although different bosses have multiple mechanics in various Abyss Dungeons. It is not easy for players to know about all the bosses’ attack patterns.

Players just need to know key sections of the boss fight, because split-second decision-making is totally important. Players can try to know information about bosses by watching gaming videos or practicing in the real game. You can also watch a Lost Ark Game Guide to having a good understanding of the boss’s mechanics. 


Players Should Not Be Stingy With Battle Items

When players don’t know about the Boss mechanics in advance, they may have no chance to go further in Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark. However, players can try to use HP Potions or Battle Items in the process of fighting. They can have more chances to survive in the battleground. However, players don’t know the timing to use these battle items in battle. Then, they have no access to use them well.


Frankly speaking, it is not hard for players to craft, buy or get more Battle Items, like HP Potions or Grenades. Players can use them in the proper situation in the endgame content in Lost Ark. 


Players Should Pay Attention to Stagger Checks in Raids

When the boss has some shield or starts releasing some big attack, there will be a yellow bar showing a Stagger Check. If players fail to drain the bar timely, the boss will usually unleash some kind of full-wipe attack. 

Certainly, some kinds of classes have no worries about this, like the Gunlancer or Scrapper, because they have several mid to high Stagger Skills, while other Classes may have problems in this aspect. Players who control the character that has Whirlwind Grenades on hand have an opportunity to maintain Stagger potential. 


Players Can Change Builds, Skills, And Items in the Dungeon

Most players may ignore an important thing in an Abyss Dungeon in Lost Ark. They can exchange their Battle Items or even adjust Skills, Gear, or Tripods in the process of fighting.

Normally, if players find that the ring of golden energy appears on the ground. Players should recognize it in these areas like the Shadowspire at the beginning of any Guardian Raid. It is the time for them to exchange their demanded things. 

However, if the Raid Party can’t deplete the Stagger Bar in time, players need to use that golden circle outside the boss area to enter into personal storage. Then, players have access to throw some Whirlwind Grenades around the boss in Abyss Dungeon. 

If players have trouble going through hard dungeons in Lost Ark, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to purchase good gear or level up your characters in time. And you will find that your characters will be enhanced with the help of powerful weapons in the game. 


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