Site Assessment: MSPs will reduce IT costs for Small Businesses.

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MSP – what is it?

In this context, a managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party organization that helps companies fill gaps in their workforce. In this article, we’re going to examine IT service companies that offer MSP services. MSPs can use for accounting, human resources, vendor management, and supply chain management, among other services.
Businesses can take advantage of these services to handle their errands at a lower cost than hiring full-time workers until they can afford to hire more in-house employees. Managed service providers can offer two types of support depending on the needs of your company: local and remote support. Some MSPs specialize in just one vendor or software type (e.g., ERP), whereas others provide a range of services.

What can managed service providers do for small businesses?

There are a few different parts of your business that managed service providers can replace or supplement. It can be costly to hire a full-time employee, especially when you consider benefits such as health coverage and retirement plans. A managed service provider, but, is an outsourced third-party that provides clients with a wide range of predefined services.
There are some functions MSPs perform for organizations, including:
  • IT operations
  • Payroll and accounting
  • Staffing [outsourcing]
  • Purchasing [eqiupment procurements]
  • Supply chain management and suppliers [vendor, dealers and distributors management]
  • Telco Deployments [cabling, environmental site assessments].
Staffing each of these departments to the greatest extent possible can be out of reach for small businesses. Considering everything, MSPs are a great option for organizations to access the everyday functionality they need, usually at a fraction of their usual cost.
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The advantages of hiring a managed IT service provider:

Small companies that might not have the cash flow to pay for a Managed IT services provider can enjoy managed IT services because managed IT providers are generally much less expensive than employing an in-house IT staff. Besides, MSPs usually charge the same amount each month, so businesses can easily budget for their expenses.

Outsourcing MSPs can also save organizations money on the hardware and technology required to perform the functions for which the MSP is responsible.

In most cases, managed IT service providers have access to the best IT and cyber security tools, software, and resources available. Despite being more expensive than small businesses could bear if they purchased them themselves, these resources provide a helpful level of knowledge that can further improve decision-making.
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The MSP model is budget-friendly:

You must take into account your budget when deciding which managed service provider to use. The idea of hiring a Managed Service Provider may cost the same as recruiting an internal team, which is why you may be better off hiring staff than hiring freelancers.
Taking a look at IT experts, the average IT partner worker earns about $ 68,000 per year or $ 5,667 per month. But, IT MSPs charge between $150 and $200 per user each month, so at the largest, your business can support 28 users before considering what it would cost for one new employee.


You can reduce the amount of software you need by outsourcing to a managed service provider. They often have the best equipment in their industry, providing extra resources to their clients. IT organizations with small staff might lack the resources to put in place a high-end networking system.

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But, if you hire an MSP for networking needs, for example, network site assessment, site risk remediation, or network deployment services. They will have high-end equipment for network site assessments and deployments. Small businesses don’t need to invest in such expensive tools to manage their small IT infrastructures. The MSP’s role is to support properly!

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