Finding Your Most Fertile Days: Common Signs to Note

Most Fertile DaysMost Fertile Days

If you want to find out your most fertile days then you have landed in the right place. In this article we are going to discuss the step by step guide to find out your ovulation window. Today you have online ovulation tracker tools which can help you find your most fertile days but before we tell you about the use of these calculators we would like you to know about the signs that would tell you whether your body is ovulating or not. 

What are the common Signs of Ovulation that you have to Note?

Determining the exact days when your body would be most fertile can be very difficult especially if you are not taking help from a digital ovulation calculator. But you can get a firm idea if your body has entered the ovulation cycle if you keep track of the signs that are discussed in this section.

Check for a Positive Ovulation Test Result:

You simply have to urinate in a cup and dip the testing strip in the cup. Two lines would appear on the strip once you place it in the urine cup. If the lines are darker than the control line itself then the test would show positive results. But if the lines are lighter than it means that your body is not yet ovulating. If you get a positive result then you must know that it is the best time to have intercourse with your partner. Now you don’t have to do the test every day of the month, instead you can use the online ovulation tracker by and do the test on the days highlighted on the fertility calculator.

Check your Cervical Mucus in the Ovulation Calendar:

Another sign that can show you whether your body is fertile or not is by checking your cervical mucus. You have to first of all use the online perfect ovulation calculator to find the estimated days of ovulation/fertility. You simply have to poke your finger inside your vagina and check out the mucus. The fertile mucus would be slippery and clear in color if your body is fertile. But if the mucus is thick and white in color like cream then it means that your body hasn’t entered the ovulation mode yet. You don’t have to poke your finger inside the vagina everyday; rather , you should only check this sign on the days estimated by the digital fertility calendar.

Feel Increase in Sexual Desire:

Your body would tell you that it is ovulating in its own unique ways. If you feel like your urge to have sex has increased then you must know that it is a clear sign of pregnancy. The female body becomes sexier at the time of ovulation. If you feel like you are always in the mood then you can easily use an online ovulation calculator and check whether your body is ovulating or not. You must have sex at this time if you want to get pregnant.

Check Increase in Basal Temperature: 

Another sign that you need to check is your body temperature. You should know that when your body is ovulating your temperature will increase by one or two degrees. This increase in basal temperature is a clear sign that your body is ovulating.If you want to check your basal body temperature, you can use the thermometer. or you can consider the ovulation tracker to know about the ovulation. 

You can use free apps on your mobile that can also help you chart your BBT every month. 

Note any Changes in Cervical Position: 

Another sign that you have to note is any change in cervical position. Your vagina is just like a tunnel which ends at the cervical wall. When your body is ovulating then you would see that the position of the cervix would change. When your body is about to ovulate, the cervix is going to move its position and go higher. You cannot touch or reach it with your finger at this time. But when your body is not fertile the cervix would be lower and you can touch it easily with your finger if you push it deep. It would not only be lower but also harder.

Check your Breast for Tenderness:

A very common sign that can tell you that your body is ovulating is if your breast is tender to touch. When your body is ovulating then your breast is going to become hard. You can confirm the ovulation days by simply using the digital advanced ovulation calculator. Now a common mistake that young girls make is that they start taking medicines to resolve the issue of breast tenderness. Well know that this is not a disease rather it is a sign. You can ruin your ovulation cycle by taking unnecessary medicines. 

How to Use an Ovulation Tracker Tool?

To have clear confirmation regarding the ovulation or menstrual cycle you can consider using the ovulation tracking tool. In the tracking tool you have to first enter the first day of your last period. On the ovulation predictor you can mark the date. After this step you have to enter the average length of your period. The average cycle in women is around 28 days. After entering this information you have to press the calculate button. The tool would get you detailed results. An ovulation calendar would open up on your screen on which the fertility window would be highlighted. Usually the fertility window would fall somewhere around the eight and twentieth  day. During these days you need to check if any of the symptoms mentioned in the article occur in your body. These can easily confirm ovulation!

Most Fertile Days

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