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Paleo Diet: Know What it is and How You Can Use it to Lose Weight.

paleo dietpaleo diet

A balanced diet is a key feature to maintain good health. The current pandemic has created a major impact in terms of the health perspective. Challenging times have taught us the importance of staying healthy and made us understand that “good nutrition is the only way to lead a healthy lifestyle”

Still, confused? Let’s explore a diet of the Paleolithic era, which was followed by our early human ancestors and later giving it a touch of the modern era and naming it to be the most promising Paleo diet.

What is a Paleo Diet?

Eating right and shedding pounds is what the stone age diet is all about. High protein and high-fiber foods help you in losing weight and living healthy. Sounds cool, right?

Let me simplify this more for you. If you desire to live long, without getting into the roller coaster rides of modern era health issues to name a few like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, you need to eat more healthfully and visualize living the predecessor’s life in style.

Good health
Good health

Weight Loss – An Accommodative Paleo Diet:

Curious to know what happens to our body when we turn towards accepting a Paleo diet? Let’s learn the highlights.

  • A high protein diet to build up your muscle mass:

Consuming a high protein diet increases muscle mass, which is the most important feature of this diet. When your body builds muscles, it automatically tends to burn fat and in turn, burns calories which leads to an increase in your metabolic rate. So, ultimately results are achieved in the form of weight loss.

  • Beating the battle of the bloat:

When we eat certain foods that our body refuses to accept, the result is indigestion. We do feel full, but this fullness is not a healthy feeling. Here, the Paleo diet is the right approach to reach out for. It helps us to get rid of the toxins in our body and makes us feel healthier, boosting our immune system.

  • Healthy eating:

Nutrition is all about what makes the food healthy or junk.

Does your diet include lean meats, fruits, fish, poultry, nuts, and seeds? If the answer is yes then you are on the right track of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Paleo diet gives us guidelines on how we can plan our meals in such a way that we can acquire good health and live a life free of diseases, which can be re-phrased as “a disaster-free health

paleo diet in tamil
paleo diet in tamil

  • Swap up your platter:

A plate filled with noodles looks to be yummy, true, but the question is – is it healthy? Consider tossing it up with lean meats and veggies. Just visualize a colorful healthy platter right in front of you.

Aftermath of Paleo Diet:

Overcoming the challenges of a Paleo diet is a very common problem. All of us have understood that nutrients packed food is most important for staying healthy, but it is not easy to live with it and move on. Few observations show the side effects of procuring this diet.

  • Stay on track – an impossible long term issue:

Avoiding certain foods and accepting the Paleo diet leads to an inner feeling of making our minds sound more restrictive. It makes us refrain from certain food groups like milk, cheese, and most dairy products that tingle the taste buds and energize us.

  • Pull back on the nutrient value:

We understand that it gives us a high protein and high fiber diet, but somehow, a Paleo diet seems to show a setback where there is a lack of calcium supplements, which turns out to be one of the important nutrients for boosting health.    

  • Worry for the vegetarians:

Being a vegetarian with loads of veggies on your plate, even though being colorful, lacks to tempt the taste buds. Daily consumption of this becomes a boring affair.

Pregnancy and Paleo – Safe to Opt for?

Nutritionists have given a green signal for this diet during pregnancy, so we can consider this as a safe means.

It is healthy not only for the mother but for the unborn child’s nerve health as well.

Giving you all the nutrients to boost up your energy levels plus healthy fetal development – what more could a mom ask for?

Benefits – Listing out a few:

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Inclusions of Omega 3 fatty acids, adding up to act as a  therapeutically filled diet for fetal development.
  • Increase in the hemoglobin levels, preventing anemia with the inclusions of iron-based food in the diet.
  • Prevention of gestational diabetes, which is a common factor seen among pregnant women

    paleo diet tamil

Finally, to sum up, on the safety of consuming this diet during pregnancy, it can be said that this period of pregnancy calls for a healthy diet consumption, and eating all these in moderate amounts is always considered to be a good move. It is always considered safe to take a medical practitioner’s advice while planning the diet so that it would be a relishing journey of pregnancy.

What to Eat and What to Avoid – Paleo Diet:

Inspired by our cavemen, we have accepted the fact that staying healthy is all about eating healthy. But are we clear on what to eat and what not to? So let’s get to know more about it in depth so that we plan to make the best out of it!

Let’s eat:

  1. Grass-fed Meat: the best food to consume, which is high in nutrients and helps to increase your muscle mass.
  2. Fish Food:  Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
  3. Eggs: Protein-based food
  4. Vegetables: Non-starchy, starchy tubers, and root vegetables are the healthy choice.
  5. Fruits and Berries: Low sugar fruits and berries to keep you active and healthy
  6. Nuts and Seeds: Rich in Omega -6 fatty acids, these are highly nutritional and easier to digest when soaked and consumed.

A few more healthy fats like coconut oil, coconut milk, and olive oil are also good options.

paleo diet chart in tamil
paleo diet chart in tamil

Let’s refrain from:

  1. Grains: A big NO to anything with gluten. It takes your diet for a toss so think twice.
  2. Refined Sugars and Carbohydrates: Bread, pasta, cookies, and white sugar drag your energy levels to the lowest, making you feel more sluggish.
  3. Diary: Milk and milk products may damage your gut and create lactose intolerance.

Others like processed vegetable oils and fats are all a sure shot NO as they create a dip in our nutritional values.

Winding Up:

The caveman diet is worth a try. If you have decided to make a change in your lifestyle by prioritizing your health, then the Paleo diet is the right choice for you. It has turned out to be a jaw-dropper, creating tremendous health benefits, which the whole world is looking forward to at this moment called for.

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