Comparison of Pendo Alternatives Along With Their Competitors

Pendo Alternatives
It may seem obvious that you would be looking out for tools like Pendo that would streamline customer onboarding along with software adoption. There are many choices but the key component is to be aware of what will suit your company. There is an enormous list of Pendo alternatives and comparing them would be a time-consuming and difficult task. Do not commit the mistake of all of them on your own since it is virtually impossible.
So on save time some amount of background information is obtained about Pendo. In this manner, you can get precise information and figure out which digital adaptation platform suits your needs.

More About Pendo

Pendo turns out to be a product-centric platform through feedback options and in-app analytics. It gives information on how customers feel about your product. There is also a training and guidance program in place that enables a customer to learn more about your product quickly. Some of the features include
Usage insights about the product- be aware of how the customers can navigate your product, the kind of features they would be interacting with. An idea of which features they would miss or ignore will be the key. Pendo is known to collect information about web-based and mobile versions of your applications.
A product road map- with the aid of Pendo’s shareable product planning tool, customer feedback is organized. It would also enable to focus on high-end features. You have to keep the team aligned with the planning guide that is shared

Surveys in the App

You can dish our surveys to customers directly present on the app and this will give you an idea of how customers feel about the product and its specific features. As per Pendo in-app surveys attract a lot of response than an email responses.
Guidance along with messaging on the app- it is necessary to develop a guided walk-through or a product tutorial for the users on how to use certain products. You may provide tips for using a product or pop-up option when new features are introduced. There may be embedded links to documentation or tutorials as part of the pop-ups where users will be able to get concise information.
The features of Pendo are all based on customers getting more information about a product. Though the platform is not well equipped of increasing internal software adoption or even to train the employees. There are well-crafted plans of Pendo which are fully dependent upon the requirements of your business. The company is not going to list its price for the higher tier class on its website.

Pendo and Their Comparison With Whatflix

Whatflix is one of the top competitors of Pendo. Both the products would be having analytics along with insights. It allows you to dish out surveys in-app and guided walk-through are possible when you use it. Though the main focus of Pendo would be analytics so the offerings in the region do not restrict themselves. For example, Pendo has fewer self-placed apps as compared to Whatflix.
For onboarding of customers, Pendo has many features when it comes to employee training there is hardly anything that it offers. With Whatflix some unique features ensure it is widely acceptable than Pendo. For example, if you develop content via a walk through whatflix would be able to convert that content into many formats that include articles, slide shows, and videos. The moment you update the original it would be obvious that the other formats are updated at the same time. There is also a conceptual self-help menu for your handy reference.
Most of the alternatives to Pendo turn out to be similar. But among all of them, Whatflix is the most sought out due to the option of customization, versatility, and ease of use. Whatflix is not only there to be providing you with conceptual guidance, but it would save the time of the users to find the answers they are searching for. Even with your current tech stack, it is known to integrate seamlessly that includes the LMS along with other applications.

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