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First steps to start planning a home renovation

planning a home renovationplanning a home renovation


Planning a home renovation is a good option to give a new air to an old home. It won’t only make it feel like a new area. But it will also allow you to customize the space to your tastes and needs.

Like with other major undertakings, home makeovers have their challenges, and things can go catastrophically wrong if you don’t plan them thoroughly. Besides working with the 10 great renovation tradies in Melbourne to guarantee a high-quality job, you must do this:


Know your final goal

Are you going to remodel to increase the value of your property to sell it later? If do you plan to keep living in the house in the years to come? This would be extremely important to decide how big the renovation could be.

  For instance, if you’re renovating the house for yourself, then the renovation. You should meet all your needs and go accordingly to your tastes. On the other hand, if you’re doing it for potential clients.  You must think of the things that are in trend and make out most of the space on the property to make it the most appealing to others. 


Set a budget

Setting a budget would be one of the most important things to ponder for the home renovation. It will be the guide on how deep your makeover can be. The type of finishes and materials you can choose, and to avoid getting into debt you won’t be able to pay later.

So, a budget will be a must to keep your finances healthy. To create an accurate budget, you should consider a contingency fund that can be used for unexpected situations during the renovation (because believe us, they will happen). 


Be honest with your limits

Doing a home renovation, yourself sounds like a fun project that will keep you busy during the weekends; however, there are tasks you should avoid handling yourself. For example, things that have to do with the electrical system, foundations, or any other stuff that required specialised knowledge should be left to the professionals. 


Do your research

 You can go and choose tradies for any specific chore you want to do. But hiring a contractor that already has a trusted team to do any work would be a must.

To get the best tradies or contractors for your home renovation. You must ask for references with your friends and family and then research on the internet about the people they recommend to you. 


Pack everything up

One of the most tedious parts of home renovations is to pack all your stuff to keep it safe from the work that it’s going to be done on the property. So, you must declutter and remove any items from the renovation area. If you can’t move the furniture from the rooms. Then  just guarantee your furniture would be safe by covering it in plastic to avoid stains of paint or any other substance. 


Research about permits

Before even starting with the home makeover research about the permits you might need to accomplish what’s needed to get done. If you work by the hand of a contractor, he or she would be the one in charge of obtaining all the permits you will need.

Building permits are a must to guarantee your home renovation is meeting safety and structural requirements. Also, if you don’t obtain the permits first, then you can be suffering from fines or problems with the law. 


Last words:


After you  have all of the above set up, going through the Planing a home renovation will be a smooth ride. You just make sure to tell your contractor or tradies that they can’t go beyond the budget you have set up without notifying you.

This will avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the project, and you’ll be satisfied with the work done. If you’re going for an outdoor renovation, it’s important to check for ceiling cracks before it’s too late. Maybe you weren’t considering this in your makeover.


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