QuickBooks Database Server Manager Network Diagnostic Fail

Quickbooks Database Server Manager.

You may encounter the error text “QuickBooks Database Server Manager Network Diagnostics Failed” while working on your QuickBooks software. The text indicates that there are some issues while scanning the company file. We all know how incredible this tool is. It helps in configuring multi-user access for the QuickBooks software. 

The tool also operates the network data files which are also known as .nd. Moreover, it ensures multi-user access that means you can share the file with different systems.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Network Diagnostic Failed

QuickBooks database server manager network diagnostic fail issue appears at the time of running and upgrading the QuickBooks software in a multi-user environment. There cause lots of factors and reasons that bring this error. You can have a look at each one of them in the next section.

Causes of the Failure of QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

Well, the error occurs because of various reasons. We have prepared a list of them. You can move below and understand all of these causes. 

  • If the windows firewall prevents the QuickBooks software to access ports required for Internet connection. 
  • When the QuickBooks database server manager is disabled. 
  • Using an outdated QuickBooks database server manager can also be the cause.

There could be any reason behind this error’s occurrence. You need to resolve them by getting into the troubleshooting section. 

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Database Server Manager Network Diagnostic Error

We have provided around three solutions to troubleshoot this issue. You can get into the article ahead and learn steps to eliminate this issue related to QuickBooks database server manager failure. Make sure to conduct each step carefully. 

Solution 1: QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks file doctor does not need any word of praise as it is dynamic in its own way. Many users have opted for this doctor tool to troubleshoot issues like this. If you don’t know the steps to use this tool then keep moving ahead and get into the steps below.

  • First of all, the user needs to move towards the QuickBooks tool hub. 
  • Now, you need to move your cursor towards the Company File issue. 
  • Tap the tab named Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • You can wait for some time till it is running. 

Solution 2: Set up QuickBooks Database Service (QBDBXX)

  • First of all, the user needs to open the search box named Search Programs and Files. 
  • Now, just type Services there. 
  • Hit on to the same option. 
  • Move your cursor down and perform a right-click on QuickBooksDBXX.
  • You need to choose to Stop if you find running services there. 
  • Moreover, just choose the Properties tab by right-clicking. 
  • Move towards the General tab now. 
  • Configure the startup type to automatic. 
  • Proceed towards the Log on tab and try to switch Local account to Local System account. 
  • You move on to the Recovery tab. 
  • Make sure that you choose Restart the Service button in First, Second, and Subsequent failures. 
  • In the last and final step, just close the window and choose the start option from the left corner of the computer screen. 

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • Move towards your computer screen and choose the Start button now. 
  • Now, enter QuickBooks in the search bar. 
  • From there, choose QuickBooks Database Server Manager. 
  • Hit on the Update button now. 
  • Move with the guidelines displayed on your computer screen. 
  • With these guidelines, you will be able to install the latest updates of the QuickBooks database server manager. 
  • Now, just restart your server.
  • Keep in mind that you will get an update notification once you access the QB file on the workstation. 
  • Make sure that you update your company file with the newest version. 
  • Just access your QB file and examine the error status. 

Solution 4: Examine QuickBooks Database Server Manager Version

The user needs to run QuickBooks database server manager and QuickBooks software in the same version. If you don’t know what version your database server having then get into the steps below. 

  • Make sure that you press Windows + R button. 
  • In the Run window, just enter Services.MSc. 
  • Now, the user needs to hit on the Enter button. 
  • Try to find the service named QuickBooksDBXX and examine the last two digits of this name. 
  • For your assistance, here are given a few examples. For instance, QuickBooksDB26 is for QuickBooks 2016 version, 28 for the 2018 version, 27 for 2017 versions, 19 for 2019, and 20 for the 2020 version. 

If the versions of these two tools are not paralleled to each other, then make sure to have an appropriate version of the same. 

Solution 5: Restart the QuickBooks Database Service Manager

The user needs to first ensure that the QuickBooks database service manager is properly installed on the device before proceeding with any restart procedure. The steps for your guidance are given below. 

  • Make sure that you access the Control Panel. 
  • Now, just double-click on the Administrative Tools. 
  • Once done, just double-click on the services also. 
  • According to the version, select the database manager. 
  • In the last part, just start your system. 

Final Part!

So, these are the 5 solutions that you can consider to resolve issues with your QuickBooks database server manager. We hope that this article has helped you a lot. You can take the assistance of an IT expert if you lack the confidence to conduct these steps on your own. Just don’t get nervous as there is nothing is impossible in this world. 

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