Remove Mugshots from Google: New Way to Erase the Past

Remove Mugshots from Google: New Way to Erase the Past


Mugshots are a part of the past that many people would like to erase. Luckily, there is now an easy way for them to remove their mugshot from google at any time. Here are a few points on how to remove mugshots from google.

  • If one has been the victim of identity theft, there is a possibility that their mugshot shows up when other people conduct a search using their name. Immediate removal may not be possible in this case because the process requires time and evidence that proves that it was not them who committed the crime or infractions for which they were arrested. This will require proper documentation and often, the services of an attorney to help speed up the process.
  • Mugshots can also resurface after they have been taken down because websites continue to host them despite having received DMCA takedown requests, according to electronic frontier foundation. Because existing copies remain online, they can pop up later when the site’s robots crawl the Internet for new content. Remember that copyright infringement is a crime, and they may get in trouble if they try to do it themselves.
  • If their offense was very serious, such as child pornography, terrorism or murder, taking down their mugshot will not address all search results because of Google’s policy stating that it “may show snippets from sites on the web and present them with frames.”

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  • However, even though removal requests are granted by google in “rare” instances. It still does not mean that their mugshot will be wiped from the Internet. The Omidyar Network notes that there are “two factors”. First is that websites themselves post mugshots automatically and second, they might also collect the photos from other sites. One solution for this is to publish an original photo or a watermarked image on each website containing a copy of their picture.
  • People looking up criminal records can easily access public information about them. Including their name, age and place of residence. If they have been arrested but never found guilty by a court of law. While google promises to remove cached pages when search results are requested to be removed per EU’s to Be Forgotten ruling, it is still possible that their personal information may appear in google search results if the information has not been scrubbed from the source.
  • Fortunately, some websites can help one get rid of mugshots showing up under their name when people search online. These companies employ methods to suppress content that appears when someone conducts a search using their name. Or other identifying data such as location or age range.
  • People who have had their photo taken for official ID purposes are outraged at the invasion of privacy when these images show up in google search results.  This is the price they pay to be part of a state registry. Those who voluntarily post pictures on social media websites lose control over their published photos. And cannot stop unauthorized copies from appearing everywhere on the internet.


At the conclusion, it should be noted that there are also negative consequences of search engine results returning mugshots. Instead of current information about them “when someone searches for their name online”. While this guide was intended to help those who want their mugshots taken down from google search results. Keep in mind that not all mugshots will disappear even if they follow these steps properly because some sites use bots to automatically post content without human intervention.

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