Importance of Remove Mugshots From the Internet

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Many states and counties in the United States make arrest records and mugshots available on their websites. When this happens, third-party mugshot sites start republishing the photographs along with the arrest details. Unfortunately, even if the case has been dismissed or expunged, these websites will keep the images and records online, causing more harm than good to the public.
Criminal records have become big business, with most websites charging hundreds of dollars to remove mugshots. In 2018, faced a class-action lawsuit over accusations that the website was being utilized for commercial reasons and not for the public interest.
There isn’t only one place where you may get old records. In reality, hundreds of websites republish this type of content. If you see your Mugshot on one of these sites, it’s probably on others as well. When a mugshot is posted on a site, it is frequently scraped by other mugshot sites and may quickly spread like wildfire.
Individuals who end up on these sites may suffer due to this. Arrest records will appear on background check sites and might score highly in Google searches. This means that mugshots and arrest records can be found unintentionally when someone googles a person’s name. People may lose their jobs, personal relationships, and credibility due to this.

How can a mugshot follow you everywhere even if you don’t want that too?

A mugshot can cause an issue when there shouldn’t be one in the first place. For example, several states immediately seal adolescents’ records for most offenses, with the explicit goal of shielding individuals from suffering long-term consequences due to their youthful indiscretions. But, if the law enforcement agency posts the Mugshot online, it can be copied and displayed even if there is no record of an arrest. Even if you don’t have a criminal record, removing mugshots might be expensive.
According to a CareerBuilder survey, over 70% of companies use a search engine to vet job candidates. About half of companies will reject a job applicant based on unfavorable search results and a bad internet reputation, which is bad news for people who have a mugshot that ranks first in search results.

How can you get your Mugshot removed?

There is, but a reason to be optimistic. For a fraction of the cost, Remove Mugshots is an online reputation management company that can ensure the removal of your Mugshot and arrest records from all mugshot sites. Because they know how rapidly these photographs may spread, Remove Mugshots takes a holistic approach to mugshot removal services.
They do a thorough search of the Internet for our clients, looking for and locating any existing mugshot records to guarantee that the Internet is free of all potentially harmful information. Following removing the photos, Remove Mugshots will de-index any links to the Mugshot and offer a preventative solution. This implies that if a client’s Mugshot resurfaces after the removal procedure, Remove Mugshots will remove it for free.

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