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Resistances for protective gowns manufacturer during covid-19


Every condition does not remain the same for all the business. Changes and up and down are part of the business. That’s why many times the normal things go opposite and do not allow a business to grow at the same speed. Same like this many things happen with the manufacturing concern.

But all things happen in the normal scenario it means they are controllable. But when things happen in an abnormal scenario the controlling becomes a big challenge. For the manufacturing concern because their dependency increases too much due to many reasons.

Here are the details of the resistances that pop up after the covid-19. This is a new situation that is new for everyone. The longer the tenure of the situation creates a big issue for the manufacturers. The worst thing about it is they are holding all things back. Further in that war situation manufacturing was also not easy.

 Handling of competition

Dealing with a competitor in an abnormal situation is not easy. Because mostly the market gives news about the competitors more correctly. But if the market is not open for business to keep an eye on the competitor. So, it becomes hard for the manufacturing company to study the competitor’s steps.

Because no one is available to check competitors’ orders and inventory status. So, all things depend on the available resources which mostly no one can check in war situations like covid-19.

High labor cost

In a normal situation when competitors capture each other labor in a hard amount. The cost of the production gets higher day by day which is not good for anyone even in the normal scenario. The main issue gets worse when the situation occurs like covid. Because covid does not allow things to run in the normal way.

Due to the non-availability of the vaccine and the social distancing issue. Further labor asking for more money due to life risks. That’s why the cost of the labor gets high which ultimately increases the total cost.

Production cost increases

The production cost increases because of many reasons. As the lack of material increases the cost of the material. Further labor and overhead costs increase too much in the covid-19 scenario. In that condition controlling the production and its respective cost is the big resistance for the producer.

Shortage of different material

The shortage of normal and essential materials is a big challenge. As the covid-19 did not allow many people to work and produce for the mega industries.

Skilled and specialized manpower shortage

Further, the skilled and expert people are less in the market. During the covid-19 situation, new work adaptation is not easy. All of the skilled labor is not willing to take a risk during covid.

Limitation in marketing

The marketing is for the people’s awareness and if the people are not available. So, marketing is useless because product awareness can’t be grown. Due to the covid movement, the people are not the same as before.

Branding and promotional activities get slow

The branding and the promotional activities are not working well during the covid-19. Because of the lack of the public on roads and general places where activities are mostly done. So, this is a big pause for the manufacturers.

Unable to handle the demand

During the covid, the demand for the gowns is on top. Because the cure is not available but safety can protect from the covid-19. That’s why overall demand improves. But due to so many restrictions, many manufacturers are unable to do it. That limitation did not allow it to catch and meet the demand of the market.

Big gap in fashion designs

Fashion designing is not possible during the rush season. The regular things produce it is enough for all. Because designing things matters a lot and takes too much time. That is not workable in the rush and emergency.

Lack of supply chain

The overall supply chain becomes disturbed. Nothing is connected based on time. All things depend on the chance. That’s why all the chain of the material supplies disturb badly. The big issue comes when the production is not done due to many material outages.

Understanding differences in customer requirements

Inrush seasons or the rush hour, things are not much understandable. The requirements are different and the product output is different. Because so many changes in the production make it impossible to fix in the same pattern.

Increase in focus to catch the margins

Due to so much pressure from the cost side. Further production challenges and uncertainty in the material arrivals due to the cost issue. The combination of all things pushes too much pressure on the cost and the margin. That’s why margin saving is near to impossible during the covid.

No time for technology use and up-gradation

Time is the key whether you invest in the up-gradation and on the core business. But in a situation like covid, no one can focus on the technology change and up-gradation. Because in that scenario normal things done correctly on time is a big achievement.

Minor diversification in products due to cost

The minor changes can make a better product which can cover the cost. In the covid, the minor diversification can enhance the product look which can be adaptable in the market much more.

Increase in rejection rate

The fast production in the season or emergency increases the rate of rejection in the production. That means a direct big loss to the manufacturer.

Delay of the targeted production cycle

It is obvious when things have not come on time. The production cycle of the targeted plan can never be fulfilled. This is the big resistance of the time during the emergency.

Investment and money rotation problem

When the demand is high but the material is not enough labor is also not active to produce. That means we need to invest too much money in the material to overcome the issues. That is a big limitation because every manufacturer has not had much money. That’s why only the best protective gowns manufacturer can take this step.

The more money invested in the covid season is not a joke. It is a matter of either doing full loss or making full money.


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