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Root Canal Treatment Process, Benefits and Costs

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentRoot Canal Treatment

What do you feel whether which is the better option for tooth decay? endodontic therapy or, Tooth extraction? If your answer is root canal treatment, then I’m sure that you have undergone this treatment. And if you think that tooth extraction is better, then you must read this article for sure.

Root Canal Treatment is also known as endodontic therapy.

Because after reading this, you may rarely go to visit the dentist for the tooth extraction but, only if you do not opt for the cost. So let’s have a detailed discussion about root canal treatment and its benefits, limitations, process, and prices.

So read the article till the end to have detailed knowledge about the root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

It is a procedure in which the damaged pulp( the interior part of the pulp) is eliminated and is filled with dental filling to ensure support to the teeth. After filling the teeth with the dental filling, the crown is placed on the top to make them last longer. It is the best option to save your teeth from tooth extraction. It also helps you to prevent the spread of infection to the neighbouring teeth. For the best and affordable treatment, visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you.

What is the process involved in root canal treatment?

The dentists perform the process in three easy steps;

Process of Treatment:

Step 1:Remove the pulp:

Primarily the dentists clean the damaged pulp of the teeth and clean the area for filling it later with a dental filling.

Step 2: Filling the teeth:

After cleaning the teeth, the next step is filling the teeth with a dental filling. The dentist carefully fills the teeth with the filling and then seals the tooth with the sealants.

Step 3: Placing the crown:

The final step which the dentist performs is placing the crown. After sealing the teeth, the dentists place the crown on the top of the tooth to make it last longer.

These are three easy steps through which the dentists perform the endodontic therapy.

Root Canal Treatment Process
endodontic therapy Process

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

Some unknown benefits are:

Prevents tooth infection:

endodontic therapy is the best way to prevent the spread of infection to the neighbouring teeth. It protects you from the risk of infection to the other tooth.

Saves you from tooth extraction:

endodontic therapy saves you from painful tooth extraction. Restoring your natural teeth saves you from the pain of tooth extraction.

Pain-free procedure:

The dentists perform the endodontic therapy by providing you with local anaesthesia. Thus there is no risk of pain, and it is a pain-free procedure.

Enhances overall appearance:

Restoring your natural tooth helps enhance your overall appearance and adds beauty to your face.


If appropriate care is taken, the endodontic therapy can last even up to life long. Hence the endodontic therapy is durable.

These are some pleasing advantages of root canal treatment.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment
Benefits of endodontic therapy

What are the disadvantages of root canal treatment?

Expensive than tooth extraction:

When compared to tooth extraction, endodontic therapy is expensive. Even a single root canal may cost you around some 1500 to up to 10,000. So many people prefer tooth extraction over endodontic therapy.

Weakens the tooth:

The endodontic therapy may weaken your teeth because the procedure carries drilling inside your teeth and filling them. In this way, the tooth becomes hollow and becomes more prone to chip or crack.

More complicated:

The endodontic therapy is more complicated when compared to tooth extraction because it involves the lengthy process of drilling, filling and then placing the crown on the top.

Prevents gap:

A left tooth in the mouth prevails a gap in between the tooth. Thus the endodontic therapy prevents the opening in between the teeth.

Less guaranteed:

There is no hundred per cent guarantee that the endodontic therapy will be successful. Sometimes it may fail if performed by a dentist with considerably less knowledge about the root canal treatment. So visit the best dental clinic near you for a guaranteed check-up.

So these are some notable disadvantages of the endodontic therapy to consider.

How much does the root canal treatment cost?

The average cost of root canal treatment is from 1500 up to 10,000 based on the complexity of the treatment. The cost may also differ based on factors like the dentist’s experience, the number of root canals performed, the facilities at the dental clinic, and more.

Disadvantages of Root Canal Treatment
Disadvantages of endodontic therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment, Process, Benefits, Limitations, and cost;

What are the three stages?

The three stages are:

Extirpation: Cleaning at the initial stage for preventing bacteria.

Instrumentation: Cleaning deeply before filling.

Obturation: This refers to the filling of the root canal.

What is the average time for the root canal treatment to last?

The average time for the  treatment to last is 8-10 years.

However, you can also extend the time limit with appropriate care.

Which is considered the best age for root canal treatment?

The best age for treatment is 12 and more than 12 years of age. However, your dentist may also suggest the  treatment before 12 if it is necessary.

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