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Russia Ukraine newsRussia Ukraine news


Russia Ukraine news is on trending now a days.Russia’s aggressive behavior in Ukraine has continued unabated for the past year. The most notable recent incident was on 17 July, when a Malaysian airliner was shot down over eastern Ukraine after being mistaken for a Russian military aircraft. According to reports, this attack killed all 298 people on board the flight. This incident led to international condemnation of Russia’s actions in Europe.

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Shooting down flight mh17

The Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down by a missile fired from a pro-Russian rebel-held area. This attack killed all 298 people on board.

The missile was fired from a Russian made S-25 air defense system that is capable of hitting targets up to 25 miles away. This missile has been used against Ukrainian military aircraft before. It’s not clear who fired it but Russia and Ukrainian rebels both claim responsibility for downing MH17.

Some of the bodies from Flight MH17 are still not accounted for. The crash site is controlled by armed separatists and shown little interest in helping international investigators access it.

Crash of metrojet flight 9268

The flight 9268 was shot down over the Sinai Desert. It was an international flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, carrying 224 people. The plane went missing on October 31st and has not been found yet.

A bomb was suspected to be responsible for this incident because no wreckage has been found despite months of searching by Egypt’s military forces as well as Russia’s top-of-the-line air force units. These units specialize in locating downed aircrafts (including Sukhoi SU-24M bombers).

The crash of Metrojet Flight 9268 has been described by some as “the worst aviation disaster in Russian history”. According to one source, more than 200 bodies were recovered from the crash site and were taken to a morgue in St. Petersburg.

Shooting down flight su-24

On November 24, 2015, a Russian fighter jet was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Syrian border. The incident occurred in Syrian airspace near the Turkish border.

The Russian Su-24 aircraft was conducting anti-terrorist operations at the time of its loss and did not violate any rules of engagement or international law.

The downing of this plane has caused outrage among many nations with significant energy interests in Syria—including Russia and Turkey—as well as within NATO itself.

The incident is still being investigated by the United Nations.

Ukraine is full of russian aggression

Ukraine is a country that has been invaded and occupied by Russia. The Ukrainian people have been fighting against Russia for years, but it seems that their efforts are not enough to stop them from invading their country.

Russia has sent troops to fight in Ukraine and they have also sent weapons as well as tanks and other military equipment. They are also sending troops over seas to Syria where they are helping President Assad govern his country after he was forced out of power by rebel forces fighting against him since 2011!

Russia has been sending troops to Ukraine since January 2014 when they invaded Crimea and forced the Ukrainian government out of power. This was done in an effort to take control over Crimea for its oil reserves.


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