self study or ca coaching

The duration of the entire CA course is five years, and its difficulty increases with each level. So students often have this question whether to join the best CA coaching in India or continue with self-study. The entire CA coaching fee ranges from around 1.5 to 2 lakhs, so obviously, every student cannot afford the cost of coaching. There is also an option to join coaching only at the final and study at home for intermediate and foundation.

But at present, the coaching fee is not an issue as there are many online class options available where students can learn at affordable rates.

Self-study and CA coaching have their advantages and disadvantages; students can decide at their discretion. Here is an unbiased comparison that you can take to help.

CA Self Study

Self-study is to pass the exam with your own responsibility, in which you have the least guidance and have to plan the vast course of CA single-handedly. Many students cannot stay motivated for such a long period and lose their sanity. Apart from this, if the student has strong morale, then self-study can also win the battle.

Here are some benefits of self-study.

Pros of CA Self Study

Money-saving: If you cannot afford the cost of CA coaching in India, then self-study is a strong option for you. You can buy CA courses online, which are available at very cheap prices. Self-study will be beneficial for your pocket, and you will have extra money to buy more study material.

There is no fear of criticism: Some students are unique, but their introverted attitude reserves their qualities; such students dislike meeting people and are only interested in their studies. Introverted students don’t like criticism; it makes them feel insecure, but coaching is a social system where you have to be in the public eye, which might make you uncomfortable, and you may not be able to highlight your qualities completely. If you have such personality, then coaching is not for you.

Very few distractions: Each of us enjoys reading in a calm environment. In fact, the work that you can do alone in 1 hour can take you a lot of time when surrounded by people. Self-study with no distractions focuses your energy entirely; this will also develop your mental power and will be able to solve your doubts.

Time-saving option: We have only eight months for each CA paper, and the number of times you revise the course in the given time will determine your success. Self-study will save those extra hours that you could have wasted in coaching.

Freedom to explore: With self-study, you are free to make your own CA study plan. When you join coaching, you have to be a part of a predetermined plan you can’t change. But self-study gives you complete freedom to read the subject of your choice.

Cons of Self Study

Lack of proper guidance: If you often need friends or teachers to solve your doubts, you should forget about self-study. CA is a challenging course, so if you knew everything, you would have passed easily, but it is not so. That’s why most of the students need guidance to clear their doubts.

Lack of motivation: Who does not need motivation? After all, this is the basis of all success. So when you don’t have any mentor or friend, you can lose your motivation, due to which the vast CA course will start intimidating you. If you cannot keep your morale high forever then, do not choose self-study even by mistake.

CA Coaching

Most students opt for CA coaching, and all the toppers seen till now also find coaching institute responsible for their success. So those people who can easily afford the fees of institutes should choose CA coaching.

Pros of CA Coaching

Proper guidance: The biggest advantage of joining CA coaching is that at all times, you will have a teacher who will make you aware of your mistakes. Because experienced teachers run coaching institutes, they have the experience of many previous CA exams, which directly benefits you. Your teacher will tell you more precise paper patterns and smart ways to solve those you might have missed during self-study.

Friend Support: When you join CA Institute, you will have a chain of friends working towards the same goal. All friends who have a different point of view will give you helpful suggestions about the subject.

Better Preparation: Apart from better studies, CA Coaching Institute conducts mock tests from time to time in which you get the same atmosphere as in the actual exam. Students feel time management problems in the CA exam, so a mock test is like a practice session for such students.

Cons of CA Coaching

Pressure to perform : Many students fall behind because of the constant pressure of CA coaching and may take time in catching with everyone. Coaching doesn’t delay the session because of a single student, so it may be inconvenient for such students to be in continuous pressure.

You may feel alone in the crowd: The number of students preparing for CA is very high, so its direct pressure falls on the institutes. Because of this, CA institutes have to keep many students in the same batch. It is practically impossible to pay attention to each student; hence the students’ performance gets disturbed.

Final Analysis

So the students running in the race for CA have two options. Such students who have strong morale and have scored excellent marks in previous classes can opt for self-study with the help of online resources available at Ca wizard. But not all students are unique, so they should not waste their time and move towards clearing all CA levels in one attempt. CA coaching institute is the only option for mediocre students.

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