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SEO ranking factorsSEO ranking factors
SEO is a dynamic beast, and many factors affect ranking outcomes. Some of these factors do not change much over time, but this does not mean they should be takes for granted. In a report by SISTRIX, it is estimated that 90% of SEO ranking factors remain constant, due to the rigidity of factors such as quality content and links from trusted sites.
Over the years there have been many SEO ranking factors that Google has used in their algorithm. The important thing about these ranking factors is that Google changes them. These changing ranking factors are what separates the good SEO agencies from the bad ones.
RankBrain is the latest secret ranking factor Google uses. When this factor was roll out in 2016 it made a lot of people ask “what is RankBrain? Well now, what are these factors? That’s exactly what this post will cover. This article explores 10 SEO ranking factors to watch out for in 2021. I’ll take a look back over the last few years at Search Engine Land to determine which SEO ranking factors were important in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
I’ll also take a look forward to 2021 to predict which SEO ranking factors will be most important next year. This way you can expect how the SERPs might change, and also figure out if your webmaster or SEO consultant is preparing you for the future.

So here are the SEO ranking factors to watch out for:

Keyword Research:

Keyword Research, as we all know, is a crucial SEO job. It’s the first step of SEO ranking factors to be tackled in any SEO campaign. A keyword is a word or phrase used to search for items on the web. A keyword is used as a search query by a user looking for information related to your site. Although the definition seems simple enough, it can get quite tricky to figure out which keywords will be effective and how to apply them. Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO campaign, yet it’s evolving. That’s because search engines keep on changing their ranking factors for the top 10 results. when you think that you figured out how to target Google keywords, Bing chimes in with some major changes.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research
In today’s SEO world, finding keywords is half the battle, and that’s because Google’s vaunted algorithm scours the internet to find relevant results for each search query. So, it’s becoming important that your website and keywords are optimized well, especially since Google’s 2020 update to how it ranks pages. If you’re writing content for your site, you’ll want to include keywords in your content. But Google’s algorithm is smart enough to know that keywords don’t equate to good content.
So, the key to great content isn’t keywords, but well-written content. But some keywords can help you rank higher, and here are 10 tips to help you find those keywords.

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile optimization is a ranking factor that Google started using with the introduction of its mobile-first index. Site owners need to make sure their site is optimized for mobile devices, but what does this mean?
It’s no secret that mobile optimization is one of the biggest trends in SEO. Users are much more likely to surf the internet on mobile rather than desktop.

Title Tags:

What is the hardest ranking factor to rank for in SEO? It’s the title tag. And while you can assume that it’s easier to rank for keywords that have less competition, this is not always the case. Your Title tags are critical in today’s SEO world. They are uses for your rankings on pages that are not ranking well. The title tags will then uses to match your body content, which the Google algorithm seems to prefer over over-optimized title tags over under optimized title tags. The balance will be something that needs to be tested for your website.

SEO ranking factors
Page Loading Speed:
Page loading speed is one of the SEO ranking factors that are very significant and needs to improve if you want to get good rankings in the SERPs. Also, showing stable and faster page loading speed in Google search result can not only increase your traffic but also leads to enhanced user engagement. So it is a must to contain all pages on the website with high loading speed for a better user experience and keep a low bounce rate. But if you want to improve your site’s page loading speed, there must be some changes in your content and code of page which you can carry out by reducing images size and compressing them according to their purpose. Also, drop unnecessary plugins from your website to ensure the faster performance of the site.
Helpfulness of Content:
In the past couple of years, there has been a major trend in SEO toward creating content that is intended to be helpful to people. The next twelve months will continue to see this trend take hold and lead many in our industry to make real strides towards making our sites into warm, inviting places that people want to visit and then return to over and over again.
By the end of the year, 81.7% of SEO ranking factors will be drive-by user experience instead of backlinks. By 2021, content authority is expected to replace backlinks as the most important SEO ranking factor. Content is an ever-evolving means of generating traffic, leads, and conversions.

SEO ranking factors
SEO ranking factors
Rounding up the SEO ranking factors in Google is a challenging task. That’s because there is an infinite number of factors involved in the algorism of ranking; we could spend years doing tests and still not know it.
SEO is ever-changing; focus on the evergreen ranking factors. A major search engine updates its algorithm every year and also adds and drops certain factors. What you can do is to watch and adapt your SEO strategy to the best rank in the SERP.
Rankings are essential for every website. Ranking high in Google is the prime aim of every SEO professional. The search engine ranking factors depend on various things.

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