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SPC Flooring: Everything You Need to Know.

SPC FlooringSPC Flooring

Home renovation can be an overwhelming task if not planned properly. If you plan things well in advance, especially the flooring then the rest will fall in place effortlessly. The SPC flooring is gaining much popularity among homeowners. Here we are presenting everything you need to know about it so that you can make an informed decision.

SPC Flooring:

The SPC flooring is a technologically advanced vinyl flooring option. The full form of SPC is Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite. It is a functional, practical, and aesthetically appealing flooring material. It is strong due to its layered construction and a robust core.

Layers of SPC Floorboards:

SPC vinyl floorboards construct of multiple layers. These layers make it a strong and durable flooring material.

UV coating for protection

This is the finishing protective UV coating layer, it helps in saving your floorboards from discoloration caused due to sun rays.

Transparent wear layer

This layer is a transparent coating that is applied to floorboards. It helps in keeping the floor safe from stains and scratches.

Aesthetic Vinyl Layer:

This is the design layer, it showcases the pattern and texture of the boards. This is the layer that adds to the beauty of the floorboards. This thin layer is also waterproof.

Strong Core Layer:

The core layer is strong and is constructed by combining limestone with some stabilizers. It offers the required stability to the flooring.

Underlay for noise reduction:

It’s the last layer which is optional. The floorboards can have an underlayer of foam or any other material such as cork. The underlay helps in noise reduction and it enhances the walking experience by making the floor soft underfoot.

Apart from Stone Plastic Composite, WPC flooring is also available in the market. Before you zero in on any option, it recommends that you buy according to your home’s requirements.

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Advantages of SPC Floorboards:

This type of vinyl flooring is suitable for home and commercial settings. Constructed using technological innovations, this material offers many advantages. Now let’s discuss the benefits of this material.

spc vinyl plank flooring
spc vinyl plank flooring

It’s waterproof:

This material is waterproof and provides full protection against splashes and saves from any liquid spills.

Resistant to temperature changes:

The core of this material is durable, thus making it stable during temperature fluctuation in rooms where an AC or a heating system install.

Can use with Floor Heating System:

This material can use with the floor heating system as it offers high thermal conductivity. Due to its stability, heating systems will not cause warping of the floor.

Noise reduction:

The core of this material is so dense that when you walk, it is quieter underfoot. And it is even better when you use an underlay, it doesn’t sound hollow at all.

Walking comfort

The above-mentioned point brings us to the walking comfort that this material offers due to its multi-layers, especially underlay. It feels soft underfoot and offers a comfortable walking experience.

spc vinyl flooringspc vinyl flooring
spc vinyl flooring
Easy to maintain:

SPC floors are easy to maintain. You only need to sweep and mop the flooring regularly to keep them clean.

Simple installation:

The click-lock installation system makes it super easy to install. It takes less time and energy to fit the tongue and groove boards together.

Affordable option:

SPC floorboards are normally available at a budget friendly price until you use a very costly underlay. This affordability makes it a better option for homeowners who are looking for flooring that not just looks stunning but is also cost effective.

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