Learn About the Key Advantages Of Obtaining A Student Visa Subclass 500

student visa subclass 500student visa subclass 500

A student visa subclass 500 can let you study in Australia that is home to some of the best renowned educational institutes in the world. Being a legal document, it permits international students to study full time in Australia and pursue any course that falls under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students, or CRICOS.

With this visa, international students can stay in Australia for the duration of five years or less (depending upon course duration). Apart from providing the opportunity to students regarding studying, this visa also offers numerous other benefits :

  • Pursue any of the eligible courses in Australia
  • You take along any family member under the same visa
  • Can work for 40 hours every fortnight during the course of study 
  • Can arrive and departure from Australia during the issued five years. 

Many Advantages of this visa, right. Won’t you be interested in how you can get it? 

If you are also one of the million students around the world that are seeking to enter Australia that can offer you an ocean of opportunities, Student Visa Subclass 500can make your dream come true. To avail admission to any CRICOS registered university, students need to go through a process decided by the immigration department. As security is the paramount aspect of any nation’s internal policy, some conditions need to follow to legitimately enter Australia as a student. In terms of student visa 500, below are some conditions that require to follow by applicants;

Age Criteria:

  • The Applicant’s age must be at least six or more if he/she wants to enroll as a school student. For later classes, the age criteria categorize on
  • Applicant’s age must be less than 17 if applying for grade nine
  • Applicant’s age must be less than 18 if applying for grade ten
  • The Applicant’s age must be less than 19 if applying for grade Eleven
  • The Applicant’s age must be less than 20 if applying for grade Twelve

    student visa subclass 500
    student visa subclass 500

Enrolment Proof :

Under the Visa Subclass 500, the applicant is allowed to pursue multiple courses. However, they require to provide the immigration department with the Confirmation of Enrollment as per the said courses. 

English Language Criteria:

If an applicant doesn’t come from a country where English is the first language, they need to provide proof of their English Language skills to obtain the student visa. In terms of proof, students can pursue Eligible tests from various test providers namely,  IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge Advanced English, and OTE. Students need to obtain minimum scores to secure their admission to the courses. 

Health Insurance:

Health is the fundamental criterion that every government around the world pays attention and Australia is no different. The Applicant along with its co dependents must be having health cover from a certified health insurance provider. Students can ask to show their certificate anytime by the immigration department.

Student Visa Subclass 500
Student Visa Subclass 500
Financial Capability Proof:

To live in Australia, applicants need to provide evidence of sufficient funds that can completely cover their tuition, travel, and living expenses. Effective from the year 2018, applicants require to show funds for their living expenses to be 20,290 Dollars for a year. If they have dependents (wife and kids), they need to provide evidence that can cover their costs.

Temporary Entrant:

The genuine intention must be shown by the applicant to prove to the Australian Government that you just want to study in Australia. Applicants are required to make a statement that can prove that they will be returning to their home country after their course completion. The GTE statement should cover the following aspects, such as:

Family in Home Country:

Financial or economical obligations in the home country

Character Requirement:

Australian Government keeps a close look on assessing the character check of applicants who wants to enter its soil. To make sure the security of local Australians, the immigration officials seek only good character individuals. For student visa 500, the applicants need to provide documents that ensure there is no criminal record in their name in their home country. Applicants need to produce a penal clearance certificate to justify their character requirement.

Visa Agent Adelaide

Thus, the above conditions need to satisfy by the Students for getting a student visa. Managing all the documents and eligibility criteria comes with a level of tasks that are easy as well as hard for some people. Many students take the assistance of Migration Agent Adelaide for completion of the process as they are professionals in comprehending the visa matters and its regarding processes. Taking the assistance becomes also important as visa requirements are dynamic and can change from time to time. Immigration Agent Adelaide has complete knowledge about the student visa requirements and how they can be error-free submitted to the immigration officials. 

If you are also planning to begin your educational journey in Australia, better take the services of a Visa Agent Adelaide for a smooth process. It becomes imperative to understand that one error in the application is the straightaway exit from your dreams of reaching Australia for education. Get in touch with the visa agents who can help in filling your application and preparing your visa documents.  Reach Australia on student subclass 500 and fulfill your aspirations of studying in renowned institutions now.

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