Taylor Swift Net Worth, Height, Songs Albums, Age, & Boyfriends.


Taylor Swift net worth:

Taylor Swift’s net worth is approximately $400 million. She got fame after the release of her first album Taylor Swift. She is acknowledged as the wealthiest singer and top female vocalist in the world. Her net worth is $150 million per year. Along with being a singer, she’s also a producer, actor, songwriter, and guitarist. So her earning means are a lot.

She also learning by branding brands like Coca-Cola. They gave her $26 million for branding Coca-Cola. She has one of the most costly cats in the world. And that cats earn too. Yes, you guys heard right. Cats of Taylor swift earn through advertisements. She is on the list of richest singers worldwide. Her earning is in millions so her name is also in Forbes’s list of top-earning.

Some basic information about Taylor Swift:

Name Taylor Alison Swift
Age 31
Date of birth 13th December 1989
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Father name Scott Kingsley Swift
Mother name Andrea Swift
Marital status Single
Genre Female
Height 178cm
Profession American singer, actor, producer, songwriter, and guitarist

Taylor swift career:

Taylor was very young when she started singing.  She was so interested in singing that she took proper classes for this. She started to sing at local events at the age of 9. She loves to play guitar. She learned to play guitar at the age of 12. At this age, she also started to write songs as a practice. She was noticed by Music Mogul Scott Borchetta when she was performing in Nashville Café. She was 15 years old only at that time. Her first album “Taylor Swift” was released in 2006 and got 5th ranking in Billboard.

This album maintained its position continuously for 157 weeks.39000 copies of her first song “Tim McGraw” were sold in just 1 week. In 2008 after her album released “fearless” she got many awards. This album became very popular all across the world. From that day she never looked back and got better day by day. She worked with the most famous singers in history like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Ed Sheeran. It’s a dream of singers to work with these iconic stars.

Taylor swift Awards:

In her career of singing, she got many awards. She even made Guinness world records. Her list of awards is mentioned below:

  •  Taylor got an award for artist of the year in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 from the Academy for country music.
  •  She got an award of women of the year in 2011 and 2014 from Billboard Women in Music.
  • She achieved an award of the international artist of the year in 2015 from BBM music awards.
  • An award of a top country artist in 2012 and 2014 from Billboard music awards.
  • She got Grammy Awards in 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2016.
  • She made Guinness world records in 2010, 2012, and 2012. One of its records is achieving the highest annual earnings as a female pop star. No one ever reached this high.

Taylor Swift Albums:

She launches a total of 11 albums and all of them were super hit. Their names with a year of release are mentioned below:

  1. Taylor Swift was released in 2006·
  2. Fearless was released in 2008·
  3. Beautiful eyes were also released in 2008·
  4. Speak now was released in 2010·
  5. Red was released in 2012·
  6. Red(Taylors version)·
  7. 1989 was released in 2014·
  8. Reputation was released in 2017·
  9. The lover was released in 2019·
  10. Folklore was released in 2020·
  11. Evermore was released in 2020.

Taylor Swift’s new album will be released in 2021. Which is re-recording of the album fearless.

Taylor swift fearless:

Name of album Fearless
Released 11th November 2008
Producer Nathan Chapman, Taylor swift
Length 53.41
Studio Second studio album, big machine Records
Likes 97% liked by Google users
Genre Top music, country-pop
No. Of songs 13
Awards Grammy Awards for Album of the year, an award for album of the year at country music awards, top-selling Album at Canadian country music awards in 2009 and 2010.
Songs FearlessFifteenLove story StephenWhite house you belong with meBreatheTell me why you are not sorry that’s why I loved you forever and always the best day changes

Taylor Swift Love story:

Name of song Love story
Length 3.57
Producer Taylor Swift, Nathan Chapman
Studio Big machine studio, Blackbird(Nashville, Tennessee)
Genre Country-pop
Recorded on March 2008
Singer Taylor swift
Writer Taylor swift
Release 15th September 2008
Copies sold 6 million in the US, 8 million worldwide
Performance of song It’s one of the best-selling singles of 2009 worldwideIt got a place at no.4 in Billboard hot100 in UsThis song achieved its place in the top 5 in Japan, New Zealand, UK, Scotland, Ireland, and Canada.  

Taylor swift 1989 songs:

Name of album 1989
Release 27th October 2014
Producer Taylor Swift, Shellback, Jack Ansoff, Rayan tender, Noel Zan, Max Martin.
Singer Taylor swift
Genre Synth-pop
No.of songs 13
Songs Welcome to new YorkBlank spaceStyleOut of woodsAll you had to be was say shake it off I wish you wouldBad blood. Wildest dream show you get girls this love know places clean

 Taylor swift Goldrush:

Name of song Goldrush
Released 11th December 2020
Producer Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff
Writer Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff
Vocal engineer Jonathan low

Taylor swift fifteen:

Name of song Fifteen
Artist Taylor swift
Album Fearless
Genre Country music,
Released 2008
Awards Teen choice award for choice country songs
Writer Taylor swift

 Taylor Swift Never grow up:

Name of song Never grow up
Album Speak now
Released 2010
Genre Country music, pop
Label Big machine records
Duration 4:52

Taylor Swift The best day:

Name of song The best day
Album Fearless
Label Big machines
Writer Taylor swift
Producer Taylor Swift, Nathan Chapman
Duration 4.05
Released 11th November 2008

 Taylor swift cruel summer:

Name of the song Cruel summer
Album Lover
Released 2019
Producer Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff
Genre Synth-pop, electro-pop, industrial pop
Studio An electric lady from New York
Writer Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Annie Clark
Duration 2.58
Singer Taylor swift

 Taylor swift enchanted:

Name of the song Enchanted
Album Speak now
Duration 5.53
Recorded 2009-2010
Label Bog machine records
Released 2010
Genre Country music, pop

Taylor swift out of the woods:

Name of the song Out of the woods
Album 1989
Singer Taylor swift
Producer Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff
Released 2016
Studio Jungle studio, Conway records
Genre Synthpop
Label Big machine
Writer Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff
Duration 3.55

 Taylor swift gorgeous:

Name of song Gorgeous
Album Reputation
Genre Pop
Released 2017
Studio MXM, Stockholm
Duration 3.29
Label Big machine
Writer Taylor Swift, Max martin
Producer Max Martin, shellback

Taylor Swift boyfriends:

In her career of singing, she made many friends. Some came closer to her and some shaded. But choosing a life partner is not that easy. There is a list of her boyfriends who she dated. You should take a look below:

Joe Jonas:

Taylor dated him only for 4 months. From July 2008 to October 2008. In Allen’s show, Taylor spoke about her breakup. She said he left her in a phone call of just 27 seconds. Some resources say that the reason behind splitting was maybe Camilla Belle. Because Joe was coming close to her.

Lucas Till:

Lucas and Taylor met at the shoot of the song you belong with me. They dated for only a month from match 2009 to April 2009. You can see their chemistry in the song you belong to with me. They separated while they were marketing for this song. According to Lucas, they can work better as friends rather than lovers.

Taylor Lautner:

They both were known as Taylor square. This couple was liked by the audience. It was the set of valentine’s day when they saw each other for the first time. Then they got in the bond together. Taylor Lautner got in the limelight after his role in the twilight. He tried to win the heart of swift but swift seemed to be not much interested. As a result their relationship only lasted for 4 months from August 2009 to December 2009.Taylor Lautner

John Mayer:

Taylor dated john when she was only 19 and he was 31. But their age difference did not allow them to romance for a long time. Taylor broke up with him and wrote a song for him” dear john”.  She released this song for john in her album “speak now”.

The lyrics of the song seemed to be a message for John, “ don’t you think I was too young to be messed with”. Layer John said that he loved her and does not deserve this song. They dated for 3 months from December 2009 to Feb 2010.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s:

Taylor and Jake dated for only 2 months and then broke up. Again the reason was the age difference which was 10 years according to rumors. This relationship was ended by Taylor due to the age difference. Jake was always with her. On her 21st birthday, he was with her but she spent her evening in the bathroom crying.

Conor Kennedy:

Their relationship lasted for 3 months from July 2012 to October 2012. Some rumors say that they broke up due to long-distance some say that Taylor wanted to be serious in her relationship but not Conor. Now God knows what was the reason.

Harry style:

seemed like Taylor likes relationship only for some months. Because she also dated harry for only 4 months from October 2012 to January 2013. Their relationship was not a secret. She wrote two songs in his love. “ style” and “out of the woods”. These are 2 songs from the album 1989.

Calvin Harris:

Taylor and Calvis looked perfect together. Their relationship was quite long as compared to others. It was for 15 months. Some rumors say that they broke up because Calvis don’t want to get serious in their relationship. They dated from February 2015 to June 2016.

Tom Hiddleston:

Taylor dated tom just after the week of breaking up with Calvis. The news came out when everyone saw them doing romance on a beach. They were seen together in England, Italy, and Australia. Tom was very serious about their relationship even he brought up Taylor to his mom.Tom Hiddleston

Even he was seen wearing a T-shirt labeled “I Love TS”. But this relationship didn’t work long and they separated. According to Taylor’s team, he just wanted fame from Taylor’s name. And according to the s team tom had enough with Taylor. He was tired of her.

Joe Alwyn’s:

Joe is Taylor’s present boyfriend. She’s dating him since May 2017. Now it’s been 5 years of their relationship. At the start, their relationship was a complete secret. But only till Sun Bizarre revealed about them. Both are enjoying each other’s company. They live mostly with each other. They were seen together in North London together. But still, they are not engaged. Now everyone is waiting whether they will engage or break up.

Taylor Swift tattoo:

Taylor or has no tattoo yet. In an interview which she was giving to the tasty country in 2012, she said,” I don’t think I could ever commit to something permanent”. But sometimes you will see she has a tattoo. Don’t be confused it’s just a temporary tattoo, edited photo, or sketch with a permanent marker. She says usually she paints number 13 before any show. According to her, this is her lucky number.

Taylor swift cats:

Taylor has 3 cats which she named:

  • Meredith Grey·
  • Olivia Benson·
  • Benjamin Button

Taylor is obsessed with cats. As she said in an interview, ”Number one for me, most influential factors in my life is cats. I have cats. I am obsessed with them”.taylor-cats

Olivia is a very lucky cat for Taylor. According to Pet Rich List 2018, Olivia was 3rd most expensive cat in the world. Her cost is $97 million. You will be shocked to hear that Olivia earns also. She does advertisements. You can see her in many songs of Taylor.  In my view, Olivia has the gut to be a star.

Taylor Swift Instagram:

Taylor is such a big star that she has 179 million followers on Instagram. She only posted 512 posts in her account. She’s not following anyone. She’s a star she doesn’t follow anyone everyone follows her.

Taylor swift quotes:

Quotes of celebrities are very worthy. Their followers copy them. So every word they speak will be followed by their fans. Here are some interesting quotes of Taylor swift:

  •   “Anytime someone tells me that I can’t do something. I want to do it more”.
  • “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind”.
  • “At some point, you grow out of being attracted to that flame that burns you over And over and over again”.

Taylor swift and Karlie Kloss:

Taylor and Karlie met each other in 2013 at the backstage Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Karlie is a model by profession. After that show, they were seen numerous times together. Even they posted each other in their official accounts. Soon after meeting at the show, they became friends. They used to do shopping together and go out with each other like trips and even they join the vogue cover with each other. In an interview of Hollywood life in 2013, she said:

”We met at the show, we never met before but we are BFFs. It’s nice to meet another American girl. We are the same age and she is so inspiring. She’s so talented and she’s true to who she is. She’s a cool girl and I am glad that she’s in the show this year, she rocked it.Taylor swift and Karlie Kloss

”But the last time they were seen together was in 2018. And from that time they are not seen together. If we see the lyrics of Taylor’s songs we get the message of betrayal. But both of them didn’t say anything about their relationship. It is confirmed that they are not friends as Taylor didn’t attend any of the wedding events of Karlie.

Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron:

Taylor and Dianna both met in 2011. And they were seen together till 2013. All of the rumors say that they were dating.  Many times they were seen together. Look what Agron told Kimmel in an interview. Kimmel asked Dianna what if Agron would date swift. And in reply she said would not it be juicy. Then she turned to the camera and kissed and said hi Taylor. According to Taylor’s fans, the lyrics of Wonderland are for Dianna.

Taylor swift Cardigan sweater:

Taylor wore a cardigan sweater in her song. If you guys want to buy that sweater you can buy the same one from an online store. Nowadays you can buy it for sale for $49.This sweater he black mate buttons. Trim of dark grey color. Embroidery in light grey color on both arms. You can see the album title patch in light grey color on the left side of the chest.

Taylor swift new girl:

New girl is a series with many episodes. Taylor Swift entered the series as a guest star. Many star her as a guest star and Taylor was one of them. There are many seasons of New Girl. You can see Taylor in the second season. This series was very admired by the audience.

Taylor swift bangs:

Taylor swift is mostly seen in bangs. She also makes other hairstyles but I think bangs are her favorite.  It looks like bangs are her signature look. She looks very gorgeous in bangs. She didn’t say anything related to this but her affection for bands can be seen. If you guys want that cut you can get it easily. You can visit any salon.

Taylor swift twitter:

She has 88.6 million followers on Twitter. She remains active on Twitter.  She’s a very influential celebrity on Twitter. Her new album just came out Fearless(Taylors version). And she twitters related to this album, ”Hi! Saw you guys got wildest dreams trending on TikTok, thought you should have my version” Taylor always remains connected with her fans.

Taylor swift legs:

Taylor is such a big star. And rumors for such stars are a common thing as everyone has an eye on them. They are been chased every second. But in 2015 an amazing rumor came out by National Enquirer. According to them, worth the of Taylor’s legs is $40 million.Taylor swift legs

It means each leg costs $20 million. She did insurance of her legs. But Taylor denied this rumor. What you guys say is this true or not? According to me, this can be true as she has very sexy legs. She does catwalk in Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She danced in her music concerts. What if her legs get hurt in a show.

Taylor swift perfumes:

The Taylor swift has 5 of her perfumes. Taylor swift itself is a brand. And her item also. She sells perfumes also. These perfumes are made from Loc Dong, Jean-marc Chillan, and Olivia Gillotin.


 How old is Taylor swift?

She is 31 years old. Her birthday is on the 13th of December, 1989. 

What is Taylor Swift’s new album?

Taylor Swift’s new album is Fearless(Taylors version). It was released in 2021. 

Does Taylor swift have a husband? The answer is no. She’s not even engaged yet. But she has a boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Does Taylor swift have children?

No, not yet. Bit her fans are waiting to get married have children. 

Does Taylor swift have a tattoo?

There is no tattoo on any part of Taylor’s body. What you guys see is paint or sketch with a permanent marker.

Interesting facts about Taylor swiftSome of amazing facts related to Taylor are mentioned below:

  • Taylor Swift had a total of 10 boyfriends in her career.
  • She’s the richest female pop singer in the world·
  • Taylor Swift Mine lyrics were written by herself·
  • Even Taylor swift Folklore lyrics were written by herself·
  • Taylor swift Peace lyrics were written by Aaron Dessner and Taylor swift·
  • Red lyrics were written by Taylor swift·
  • Dear John lyrics were written by Taylor swift herself·
  • Happiness lyrics were written by Aaron Dessner, Taylor swift·
  • Ivy lyrics were written by Jack Antonoff, Aaron Dessner, and Taylor swift·
  • love story lyrics were written by Taylor swift.
  • exile lyrics were written by Justin Vernon, Jack Alwyn, and Taylor swift·
  • Mr. Perfectly fine lyrics were written by Taylor swift.
  • Taylor swift style lyrics were written by Max Martin, Shellback, Ali payami, and Taylor swift.taylor


She is a self-made star. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. She got many national and international awards. She started singing in her childhood. Now she’s worldwide famous. She had a number of boyfriends in her singing career. But she didn’t get engaged to any one of them. Her friendship with Karlie Kloss and Dianna remained in limelight.

She is not only a singer but also an actor. You can see her in the New Girl series as a guest. Her love for cats is to another degree. She has no tattoo like other stars. Taylor writes most of her songs herself. Some of the songs are written with others’ help. Her albums got many awards. She’s such a celebrity that she has 88.6 million followers on Twitter and 179 million followers on Instagram.

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