The Reasons to Use Cardboard Cosmetic Boxes for Shipping Products


Be careful when packing fragile cosmetics in custom packaging boxes. Since a box is likely to go through many hands and travel great distances, you must do your best to make sure its contents are properly protected. The custom cosmetic boxes should always be bigger than their contents, but not too big. Depending on the durability of the contents, you may want to add some packaging material such as side dishes, bean casings, or even just newspapers for extra protection. Here are some tips on how to be sure to use cardboard packaging boxes:

Choose Right Size Packaging Box

Less fragile cosmetic items such as makeup can easily be packaged and shipped in used cardboard cosmetic packaging boxes. More delicate items such as dishes and electronics require new cardboard boxes, whose structural integrity is not compromised. Make sure the thickness of the transport box matches its contents. Thicker walls offer better protection.

Make the Packaging Right in Custom Boxes

Use packaging materials to fill gaps and as extra protection for your content. This prevents the contents from being dumped and colliding with each other in the box. Be sure to put a protective layer on the bottom and top of the custom cosmetic box before closing it. If you pack a lot of stuff, but the heaviest and largest at the bottom and the lightest at the top. This will reduce stress and possible damage during shipping.

Use Labels on Custom Boxes to Indicate Fragility

If you can easily damage the contents of the box, it is important to pay attention to this sender factor. Labels must be used to indicate that careful handling is required or that the contents are fragile. The better informed the sender is about what they are doing, the more cautious they become. Use packing tape to reinforce the bottom and side edges. This can help keep the custom cosmetic packaging box intact longer and when it is suddenly exposed to harmful elements such as water. Avoid using tape or regular tape.

Choose a Professional Packaging Supplier

It is best to work with a professional packaging supplier who has trained staff who will handle your cardboard custom lipstick boxes properly. Look at the various carriers that serve your area and choose one that has a reputation for careful handling. If you are a business, you should consult other companies in the area that have similar products. Avoid choosing a shipper based on a fair price. If they’re the cheapest but still damage your stuff, you’ll still have to pay extra for a replacement.

Cardboard cosmetic packaging boxes have become an indispensable part of today’s business. As more consumers choose to buy remotely, businesses must rely on such packaging to get their products to their destination. But their use can sometimes lead to other dangers and challenges. Such errors are often very costly, resulting in the company having to compensate, replace, replace or reimburse repair and delivery costs.

Avoid Using Wrong Size Packaging Boxes

Incorrect size of custom cosmetic boxes may affect transportation requirements. Too big and the contents can crackle inside. These collisions with each other can damage the product. Too small and you may not be able to close the box properly. If the item is scattered, it can cause damage and facilitate theft. If the sender has to repackage, the price can be passed on to you or the recipient. In both cases, it can be a financial loss.

Don’t Order Wrong Quantity Custom Packaging Boxes

Many businesses often experience busy seasons when orders arrive quickly and quickly. Insufficient supply of custom cosmetic packaging boxes can cause delays that can damage your company’s reputation. You must keep an eye on your carton inventory and order new shipments on time to avoid such problems. Some packaging behavior can often lead to product spoilage. For example, if you’re packing multiple shipping items, never put the heaviest item on it. You can put extra stress on the underlying elements and damage them.

Lack of Using Add-ons in Custom Packaging Boxes

Even with the optimal cosmetic packaging box size, many products leave gaps here and there, especially if the product doesn’t fit the shape of the box. The filling material helps fill the space and provides added protection and insulation against moisture and vibration.

Avoid Reinforcing of Products

As an added safety measure, it is best to reinforce cardboard custom cosmetic packaging boxes. This can be as simple as using packing tape along the seams. Otherwise, it can often cause damage that weakens the structural integrity of the box.

Labels are a great way to give the shipper additional information on how to handle the box. Information such as fragile contents and keeping the box upright can help protect its contents better. Using labels can also help improve the legibility of shipping details, such as shipping dates, and address to confirm.

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