12 Best Things to do in Dubai with Family on Budget.

Things to do in Dubai
Dubai has become a tourist hub in the Gulf. The city is getting a new attraction every now. The planning, development, and launching of new projects is an unending project. Ain Dubai. the world’s largest, Ferris wheel is the latest addition to the superstructures of the city.
Tourism nowhere is a cheap activity. Everywhere, there is much to explore on a lower budget and free of any cost. Dubai has an attraction to fit every budget from the lowest to the extremely high one. You can find anything to fit the size and worth of your pocket. Here we concentrate on the places and things that can be explored on the lowest budget or free of cost to visit and explore with your family.

1-Window Shopping:

Nothing in the world is cheaper than window shopping. It is always free everywhere in the whole of the world. But is it free? Perhaps not. At least you have to reach the place first, spending pennies on traveling, boarding and lodging. Have you done that? Be at ease now. Your feet are your conveyance now.

2- Watching People & Places:

Roaming, seeing around, watching the displayed items through the glass front of shops and even shelves inside the shops is all free, to the extent of your imagination. Even the sweet, salty, sharp smells, the aurora of street food stalls is free to set your appetite at the test. Be not tired. The spread of the city in all directions is your limit sky is not the limit for you. The streets of Dubai, The Mall of Dubai, Ibn Battuta, Mall of the Emirates, and many other places are waiting for the adventurers to pass through without spending a single penny.

3-Learn More About Dubai at SMCCU:

Get rid of the pamphlets, guide books, and even the tourist guides. Know the city and its history, culture, and traditions as never before. Visit the Sheikh Mohammed Center of Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). It is the best place to enhance your information about the city, local culture, religion, habits of the people, their lifestyle, and the Arab cuisine. You feel a big difference after visiting the center.

4-Abra Ride (Water Taxi) at Dubai Creek:

The best thing you can do at the cheapest is to enjoy an Abra Ride. It is the cheapest option to travel between Bur Dubai to Deira. It was once the only source of connection between both places. Today it is still the most liked travel mode in Dubai Creek. Traveling through history is a passage you can enjoy by taking an Abra ride.

5-Relax at the Safa Park:

Dubai is the jewel in the desert. Sand and concrete are perhaps part of anybody’s imagination about the city. Gone are the days when the concept was a reality. Dubai is now known for its lush green gardens as well. Safa Park is an icon that you can visit to relax for fun with family and friends.Hotel, Building, Palm Trees, Resort

6- Aquaventure Waterpark:

Visiting Aquaventure is a prize when you visit Atlantis. The Palm hotel has a free one day a year – your birthday. You will get a “Free Aquaventure Waterpark Birthday Offer” voucher. Enjoy the offer, especially if your birthday happens to fall in the summer season.

7- Coffee Museum Dubai:

The coffee museum is a sort of place of its class. Finding a parallel of its like is difficult, if not impossible. It is not only a museum but a shop and a shrine where you know all things about coffee. The Museum is in a villa in the Al Fahidi neighborhood. The Coffee Museum Dubai is a place where you can get awareness about the whole history of coffee. Here you watch and see the coffee-related artifacts, in enough, including a 300-year-old coffee pot.
You can see the books about coffee, coffee advertising in the past, demonstrations of coffee roasting, and smell the aroma. Every staff member here is Dr. Coffee. They surely can surprise you with their “Full of Coffee” knowledge. Entry is free but, be not reluctant to buy a cup of coffee for each of your family members before leaving the place so fine to visit and enjoy.

8- AlSerkal Avenue:

Dubai is not only that what you see in the shine of skyscrapers. It has its own diverse culture inside the downtown. Places AlSerkal Avenue are worth visiting to feel the thrilling nerve of the city culture. Entry is free at the Al Quoz gallery district. There is much to roam through the different galleries. Dine on street stalls are enough to meet the challenge of your appetite.Manipulation, Old City Of Dubai, Dubai

9-Ras Al Khor Flamingos:

Have you seen the hundreds of pink flamingos near the junction of Ras Al Khor Road and the Dubai-Al Ain highway? There is a place where you can get a closure look at the beautiful creature. At the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, you can hide out in one of the three woody birding hides with binoculars to watch them closely. Entry is free and, the huts are open between 9 am and 4 pm Saturday through Thursday. It is a wonderful free-of-cost pleasure you can enjoy with family and kids.

10-Dubai Grand Mosque:

A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. Building beautiful grandeur Mosques have always remained a matter of spiritual fulfillment for Muslims. The Grand Mosque is one such admirable monument. It is the oldest Mosque in Dubai. The mosque is close to the textile souk and the Dubai museum places to explore more fun. Open: Sunday through Thursday 9 – 11.15 am.Landscape, Architecture, Building

11- Ain Dubai:

Dubai is ever coming with surprises to the tourist looking for new adventures to try. Ain Dubai is second of its kind after the London eye. It is much bigger, and much more is here to celebrate. Located on the admired addition to Dubai landscape The Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai is a unique tourist experience. A bundle of packages has everything to offer to every need. Ain Dubai tickets are available now for the public or tourists. 12- Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

12- Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina:

Dhow cruise is an experience to enjoy through Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. The Cruise is offering a lot a dinner, a party and a celebration. Tickets and packages are available to suit every mood and need. Check the options and, you will appreciate the variety of choices.

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